Twerking and sexual independence?

So I just read an article by a feminist writer that basically says when you see the likes of Miley Cyrus, Rhianna, and millions of girls all over Facebook and Twitter twerking, dressing with minimal clothes, and expressing their independence and validation in being a sexual equal to boys and men, it is not an invitation to men and boys to objectify and have sex with them.

As the father of two girls, I certainly get that if either of my daughters ever decided to twerk, it should not be taken as a invitation for any boy to have sex with her. But is that really what the article linked above is saying–or is that the only message?

I think not.

To me, and I am certainly hoping to be challenged in the comment section, what the feminist writer in this article is asking all men and boys to do is validate and love women and girls who do this as equal people rather than as slutty girls asking for attention sexually. I do have some concerns that the typical 15-25 yr old boy will have a hard time trying to decipher whether a bent over girl thrusting her hips and genitalia against his genitalia is just “Mary being a equal human being who should be validated as a woman” as opposed to her wanting to have sex. But this is what the feminist writer is asking society: to force men and boys to morph into such that the only actual sex between men and women is achieved when the women gives loud verbal enthusiastic consent, screw body language, screw touching, screw inarticulate moans, or anything else: she screams “let’s have sex!” or you’re a rapist in waiting.

But here is where you hear crickets or the shattering of glass as the feminist house of equality comes crumbling down. Do these theories apply to boys and men as well? Of course not.

Here is what the feminist writer is asking for society to accept: if a principal or teacher witnesses a girl in high school wearing booty shorts, bent over, putting her ass into the air and wiggling HER clothed genitalia against HIS genitalia, then it is just her validating herself as an equal sexual creature and we must embrace that. However, it is pretty clear that if we witness another boy in high school with his girlfriend and she bends over and HE starts thrusting his clothed hips and genitalia against HER clothed genitalia, feminism wants him addressed as a sexual deviant and rapist.

If feminist theory was about equality, this little boy should be validated as a beautiful independent and equal human being by principals and teachers as long as he obtained “enthusiastic consent” by the girl who bent over on her own choice. But again, that is not what we will ever see from teachers, principles, or feminism.

Using feminism’s own standard against them, I think it is very clear that Robin Thicke was sexually assaulted by Miley Cyrus–unless we take a second look at the video from the VMA awards. If we do NOT hear Robin Thicke giving verbal “enthusiastic consent,” then Miley Cyrus should be in jail as a rapist.


In short, it sounds like feminism mandates that it is okay for there to be a double standard when it is against boys, but there better never be any double standard anywhere for women and girls. Which, come to think of it, sounds a lot like feminism’s definition of “The Patriarchy.”

If we are going to start encouraging scantly clad women and girls to gyrate their hips and genitalia against men and boys absent consent, but apply sexual deviant and rape connotations to boys for the same behavior, then mothers of the world who have sons need to start preparing their sons for prison, while feminists smile at each other and clap.

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