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On Friday, February 14th, Toronto Police Services (TPS) announced they had investigated a Twitter account that was posting pictures, names, and schools of youths who had made some poor choices as they prepared for adulthood.
From what is known at this time, the Twitter account singled out both males and females for engaging in sexual situations. It is believed the owner of the account created it to warn other youth about peers who made questionable choices when engaging in sex.
In the past there has been a massive public outcry to end bullying amongst our youth. The focus of attempts to end bullying / harassment is, by feminist and social justice demands, concentrated on protecting homosexuals and females. A substantial amount of that bullying / harassment is a result of teenagers transitioning from youth to adult and engaging in adult activities, sometimes far too soon and with little or no forethought about the ramification of their actions.
Teenagers like to explore and are curious.
Sex is something natural for them to explore. Their hormones are gearing them up for that next stage of life; parenthood. And while some may never become a parent, either through genetic misfortune or personal choice, the fact remains that their bodies, for the most part, are wanting to do what mother nature programmed them to do: Reproduce.
Recently, something else has been added to the mix of teenage culture – social media. Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, as well as other social media websites facilitate the sharing of personal information in a teenager’s life with the outside world.
A picture taken while on holidays in Australia is almost immediately available for viewing from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks on a computer or a selfie from their phone.
Technology is an incredible tool and, like any other tool, it can be used for good or evil.
It is the use of those social media sites for malign intent that has created a situation young adults have never faced before. Some of those ‘holiday’ pictures being proliferating are not family friendly. Viewed a different way, they may be extremely family friendly in their depiction of procreative processes. And, true to form, feminist indoctrinated society demands we only care about the female victims who are caught in these compromising, sexually explicit pictures.
I am going to reproduce two parts from the news report on this matter. The purpose is to hold a mirror up so society can see its indoctrinated bigotry in action. These examples only point the finger at one government entity but this does not mean they are the only government ministry that is guilty of ignoring males. They are just the ones in the spotlight today.
First we have the report by Allison Jones, from The Canadian Press.
Jones acknowledges that “[t]he feed – laced with sexual slurs – appears to have targeted both girls and boys” but the boys disappear from the conversation immediately afterwards.
We should expect the law to protect all people equally. In fact our police services are mandated to uphold the law without prejudice. Instead, what Toronto Police Services did was provide protection with prejudice, as they have done for about the last 50 years. The Toronto police eliminated the male victims from their response.
On February 7 of this year, the evidence of that misandric prejudice was proven in a tweet by TPS regarding this matter. They advised the Twitter account as

You are about to be under criminal investigation~We suggest you delete all sexual remarks and photos of female victims now ^sm

There is no mention of the male victims, nor any demands made for the deletion of male victims photographs or the sexual remarks made about them. According to the TPS tweet, males don’t register as victims in this situation despite both genders being equally targeted.
This is completely unacceptable and in direct conflict with their oath to apply the law equally.
Robbing a person of their self-worth via some online social media site is harmful to any person but when those who swear an oath to protect the public ignore half the population as potential victims it is, by itself, a bigger crime. It is a crime against justice.
I really have a hard time understanding why TPS would, after seeing victims of both sexes, only attempt to protect the females not the males.
To add insult to injury, shortly after constable Scott Mills sent off his tweet to the account in question, he re-tweeted this;

RT @TheCoffeeCop Please remember that your words have power~Use them wisely~Children are our future #stopbullying ^sm

Your words have power
Constable Mills, and most likely the TPS at large, clearly understand the power that words have to inflict damage. What he and the Toronto Police Services (TPS) don’t seem to grasp is that their words can cause harm equal through exclusion. While a parent is guilty of neglect when they ignore a child, this form of abuse by police is publicly sanctioned.
They have in no uncertain terms used their words and actions to inform males that they are of lesser value than females. They are second class citizens. Males are not worthy of protection. Not worthy to be considered a victim. Not even worthy of mention by Toronto Police when they decide to take action.
When women are present, male victims cease to exist.
This discrimination by the TPS motivated an activist, Jason Walling (aka Raven), to write an open letter to the Toronto Police. Jason has been in the trenches with us for quite some time. He’s a boots-on-the-ground activist and one of the founding members of (Men’s Human Rights Ontario)
The letter is provided here and I urge all of you to copy and paste it for emailing to TPS. However, please create an original subject line for your email as we don’t want Toronto Police Services ignoring male victims any longer and would like to avoid having our concerns end up in a spam filter. If you feel you can pen a better complaint then by all means have at it and please share it with us so we can document the demand for equal protection under the law.
We, as a movement, can not permit actions such as this to go unanswered. This is easy activism you can do from your keyboards. This is part of how we promote change for the better.
Toronto Police Services Board can be emailed via their website

On February 14th, 2014 a story broke via The Canadian Press that The Toronto Police Services (TPS) were investigating a Twitter account that exposed the purported sexual behaviour of local students. No one here condones the behaviour these students engaged in when they chose to publicly expose the supposed sexual practices of their peers but, what was completely revolting was the TPS(Toronto Police Services) response to these children documenting and publicly shaming each other for their sexuality and then condemning the actions taken by these children against only the female victims.
It was admitted that both male and female students had been targets of this form of harassment yet, the TPS ultimatum to these crass children was, “You are about to be under criminal investigation — We suggest you delete all sexual remarks and photos of female victims now”(Emphasis mine). The constable (Scott Mills) who sent out this tweet shows a complete disregard for the male victims in this matter.
Since when does the sex, race or, religion of the victim matter?
Either a criminal transgression has occurred against a citizen or it has not. If the behaviour was illegal regarding the female targets then it was illegal regarding the male targets. Why was the TPS so eager to protect female students and reluctant to demand the same protection for male students? Does the Toronto Police Service only “serve and protect” some citizens while adopting the “fine and collect” model for others based on sex or other involuntary factors?
TPS bears vicarious responsiblity for this disgusting display of its lack of compassion for male victims. Its constables are only following what their superiors have endorsed and condoned in the past. And, what will be done to prevent such blatant anti-male victim bias from being promoted in the future?
This bias is the very reason many men refuse to seek much needed help when they are being abused. Contributing to the suicide rate of young men being 4 times that of young women. To make that a bit more real, for every Amanda Todd and Reahteh Parsons, there are 8 boys, Rob, James, Alex, Steve, Mark, Ryan, Kevin and,Adam who have also been teased and bullied to the point of successful suicide attempts. The difference is that there seems to be no public outcry to help these boys, no services and little chance that they will be believed when they do screw up the courage to file a complaint. I have one word for you and that word is, “Enough”. We are watching and we are not going to go away. Our sons will be given the same priority as our daughters and, your feminist master’s ideology be damned.
Jason Walling

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