Tom Golden: The End of Men? Or the End of Women?

From the Men are Good Video Channel, which if you have not subscribed to, you are, we must declare, suspect.

This is the first youtube to use a more talking approach. The others are highly labor intensive and take weeks and sometimes months to produce. This kind of video can be done much quicker. I hope you find it of interest. TG


The happiness research is fascinating and can be seen in this link:

There are many who are hypothesizing about the reasons for this marked shift and the I don’t think there is a clear winner to date. However, as I say in the video it looks to me that the shift in roles for women has taken a toll. I could be wrong.

This is a chart showing a slice of the date taken from 12 graders. It gives you an idea of how things have shifted:

The narcissism data is also fairly controversial as can be seen in the NYT’s piece. It is interesting that Twenger first started her research when she saw a large shift in women claiming to be masculine. I think this Times article goes into that a bit.

No question that our obesity, both men and women, has risen in the last 50 years or so. Yes, it has risen for both but I think there is an important difference. A man can be very successful and of high status (wealthy, powerful, star os some sort) and be obese. I don’t think the liklihood is the same for women. If women are obese it plays directly into her attractiveness and that is an important factor in women attracting mates. So the increase in obesity is likely more deleterious to women then to men. At least that is the way I see it.

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