To the men who haven’t seen their kids in a long time

Christmas is upon us again so we wanted to make a short post on a problem facing men around the world.

Parental alienation can take many forms. One parent may bad mouth the other when they are alone with the children. The alienating parent may make it difficult to arrange visits, cancelling visitation at the last minute or insisting on rescheduling without reasonable notice. In its most extreme form parental alienation involves one parent preventing the other from seeing their children for long periods of time, sometimes years.

There isn’t anything we can say that will soothe the pain of parental alienation. It is criminal to keep innocent men from their children. That the state should allow (and facilitate) this makes it beyond criminal.

We know that some of our readers haven’t seen their children in years. We can’t promise you that the future will turn out the way you want it to. What we can promise is that we will not let the world forget the evil that is parental alienation. It harms parents and it harms children.

If you are with your kids then count your blessings, give them a big hug and spare a thought for the fathers who won’t get to be so lucky.

Merry Christmas from the crew at A Voice for Men. Let’s all work towards a better future.

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