To All the Feminists Who Aren’t Like That

In the wake of our planned conference in June becoming the target of death threats, I thought this was a good time to make an appeal to all the feminists who aren’t like that.

I know for a fact that you are out there. I have seen you for years now, in places like Reddit, on our Facebook Page, Youtube channel and in the comments of this very website.

I have even gotten emails from many of you, admonishing me to consider that in criticizing feminism that I am actually condemning a whole group of people, most of whom are only interested in gender equality and justice; who believe that all voices deserve to be heard, including men’s.

Many of these same feminists have claimed that they too, are very invested in resolving gender related problems that affect men and boys.

Indeed, were I to include all of my interactions with those who claim to be feminist, I would have to say that most of them fit the description of people interested in justice and equality for all.

However, what I see in the actual actions of feminists in the landscape of gender politics has often been very different from what has been claimed by so many people, both men and women, who tell me that feminism is not really about those actions.

Now is the time we can put this to the test. I am asking for the real feminism to please stand up.

We have an event scheduled that includes the first Black female senator elected in North America. It also includes the woman who started the domestic violence shelter movement for women. It includes a three time board member of the National Organization for Women who was named one of the top 100 thinkers in the 20th Century by Financial Times Magazine.

Another academician speaking is a gay man who has dedicated a career to understanding gender issues.

This is all alongside a nationally recognized journalist, psychologists, psychotherapists and other experienced advocates for men and boys.

The death threats from feminists, in the attempt to silence these esteemed speakers, has resulted in the conference incurring tens of thousands of dollars in additional security costs.

We plan on launching a fundraiser tomorrow to address those needs, but I want to give the feminists who stand by free speech and assert decisively that these thugs do not represent what feminism is about, to have an early shot at helping us address the gender issues that impact men and boys in an open forum.

The paypal button below is offered for feminists only. It is a $25.00 one-time donation to help us with security costs that were inflicted on us by others calling themselves feminists.

You can show your support, and the true heart of the feminist community by assisting us with the security to have a safe conference with honest and open dialogue.

The donation thermometer will reflect the donations we receive.

Thank you in advance for those who wish to help.


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