Time to take out the garbage

As is well known now, White Ribbon Australia went into liquidation today. We’d known they were in dire financial straits for a while, but this has been a long time coming. In order to commemorate this joyous day, let’s take a walk down memory lane.


The White Ribbon Foundation is renamed White Ribbon Australia and finds a new way to be patronising to both men and women.


Whiteribbon.org is launched, but not by White Ribbon Australia!

A Voice for Men reveals the truth behind White Ribbon Australia’s finances.

Representing A Voice for Men I interviewed Barry Williams on White Ribbon Day.


White Ribbon Australia suspends Tanveer Ahmed for wrongthink.

A Voice for Men goes through the financials of White Ribbon Australia again and shows the world the true nature of this organisation.


White Ribbon Australia bullies a legend.

Eventually WIPO found in their favour, but we’re getting the last laugh, eh White Ribbon Australia?


I wrote an open letter to the chair of the board of White Ribbon Australia asking them how they intend to address the fact that they ignore the reality of domestic and intimate partner violence. I’m still waiting for an answer. And now it will never come.


White Ribbon Australia flipflops on an important feminist issue causing consternation and hand-wringing among true believers.

Many supporters and sponsors abandon the organisation.


White Ribbon Australia goes into liquidation!

Ah memories. Is that a tear in my eye? Nah. I’ll let Pharrell Williams tell you how I’m feeling…

Before finishing up I want to quote fellow MRA Tom Voltz who, on hearing of the demise of White Ribbon Australia, had this to say:

Dear White Ribbon,

Fuck you, fuck your executive salaries, fuck your SJW-esque approach, fuck your government funding, fuck your propaganda, fuck your indoctrination of our school children, fuck your hatred of boys and men, fuck you, fuck the horse you rode in on and fuck your grandmother you fucking fuck-fucking fucktards!

Good fucking riddance!

Lots of love,

Couldn’t have said it better myself Tom.

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