There is also good news coming from Sweden

Many non-feminists were rightfully upset when the news that the radical Marxist-Feminist party “Feminist Initiative” (Feministisk Initiativ, sometimes abbreviated F!) got a seat in the European Parliament.

The fact that such a radical party, which advocates nothing less than re-education camps for men and a charter that makes the old Soviet Union look like a nice place, could be voted in a country that many think of as a highly enlightened and civilized is indeed a shock. On the other hand, knowing the fact that Sweden is a consensus-driven society and anyone who doesn’t conform to the consensus is facing social ostracism (just ask Pär Ström) perhaps the fact that F! was voted isn’t really much of a surprise.

But votul in sud (capitala) in Suediaif we really look closer to the vote, we notice that most of their supporters come from a tiny district of Stockholm called Södermalm-Enskede, a district where all the “cool” people live – the journalists, the so-called opinion-leaders and generally the upper middle class left-wing pricks. The Swedish equivalent of Guardianistas. As you can see on the graph, in that place, F! was the second-most voted political party, lagging only behind another radical party – Miljöpartiet de Gröna (the Green Party). This tells us that the support for these kinds of nutjobs isn’t wide and huge at all.

In the last 12 months or so, Sweden has actually achieved tangible progress when it comes to the treatment of men and the apparent nationwide anti-male consensus is cracking apart more and more. So let’s review these things a bit.

Law combating parental alienation

On July 1st, this year, an amendment to the Swedish Family Law will enter into force. This amendment deals essentially with what we call parental alienation.

The amendment voted just two weeks ago extends the criminal responsibility for parents who deliberately prevent their children from seeing the other parent.

This amendment also fixes the problem that many custodian parents faced when trying to get their children back home from the other parent who refused to let them go. Until now, if a parent did that, the parent could be charged with abduction.

This will immensely help the fathers who have gained custody of their children in court but had the courts refuse to enforce it, and faced the problem that if they enforced it themselves, they would face abduction charges. There are at least a couple of thousand Swedish fathers who are in this situation–which is a lot for a small country.

Prison time for false accusers

Lately, the Swedish judiciary has started to follow the model employed in Norway and started imposing custodial sentences for those who make false allegations of rape.

Until very recently, the false rape charges stories looked pretty much like in Britain, France, or other places – woman cries rape, compelling evidence is found that she’s lying, and then slap on the wrist (a fine at best). Well, not any more. Just at a google search for “false rape allegation” you find two women being sent to jail just in May alone. One on May 6 and one on May 7. That’s cases resulted in more jail time in two days than Britain imposes in 6 months.

You will see in many places cited that Sweden has the highest rate of rape in Europe. What it is never said is that Sweden has the highest reporting rate of rape in Europe. It’s not the same thing as the increasing number of accusers jailed for outright lying shows.

Other countries when found to have the highest reporting rate of rape in Europe have responded with more misandric legislation. Sweden however, took the course to just investigate more thoroughly and punish harder both the genuine offenders and the liars.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this is real progress.

Serious review of previous cases

The Swedish judiciary is going through a serious process of reviewing its previous sentences given in the times when radical gender ideologues were largely the only ones informing the public narrative.

Just two cases come to mind: Sture Bergwall (aka Thomas Quick) and the recently acquitted 66-year-old man who will go unnamed.

This 66-year-old man was sentenced for aggravated assault, gang rape and other acts of violence right in the middle of the Swedish version of pedophile hysteria mixed with the feminist-driven hysteria of gender violence. It was a time when the radical feminists in particular led by ROKS (see the documentary Könskriget for reference) managed to convince the public that there is a huge network of pedophiles and child murderers in Sweden which includes judges, policemen, attorneys, politicians and CEOs.

Well, it turns that it was all a lie. And this man served 10 years in jail because of that lie. And the Swedish judiciary actually had the courage to admit it, free this man, clear him of all the charges and open the process of him getting reparations. That is a big deal in a civil law country. If you think it’s hard to overturn a wrongful conviction in a common law country (U.S., U.K., etc.) – well, in a civil law country is at least twice as hard because the State has all the power and the State can literally deny evidence because potato under civil law.

As for Thomas Quick, that’s an already notorious case internationally. Thomas Quick was until recently a convicted serial killer. What was the evidence? His “confessions.” Not an iota of any other corroborating evidence. No bodies, no DNA, no fingerprints. And his “confessions” also lacked any details. But why confess in the first place? Well, it turns out he was on drugs. Drugs put in him by the State.

Long story short, the State over-drugged him for a mental disorder that could and should have been treated without filling him with drugs. And those drugs affected his judgment to the point that he quite literally became a different person and began describing events that never occurred.

And, he also had the bad luck to become even more mentally unstable at the hands of the State right when there was the aforementioned hysteria in the country. And also the staff at the mental facility over drugged him thanks to feminist leaning policies which quite literally deemed masculinity as a disease – so they drugged male patients harder because… well… they don’t know exactly why either.

But the fact that the State was not only willing to reconsider but actually thoroughly reviewed the case and admitted all the wrongdoing is huge progress. There were people suggesting that he was innocent as early as 2002 – but saying that was pedophile and murder apologia.

Maskulint Initiativ/Male Initiative

Right after the elections, 4 Swedish guys set up a Facebook page called “The Male Initiative” with the message “It’s about seeing the person! Not the gender”.

Just 24 hours later, as I write this piece, the page has over 28,600 likes and the founders have already been contacted by the Swedish media.

To put that number into perspective, the Liberal People’s Party (Folkpartiet), founded in 1934, has just slightly over 8,000 supporters and has been on Facebook for 5 years and got 9.8% in the last elections.

Let’s put it another way: In 2007 Pär Ström became involved in the public debate about gender equality and was met with severe bullying both online and offline and a lynch mob of hatred was formed against him for daring to speak his mind. The group he founded barely got over 100 members… in 6 years.

And now, just in 24 hours, over 28 thousand people are willing to publicly associate with such a message. Our own page, AVFM Sverige started being contacted by some of the feminists trying to have a discussion with us. And they were even almost polite. Nothing of the bitterness that used to be the default status merely 6 months ago!

At this point, the AVFM Sverige team and I are working to see how serious these people are from Maskulint Initiativ. But even if they aren’t serious, that huge number has already sent a huge shockwave throughout the Swedish circles and is bound to make an impact on the public discourse and move that discourse even more outside of the feminist control.

And that, my friends, is what I call real progress.

Sverigedemokraterna/Sweden’s Democrats

I left this at the end because it’s a slightly controversial issue, in the sense that the political party called Sweden’s Democrats is hated by many, sometimes for good reason, sometimes as a result of media manipulation.

But whether you like SD or not, here’s what this party’s spokeswoman had to say about feminism and equality:

One of the things I see as most important to me as the Sweden Democrats’ representative on gender issues is to show that our policy is the one that is really aimed at equality. (…) With a consistently equal treatment under the law and against any form of quotas or special treatment, it is our policy to look at the individual instead of to their gender. With increased opportunities for families to shape their own lives, we think all the choices should be considered of equal value, instead of trying to direct people to the choices that the State currently considers to be the best.

I’m not afraid of differences, but I’m afraid of a policy that provides various conditions based on gender. For me it’s a given that men have the same automatic right to custody of their children as women, regardless of whether the parents are married or not. To me it is obvious that such a thing as “affirmative action” can never exist. To me it’s obvious that you will get the respect and acceptance of your choice, no matter what sex you have, the choices you make and whether they fit into an old standard or a new one. That’s what equality means to me, and that is what I will be working for.

That’s right. You read it well. That quote might as well been taken off if you ask me.

And here’s the good news – this party got almost twice the percentage Feminist Initiative got, (standing at 9.9%) which effectively means that they’ll send two MEPs – twice that of F!.

The fact that such a political party with such a message not only exists in Sweden, but gets twice the support of a radical feminist party is big step forward, especially considering that the entire Swedish mainstream establishment, especially the media, was overtly against them in the most partisan way conceivable and the same establishment was overtly for the Feminist Initiative in the same partisan manner.

Is Sweden’s Democrats a perfect party? Absolutely not. There is no such thing as a perfect political party. A perfect politician wouldn’t be voted for by anyone.

But the fact that they got such support in the elections despite the mainstream culture hitting them with the usual trifecta of racism/sexism/classism, speaks volumes about the fact that the Swedish consensus enforced by shaming is shaking badly. There is an increasing number of men and women in Sweden who are actually willing to stand up and say “enough with this crap!” Enough with affirmative action, enough with gender divisive politics and enough with the frivolous allegations of “sexism” or “racism” to anyone who dares to disagree with the mainstream’s so-called “progressive” consensus.

These are all things that were quite literally inconceivable merely two years ago. In 2012, any Swedish non-feminist would’ve thought you’re out of your mind if you thought that a party standing firmly against affirmative action or gender divisive politics would get as much as 3%, let alone 10% in a Swedish election.

Just less than 3 years ago, Joakim Ramstedt (Daddys Sverige) was being called a pedophile for daring to fight for the custody of his daughter and against the frivolous allegations made against him. Just a little over 2 years ago, Sweden was rightfully worthy of the name Absurdistan.

Is this good news enough to downgrade Sweden from the exponent of gender divisive politics of Europe and the hotbed of mainstream misandry? Well, no. Not really.

The most voted political party, Sveriges Socialdemokratiska Arbetarparti (the Social Democrats), believes that more Sweden in the EU is the answer. A little over a week ago the editor-in-chief of the Debatt (debate) section of Nyheter24, the most relevant news source in Sweden, wrote an article entitled no less than Yes, I hate men.

But these reports are good enough for me to no longer consider Sweden as Absurdistan. The debate is finally taking place. The consensus is rapidly breaking and the old shaming tactics of the mainstream are becoming increasingly inefficient. This provides something that all activists need, especially non-feminists in Sweden: Hope.

For the first time since the assault on Swedish culture initiated by radical feminists in late 1980s, there’s actually a hope and real life confirmation that a debate about the disingenuousness of feminist politics can indeed take place. For the first time in goodness know how much, the so-called progressive consensus shows weaknesses and members of the consensus are actually reaching out to have a discussion instead of spouting venom and throw more accusations of the usual trifecta of racism/sexism/classism and other imputations of malice.

And that, gentlemen and ladies, is what I call real progress.

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