The Road Ahead

I want to start by thanking Paul Elam again for everything he has done for Men’s Rights, Men’s Issues and Anti-feminism. Paul kicked in the door and huge numbers of people, myself included, poured through. I appreciate the confidence that Paul is showing in me by handing over a site he founded and built over 14 years. A Voice for Men remains the flagship site of the Men’s Rights Movement. It will continue to keep the torch burning and remain a place that people can come together to speak the truth without being silenced or shamed by purveyors of gynocentric narratives. We do this today so that the world can have a better tomorrow.

Over the last 10 years there’s been a shift online from self-hosted sites to centralisation and out-sourcing. Where in the past people would have run mailing lists or forums they now run Facebook groups or subs on Reddit. This has put a huge amount of power in the hands of Big Tech. This is not only a problem for the global community as a whole but for people involved in men’s rights it’s completely untenable. Big Tech has shown itself to be all too willing to ban A Voice for Men or well known figures like Paul Elam for daring to speak the truth while allowing feminists like Mona Eltahawy to openly promote violence against men. The Internet gives us the tools to express ourselves freely but the global community has largely walked away from them in the last decade. Fortunately everything we need to maintain our independence is still available and will continue to be available.

The first step will be changes in publication. We’ll be posting smaller articles more frequently. This is inline with changing community trends over the last few years. Having said that, you can still expect to see long form articles here from time to time.

Further changes are planned down the road.

A Voice for Men endorses the work of Paul and many others at XY Crew.

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