The Red Pill screening Brisbane, Australia

The Red Pill will be screened in Brisbane, Australia on January 14, 2017. The first attempt at the Australian premiere of The Red Pill in Melbourne was cancelled by the venue, The Palace Cinemas, only 11 days before the intended screening. The organisers went above and beyond to find a new venue. The planned Sydney screening was cancelled by the venue Western Sydney University, only eight days before the intended screening.

To prevent the same in Brisbane the organisers will not be releasing information about the venue until the day before the screening. An inner city meeting point will be advised on the Men’s Rights Brisbane facebook page after close of business on January 13 (UTC+10) to save our host venue from harassment. A Facebook event page has been set up here.

Let’s make Brisbane the first Australian city to screen The Red Pill without having a screening cancelled first. Brisbane is just north of the Gold Coast, where ICMI17 will be held later in the year.

Tickets can be purchased here.

2:30 pm – Depart from meeting point
3:00 pm – Film commences
5:00 pm – Q & A with Paul Elam and Tom Golden (video skype)
6:00 pm – Event conclusion

Feminists are encouraged to attend as long as the rights of others to watch the film in peace are respected. Indeed, the presence of feminists at the Q&A is sure to make it a lively affair.

This documentary is taken from a feminist’s perspective and challenges common perceptions promoted by feminism in gender politics. Whether you’re feminist, non-feminist or agnostic this film is profoundly thought-provoking and is bound to challenge the beliefs, perspectives and assumptions of many viewers.

Follow the Men’s Rights Brisbane facebook page for event updates. Patrons with mobility issues should advise us upon booking as the venue is a walk away from the meeting point and alternative arrangements will be made. Please be at the rally point at 2:30pm sharp to allow time to reach the venue and find your seat.

This film is unclassified. We have been advised by Australian Classification Board that the documentary does not require a classification for this screening. It is our assessment that it would likely attain a rating of MA15+ (Mature Accompanied). It contains strong language, adult themes and is not recommended for younger viewers. Children under 15 will not be admitted unless accompanied by an adult guardian who has paid for their ticket.

An extended sneak peak can be found here.

Presented by Men’s Rights Brisbane.

In association with A Voice for Men and Men Are Good.

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