The Men’s Human Rights Movement Needs You

Collegiate Activism Director Sage Gerard will be present at both the May 31st rally in Maine and the June Conference in Detroit, and he is encouraging everyone to join their MHRA brothers and sisters. As a low-income student, Sage still makes a case for why the expenses are justified, and how your presence makes the MHRM a lasting influence on the planet.

Of course, those who cannot attend are still greatly appreciated for both the moral and financial support that made these events possible in the long run. You are catalysts for change that loosens the grip of gynocentric and misandric tyranny.

If you cannot attend, you can still show your support by subscribing to Sage’s channel. While he would also appreciate help with expenses like anyone else, he has made it clear that if it is at all possible for you to go to Ellsworth, Maine or Detroit, Michigan, you should save your money instead and come to town.

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