The inevitability of MGTOW

When a MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) man and a woman engage in discussion it’s incredibly easy to predict what will be said:

“Aren’t you afraid of dying alone?”

“Don’t you crave companionship?”

“What are you going to do when you get old and need someone to care for you?”

“What about children? You can’t have children on your own.”

Then, after these and any number of variations on these, the cork in the bottle, the final conclusions are any or all of the following:

  1.  “You just never grew up.” – a way of shaming a man and declaring that he never became a man.


  1.  “You just haven’t met the right woman yet.” – Feigned sympathy and a statement that amounts to the idea that eventually you will get it.


  1.  “You just hate women.” – The most clever of the conclusions, it implies that you were damaged by a woman (because only a damaged man could have anything but complete love and devotion for women) and, if you were able to be damaged by a woman, you were never worthy of a woman in the first place.

Shame, shaming sympathy, and veiled attacks followed by more shame. It’s all predictable.

There’s something else that is predictable too – the overwhelming number of men that will ultimately decide to toss away the risk associated with entering into legally-binding social arrangements with women.

The explanation for this inevitability is as simple as explaining why healthy 40 year-old men do not spend their Saturday afternoons attending the birthday parties of their 5 year old friends. It’s as easy as understanding why bankers do not give out mortgages to 12 year olds and why it’s pathetic for a middle aged man to spend hours at the playground exchanging baseball cards with third graders.

As so many (possibly most) young women have been reduced to an infantile state, healthy, mature men have become able to see beyond the façade and recognize female behavior for what it has become, they will avoid those relationships the same way grown men avoid land deals with six year olds.  And the real tragedy here is that all of those statements listed above could be of tremendous value to women if they understood them from a male point of view.

  1. “Aren’t you afraid of dying alone?” and “Don’t you crave companionship?”

Physically, we all die alone, but it is easy to believe that a person would face the experience of death with a greater sense of peace and well-being holding memories of a life that included deep, intimate,  connections to other human beings. These types of memories can be a source of strength and that’s a commodity when facing one’s own end. Likewise, companionship is an instinctual desire, craved by humans at the core, a genetic predisposition important for our survival and mental health.

So, yes to both yet men will still inevitably choose to lead their own lives, avoid marriage and forego fathering children. The reason is simple: Women can no longer be counted on to provide those things.

The culture designed, and so cleverly implemented by feminism, has sunk countless women into a state of arrested development while also creating a legal structure that amounts to a gun pointed at the heads of all men. Women have largely become children backed by thugs.

They expect men to care for them, coddle them, protect them, bend to their will, and accept any idea or perspective they put forward. If a man refuses, expressing his mature self, they can call in the police who will arrest him for nothing. The Family Courts will take his children, property, and future earnings. The District Attorneys that will prosecute on any outlandish assertion of rape or impropriety (at least any assertion made against a man.) All of these things serve to accomplish one thing – subsidize the lifelong childhood that women have been flung into by feminists.

How can a child backed by goons be a companion? And who wants to lie on their deathbed remembering the trauma of having dealt with that quality of life (or, if you submit, a life of constant emasculation)? This doesn’t ease your final moments.

  1. “What are you going to do when you get old and need someone to care for you?”

Children cannot care for adults because children do not understand what it means to get old. How can a woman that ascribes to feminist dogma relate to the feelings that mature men experience, the sadness and regret at not having achieved everything we wanted? They have been convinced that nothing in their lives is their responsibility.

There is a pain and a joy that comes from realizing that you never had any control over where you started, but you could always control the direction you went from there. That control is limited at times. There are forces in the world completely separate from you, but in everything you can make a choice. Women have given away their ability to choose in exchange for an infantile bliss. Their care can never be anything other than a child’s care – simple, ignorant, a little sweet, but of little substance or worth. They simply do not understand well enough to have genuine compassion.

  1. “What about children? You can’t have children on your own.”

You’re right. It takes two to tango and no one allows single men to adopt, but it is out of concern for their unborn children that men will choose not to have them. A man cannot provide safety for his children when shackled to a woman-child in command of thugs. If at any time he chooses to act in his own children’s best interests where that conflicts with this infantile woman, she can destroy him and/or the children with near legal impunity. Generation after generation of single women have raised increasingly apathetic, violent, or rage-filled boys, unprepared and emotionally distraught and often violent girls, and still they push for laws to continue paternal alienation with no sign of it being reversed!

There often simply is no right woman and, in their state of suppressed maturity, it’s impossible to even hate such women. They are dangerous and frustrating lost opportunities best avoided by men.

So it has, and will increasingly become such, that a man can only truly be a man if he steps forward and screams, “NO! I will not do this!” Then, he must walk away and define his own self and his own life, separate from women, their damaged children, and the thugs that have subverted her independence and drawn all of her power to them in exchange for giving her a fantasy land fit for newborns with no ambition to ever grow up.

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