The Future of Women in a MGTOW Society

Once upon a time, in a land… just next door, people knew what marriage was, what it entailed, and what its future bestowed.

The concept of marriage is relatively new to the human species, but was based on the ancient contract emotionally agreed upon by our primitive ancestors when they discovered that due to their big brains, their offspring were born less mature by necessity than other, less intelligent species; this contract promoted the exchange of three C’s (cooking, cleaning, and copulation) from the female, and three P’s from the male (protection, provision, and progeny).

Despite many cosmetic alterations, the ancient contract has remained the foundation of the family unit for a guesstimated five hundred thousand years, with inklings of it up to two million years ago. As long as both parties have fulfilled their ends of the bargain, humans survived, thrived, and finally civilized. This is the juggernaut our modern media keeps hounding our young men with, and more and more young men are combating it the best way they know how, by side-stepping it.

So, why not marriage?

Well, in modern society, the legal system has been unabashedly twisting the ancient contract into something that amounts to slavery, rather than the symbiotic foundation from whence it originated. While men are still expected to protect and provide, the prospect of progeny has become laughable; so while the hardest part of his end is still concrete, that nice smooth veneer has been stripped clean off; often he doesn’t even know if his kids are actually his, and it is becoming increasingly harder (legally) to force that knowledge from his partner.

The responsibilities for women have been eliminated by technology and gender politics, while at the same time their contract benefits have  increased. On the whole what was once her responsibility, to copulate, has become whim and weapon. With a legal system in place which has been designed for her to exploit and abuse, it is becoming increasingly difficult to trust women enough to even associate with, never mind marry.

Despite the bombardment of false accusations, crippling divorces, impossible child support fees, and the wholesale demonization of everything male, women continue to impede their own ability to gain their own coveted independence, and demand men to heroically step up and continue to do their duty.

Well, men are tiring of the old song and dance, and they are questioning the necessity of long-term relationships in general. Ever since the industrial age, the need for a woman to maintain the house and home, and care for the children – while the men spent their days doing body- and soul-crushing work – has been becoming increasingly obsolete. The advent of common household electricity, plumbing and other modern niceties meant that women were spared hard work in order to maintain homes.

This was a double bonus for men – the women were less stressed and therefore happier, and they no longer developed the hard roughened bodies associated with hard work, allowing them to remain sexually attractive for much longer.

Then came washers, dryers and the electric dishwasher. For those who could afford these luxurious appliances it meant more time spent doing other things. On the one hand, some of that spare time was used to dream up concepts like the “historic oppression of women.” On the slapping hand, it meant men could do chores on their own.

Other things were thrown into the mix, or which soured the deal; no-fault divorce, the Tender Years Doctrine, alimony and child support laws, etc.. Divorce rates sky-rocketed and, after avoiding it for as long as possible, men found themselves trying to figure out these contraptions. While it’s long been ingrained into the human male’s psyche that they need women, the fact of the matter is, they don’t; women provide children, and children provide guaranteed income for women (via child support or welfare, single mothers will meet basic habitable conditions), by men, through persuasion, extortion, or taxes.

What women didn’t realize was that the very things which made their lives easier – be they appliances or conveniently boxed pre-made meals at the grocery store – simultaneously reduced the necessity for women. Men are increasingly becoming aware of this, and are opting to go their own way and reject the farce that marriage has become.

Women have inadvertently been reduced to gestational incubators; everything else, men can take care of on their own. And the more that women harp on about how evil, and useless, and stupid men are, and how much men must be responsible for the life choices women make, the more men opt to ignore women altogether.

Science fiction has long since been our window into the future, and the gestational beer keg – while not yet implemented – is already a concept; one hesitates to ask, “On what grounds would its completion be demanded?” For the right price, women sell their “natural” services all the time, going so far as to incubate a fetus for other people; one has to wonder, how much their eggs would be worth to them? And make no mistake, women will sell their eggs, and they’ll do it willingly, just as they sell their bodies, as proven when Australia made welfare cuts. And with the advent of Vasagel, a male fertility inhibitor, which is safe, reversible, and lasts roughly ten years per shot, women will lose the stranglehold of procreation over men.

What does this mean for the future of either sex? I can see one of two things happening.

The first, and most obvious answer – and one I so dearly hope for – is women wake up, grow up, and take responsibility for their own life choices. Women are not children, and husbands are not their dads. A radical paradigm shift will have to happen before men begin to have trust in the ancient contract again. A burgeoning respect for the sex that created and continues to maintain the civilization women so blithely enjoy would be nice. Men have been working on it for five thousand years specifically for women. A little recognition would be appreciated.

Men are inherently feminist; we have been for the better part of a million years before it was even a concept to the women at all. We want to work this out. This isn’t about misogyny. This is about disillusionment; we love women, we love their flustered approach to parallel parking, we love it… lift something heavy, or get something high down, we love their sense of helplessness, even when we know they’re not.

If this approach can’t be worked out, women will need to make a choice. Either pull up their pants and knuckle down to some real work under the equal opportunity clause, or take up the business of part-time housewifery. Now the first choice is fraught with problems for women is general, there are very few men who find chapped-pawed, skinned-knuckled and work-hardened women to be attractive; over the course of the last century, women have progressively gotten softer and more delicate in appearance, due largely in part by the lack of household labor. Women over the course of humanity have gotten progressively softer and more delicate than our ape-like ancestors; so to introduce a winning mating strategy to hardened working career… that’s a tough choice I wouldn’t want to have to make.

The second choice is fraught with its own problems, namely time: single men don’t need much living space, especially if they’re earning just enough to cover their necessary means; the best housewives will only ever get to associate with middle class men, because the upper classes will have employees for specific tasks – cooks, maids, drivers, secretaries – really all they need a woman for is arm candy, and that’s a short career, extended in no small part by intellectual stimulation.

Men might not be willing to accept the ancient contract back, but we have an amazing capacity to forgive a guilty smile, just meet us halfway, we can work this out.

I want to see this outcome, preferably before I quit giving a damn altogether. Because the alternative has, historically, not been pretty.

The second thing I can see happening is MGTOW’s becoming criminalized. And here’s how it will happen: it’ll start with a single’s tax, applicable only to men, specifically men who live underneath the tax bracket. Followed by criminalizing cash-payment jobs. If Vasagel can’t be quashed at the FDA level, it will become highly taxed, or just made outright illegal; it’s unlikely anyone with a criminal record, however slight, will be allowed to get a Vasagel injection, on the fear that the doctor may well lose his practicing license. You’ll watch as your fathers, uncles, brothers, friends, get picked up one by one, for what will boil down to not manning up and doing their duty as “men.”

You’ll feel the first shocks, as the infrastructure fails to maintain itself under the strain of invisible workers who have been imprisoned. You’ll watch as convicts are forced into slave labor to sustain the infrastructure. You’ll feel the crunch as taxes increase, then increase again, because no government seems to understand that slaves and government workers cannot create GDP; without GDP, you have no tax base, without a tax base, you can’t maintain a government, and a large portion of women work for the government, whether directly or through welfare.

And this is only if men are so kind as not to revolt.


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