The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands: Facebook Censorship

We know Facebook likes to ban Men’s Human Rights Activists for the tiniest things but lets feminists get away with advocating all sorts of hateful things that if it were reversed it would get us banned as “misogyny.”

So I wasn’t exactly surprised when I logged into my Facebook account 4 days ago and I see a “Log in” status.

I just know I’m in trouble again.

And sure enough, I’m suspended from Facebook, and was informed I now had 30 damn days to consider my “sins.”

I posted this link some months ago………. you can see clearly the woman in question was a gold digger (took a man for thousands of pounds and years of his life).

So I got a picture and put “Gold digger” on it, that got me a 30 day ban on facebook.

You can see it here:

Gold digger

God forbid we say such a thing about a woman who behaves like this!

I’ve had a lot of bans and warnings for various things which were innocent, too. My last ban on facebook was for this link from a knitting site.

Crazy I know!

The one before that was for sharing a facebook status from a page on facebook that got me 30 days as well and they didn’t even remove the original post from the wall.

You can see why I feel like Facebook hates me. Or maybe just hates Men’s Human Rights Activists.

I’ve a habit of annoying just the right people, and I posted on my UN page a chart which lists the incidences of rape over a 30 year period which shows that rape is becoming less of a problem than it was before.

Not to worry folks I happen to know that people who regard me as an enemy hate seeing me, but really worry when they can’t.

I have 25.5 days to be idle and idle I shall not be.

We are hitting the streets again shortly more than likely next weekend (supposed to be this weekend but we had to change it at last minute)

Come see our website by clicking the image below!

Save Our Sons campaign 2014

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