The Dangers of Modern Feminism

That’s it. I’ve reached the boiling point. I do not care how many friends I lose, or how many feathers I ruffle over this, but I am making it one of my sole missions in life to illustrate exactly what modern day feminism has become, and to learn and do everything I can to prevent its infection of the intelligent minds of my generation and beyond. What was originally a just and noble cause has slowly, venomously turned into an ideology that at its core is hell bent on systematically destroying the reality of a free and open society.

First of all, feminism prescribes to the belief that male-hood and masculinity in general, is some kind of problem that must be eradicated. Men are oppressors of women, now and throughout history, and that is the so-called Patriarchy. I encourage you to think long and hard about what this means. Not with your feelings, or perceived victim-hood, but with your rational thinking mind. What is this doing to the public perception of men? How is this changing the dynamic of healthy discussion and daily dialog? And what could the ultimate goal be?

I witnessed a friend the other day absolutely ostracized by several of his peers on social media because he had the audacity to criticize the perceived motives behind a disagreement that was presumptuously based on gender. Simply because he did not prescribe to the exact belief system of feminism in it’s entirety, (that men are inherently oppressive) he was insulted and ganged up on with no opportunity for reasonable discussion on the matter. Intelligent dialog was stifled, criticism impossible, and rational thinking made irrelevant. He was a man, therefore, he was wrong, it was that simple. Importantly, however, it was not only the opposition that he was met with which was disturbing to me but the fervor and intensity with which the opposition attacked him that was particularly noteworthy. It was violent, highly emotional and very ugly. This kind of behavior and the justification of it can be seen all over college and university campuses today.

And herein I believe, lies the real danger with modern feminism; it seems as an ideology, to be absolutely immune to criticism and can, therefore, operate even aggressively if necessary, with impunity, under any circumstance.

The feminist movement and its allies can do this and act this way because who could possibly oppose gender equality? That’s what feminism is all about! Only a monster could oppose such a positive thing, and it’s ok to kill monsters right? I’m being extreme, but the point is valid. If you oppose feminism in any way, you can be vilified, publicly shamed, silenced, called a misogynist, insulted, and slandered; all in the name of standing up for equal rights.

Clearly though now, feminism is no longer about equal rights. It has swung so far the other way that it can be credited with the strategic demonization and demasculinization of men. See here, where the frequently used term ‘toxic masculinity’ proves the immoral motives of the movement that I asked you to think about before.

The feminist belief that men are flawed and inherently bad simply because of their maleness is obviously false and illogical, but it’s just one small aspect of the debilitating and damaging effects the ideology is having on a forward moving, creative and free society. There are many other suffocating social causes that it has gone on to take under its eternal justice war-wing: trigger warnings, safe spaces (where should they end?), cultural appropriation, political correctness, privilege, word-banning, and microaggressions. These seemingly well-intentioned gestures of social policy are in fact slowly and carefully destroying the very fabric of society in which cultural progress, intelligent discussion and free speech should not be only possible, but absolutely encouraged.

I urge you to continue to think further for yourselves on this matter. Continue to question everything presented to you about it, including what I’m telling you, and please do not just fall prey to every emotional whimsy thrown at you by the latest viral video #deardaddy or celebrity allegiance (I’m looking at you Beyonce) #banbossy.

To remain a vigilant, critical thinker in this complicated and convoluted world is the single most socially responsible and important thing that we can do to stop the dangerous force of modern feminism and its destructive effect on our educational institutions and society as a whole. To be an ally of rational thought, evidence-based arguments, and truth should be our just and noble cause. It should be a movement for open, uninhibited education, truth seeking, free-thinking and discussion, as well as the evolution of emotion-based belief systems into rational discourse. Before we succumb completely to the perceptions of victimization and oppression that feminism so eagerly wants to impose on the men and women of this world, we must first stand up for being able and capable human beings, with the capacity to maintain a free and equal society, the one that feminism originally aspired to create.

I welcome any discussion here forth on the matter, because to me, it is the most important one of our time.

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