The burning of the supplicant feminist leper AKA Joss Whedon

“Don’t talk like one of them, you’re not! Even if you’d like to be. . . . [T]hey need you right now. But when they don’t, they’ll cast you out, like a leper”

Ledger’s Joker

Imagine the perfect KKK member: proactively ignorant, intellectually shortsighted and blissfully full of supremacist belief. His blind faith can only be matched by his intense need to please, to become a barren supplicant to his chosen KKK tribe. Problem is: this specific perfect KKK member is black.

Congratulations, you just met Joss Whedon, the barely tolerated equivalent of a supplicant self-hating black male trying his desperate best to be accepted by a supremacist cult called feminism.
Feminists accepting Joss Whedon was, from the beginning, as plausible as the KKK accepting a black member; they may half-heartedly pretend they give the unworthy a shred of perfunctory, volatile acceptance but deep down? They only have utter contempt and distrust for the outsider.

Joss Whedon the once promising and very prominent male feminist wannabe has been excomulgated by the feminists he so fervently believed in. His spectacular fall from grace was due to the fact he made a movie the fans disliked for not being feminist enough and became his enemies overnight, just like an angry mob with torches & pitchforks (with plenty of progressive & colorful death threats) started attacking him until the hate became so intense they drove him out of Twitter (he was even forced to close his account himself). This fallout is not a secret and there are excellent reports that explain why now Joss Whedon is now an official persona non grata to feminists.

Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and enjoy Joss Whedon’s misfortune and delicious fall from feminist grace in this brief report.

Whedon’s pilgrimage to the ovarian church

It is hard to wrap your mind around the amount of truly hard work it took from a supplicant such as Joss Whedon to try to convince his feminist audience over several decades he truly was not another “toxic” male, that even though he had no uterus he was noble, only to be marginally tolerated by feminists themselves. Despite the fact Joss did do his feminist homework, he licked all the right boots, kissed all the proper asses and even gave a few public tongue twirls to the likes of Anita Sarkeesian.


Fig. 1: Anita using a promotional object.

He preached to the choir hard, even going as far as denouncing the 2015 Jurassic Park movie clip as “70’s sexism” while sucking up to a feminist website via Twitter. The result of all his hard sucking up? Whedon was told by Marvel studios to retract his comment because even themselves understood his feminism had gone too far yet he kept preaching by giving a non- apology.

He clearly tried very, very hard over the years to show feminists he was “worthy” despite the fact he has acknowledged himself he is imperfect for not having a womb (seriously, I am not making this up) in fact, he tried so hard over the years it would seem he was motivated beyond reason, fervently, almost as if by faith, only to fail to convince feminists themselves beyond reasonable doubt he was truly one of them. (Psst…having male genitalia does not help Joss) But what would fuel him over decades to try to convince those who he clearly does not belong to? To be rejected, to be considered unworthy of holding half the sky of feminism over and over again?

Exactly, intense guilt.

The implication is that just like a self-hating gay at a gay conversion church trying to distance himself from other “sinful” gays. Whedon’s intense need for validation only implies his guilt, his need to distance himself from those he abhors: other “toxic” males. Problem is, a persistent loud denial usually implies a silent coy affirmation and in Joss’ case, his constant need to deny he is “toxic” through his feminist work, only implies he hates a part of himself so much that he finds it secretly reprehensible, but instead of a gay conversion church, male feminists like Joss Whedon go to an ovarian church.

Joss is not an isolated case, plenty of male feminists seem to be driven by guilt especially rape guilt, for example asking this question on Twitter to male feminists results on either radio silence or total outrage with plenty of colorful swearing.

“If you have never raped anyone, why do you feel so much rape guilt? Do innocent drivers apologize for hit and runs?”

                                                       —Jack Outis Troll

(Sidenote: too bad Joss quit Twitter, I wanted to ask him that and many other questions… sour grapes, I am banned too anyway)

Going back to Joss’ crusade, to show he was a worthy man, imagine this wealthy supplicant’s daily pilgrimage to the feminist church over decades only to metaphorically kneel, forehead to the floor with hands high up holding his mutilated offering, the evidence of the castration of his own “toxic masculinity” ideas through his films.

In many ways, his feminist films are a form of atonement for his own closeted guilt. Joss Whedon films are his personal testament to that which he is not supposed to be, to that which he relates deeply then has an urge to overcompensate and denounce, to atone for, to deny his implied sins, to prove his worth, to wash away his implied guilt and be granted a shred of volatile feminist acceptance at best or just nothing. All this supplicant work on Whedons’s behalf, only to be called by his own supporters exactly what he was trying to “prove” he was not: a misogynist.

Joss Whedon; the male feminist whose intense supplicant work to appeal feminists only turned him into another misogynist. Few ironies in life are as rich as his.

Even if Joss Whedon has tried to save face and deny that it was the feminist hate what drove him away from Twitter, it is hard to believe death threats from his own former allies did not get to him. Why close the account if ignoring them was easier? Why not lending it to a PR agency of his trust? James Cameron does that all the time. See? As usual with SJWs, emotions dictate their contradictions.

The sins of the supplicant lepper

Granted,Whedon’s career is far from over, he is currently more than bankable as a director but among feminists he just became as hated as certain slightly reviled male feminist that goes by the name Hugo, which begs the question,

What did Whedon do to to anger them so intensely?

In short he committed these 3 fatal sins against feminism,

  1. Being male
  2. Sterilizing a flawed imaginary female character
  3. Include a harmless sexual joke in Latin AKA a “rape joke”

Yes, he had the audacity to include the all of the above blasphemies in his 2015 blockbuster “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. But let’s see the details on his transgressions against the church of the celestial vagina AKA feminism.

Being male: For starters, Joss has not realized that unless properly castrated, male feminists like him are too imperfect and rather just occasional useful objects to advance the feminist agenda (hence why Anita posed with him on Twitter, to use him as promotion. See Fig 1). He certainly already is mentally castrated but unless he undergoes orchiectomy  the prospect of being a successful male feminist is just as bad as being a black KKK member, because you are showing you are too dumb to even notice and too stupid for even trying to join a group of supremacists and to top it off, also because you will forever be an ousider.

Sterilizing Black Widow: Logically all narcissists with the mind of a child (AKA feminists) related intensely to an imaginary character that is far sexier and relevant than they themselves will ever be* therefore these femi-zealots experienced immediate intense rectal discomfort (butthurt) by being told their sexy powerful and relevant imaginary self had been sterilized by the male brain of the director (therefore Whedon also was given rapey brains). Think about it. All your life you have been a butt-ugly feminist with a shitty personality and out the Marvel gates comes this perfect avatar of a woman (the one you will never be) called Black Widow, a sexy, smart, assassin therefore butt-ugly feminists like you can easily inhabit and hide behind her just like toddlers wearing a spiderman halloween costume. Of course, it makes perfect sense! (if you have the mind of a child.)

How would you feel if a director made you feel your imaginary fertility (signaled by imaginary sexy looks) was not only worth something but that it was invaluable only to be robbed of that fertility? Exactly, this whole tantrum is all about ugly feminists with low fertility value believing they are as sexy as an imaginary character. Their outrage stems from themselves having no real fertile value signaled by any sexually attractive looks and when their avatar was revealed to have been sterilized therefore having zero fertile value, well, feminists just lost their proverbial shitty menses and started hurling very real death threats at the Whedon leper.

But of course! It makes perfect sense to make death threats right and left (especially if you have the mind of a feminist Macdonald’s triad child). To top it off, Whedon had the audacity to have an imaginary character say she was a “Monster” for killing people but since she said that in front of a green monster (the Hulk) feminists just conveniently conflated and assumed Black Widow meant she was a “barren monster”. It appears besides making them intensely retarded feminism also makes them hard of hearing.

A harmless sexual joke in Latin: The term in question is “Prima Nocta” which is used in a comedic scene where the Avenger characters take turns to try to lift Thor’s hammer, RDJ’s character Tony Stark jokingly claims that if he manages to lift the hammer he would re-enact “Prima Nocta” which is an obscure reference to the alleged medieval right of Feudal lords to have sex with lower cast females. It is not surprising feminists did not find the joke humorous and were publicly mortified and offended.

This happened simply because humor requires intelligence and feminists consistently lack it. Second of all, feminists will only laugh at rape or mutilation jokes about males only if told by a female comedian, anything said by a male HAS TO BE ABOUT RAPE, (right feminists?). Lastly, the flawed assumption that an alleged feudal custom from the middle ages can truly translate into a 100% rape rate. Was it impossible for peasant women to fuck a rich feudal lord to trade up husbands AKA hypergamy? Was it always impossible for the females to give consent? Again, enteraining these thoughts of rape not taking place are taken by feminists as the equivalent of blasphemy because to them, rape is as holy as the crucifixion.

*(which surprisingly, unlike game characters, they did not try to ban, my money is on the fact that Scarlet Johanson has a mind of her own and feminists would not find it as easy to use the same tactics but she might as well also be another feminist)

The burning of the supplicant lepper

“Unlike female ones, male feminists can be abused endlessly and not a single woman will come to their aid. See? Equality.”

                                                       —Jack Outis Troll

A few months back, I made the above observation on one of my many now defunct Twitter accounts and it gives me infinite pleasure to see the above rule in action, if you are a female feminist getting a death threat, your genitalia will grant you automatic sympathy from everyone, but if you are a male feminist? Good luck, you are on your own. Just like what happened with Whedon, nobody will come and help you. See? Equality.

But being burned on the very pink cross Joss helped his feminists sisters build? That is priceless.

It boggles the mind how much hypocrites like Whedon would campaign for “equality” for women yet when he gets death threats he forfeits his own equality by exercising the double standard of “toughening out the abuse” by not complaining about it publicly or outright denying it despite the fact he made a reference to the death threats he had received via the very last tweet before he closed his account.


Fig. 2: referencing his mortality is literary coincidence, not that someone sent him death threats. Nah…not at all….

Joss should make up his mind, either double standards are OK or they are not. Either he does not defend women when they receive threats the way he does not defend himself or he complains about his own death threats the way he does when women receive rape/death threats themselves. Just imagine the amount of noise feminists would be making if Anita Sarkeesian had received the number of vicious threats Whedon received this time around. But since Joss is a “man” he is supposed to take it. See? Equality.

The best thing about the abuse directed at Whedon is that it mainly came from women exercising the kind of abuse they would otherwise adamantly oppose. Their behavior toward Whedon is pure unalloyed hypocrisy in motion, they do to him exactly what they claim should never be done to anyone (anyone female that is, men are less equal thus fair game). See? There is no honor among thieves and there is no prisoners among SJWs, they will eat each other or anybody they deem a “traitor”.

Just imagine if Anita Sarkeesian had received exactly the same level of abuse and death threats Whedon received this time around. That would have been quite a drama or another $160K Kickstarter to help her with her resulting imaginary PTSD. But for Whedon? He is supposed to be less than equal, just another toxic male that can take any amount of abuse, no matter how many death threats are sent his way. (See fig 3 along with all of all of these).

1 - 3hnHd7G

Fig. 3: See? Men are supposed to take it.


Fittingly, several outlets reported how Whedon had been receiving more hate than any female feminist from feminists themselves, (priceless) so much so that even comedian Patton Oswald compared feminists going after Whedon to a lynch mob (see fig. 4)


Fig. 4: He has since deleted it.

If only Whedon had a mind of his own, the following would be a good piece of advice:


Fig. 5: Heed Karen’s advice Joss, for you will never satisfy them.

Sad thing is, male feminist like Joss Whedon do not realize that at best, they are very similar to a hyena’s hemorrhoid; it does not matter what they do, half the time they will be either covered in shit or if annoying enough, the feminist beast will just bite them off.

Editor’s note: Whedon claims he was NOT run off Twitter by feminists/SJWs.

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