The beginning of the end

If ever a moment encapsulated the state of utter insanity we have reached in this country it was captured on Friday 15th June evening during an epic rant by a rabid feminist on a show called The Project. The female anchor was delivering a disgustingly misandric monologue due to the fact that a woman had been raped and murdered in a park in Melbourne. Her sadly predictable tirade raged about the fact that policemen continued to say women needed to take precautions when going out in an effort to lessen their chances of being assaulted. She screamed,

Why are we asking women to change their behavior instead of telling men to stop raping? It’s time for all men to change…..”

What was most appalling was the fact that two of the regular male hosts sat in mute, shame faced silence throughout her rant. They literally dared not betray a twitch of dissent or flicker of objection to being branded by the fact that they shared the gender of the assailant. Then this woman turned and finally decided to include these sacrificial lambs in her poisonous attack on masculinity.

Guys…you have to talk to your mates. They must understand that violence against women is unacceptable ……”

And these two men nodded like petrified sheep facing the slaughterman’s knife. They had the dazed look of a rabbit caught in the spotlight and the only words to be spoken by one of these quivering cowards were:

Well done, Lisa….so brave”

It was stunning. It was truly shocking. This is what we have come to. Men mutely accepting the role designated to them by a pampered, multi -millionaire who claims to belong to an oppressed, frightened group too scared to leave their homes.

Our newspapers and screens gave saturation coverage to the candlelight vigil where thousands gathered to show their solidarity with women and condemnation of men. The usual suspects lined up to give their vicious bitter take on what this murder told us about men and masculinity. The Prime Minister and leader of the Opposition party held candles as did the Premier of Victoria. They all spoke of men having to change their behavior and the fact that we can prevent another murder by learning to respect women.  What made this all the more galling was the fact that a trial was taking place during the same week in which a woman had been charged with burning her boyfriend alive last year in Sydney. The coverage was minimal and there were of course, no candlelight vigils for the poor man whose parents saw him screaming as he burned.

How sick are these men who gleefully turn upon their innocent brothers? They are scum. How disgustingly twisted must a man be to so readily leap onto the man hating bandwagon? How self -loathing? Is it an attempt to win votes? Are they impressing a woman into bed?  Perhaps they are simply unwilling to push against the overwhelming tide of opinion expressed by the people who hold the power and the platform in our media, education system, entertainment industry and politics?

Read the words spoken by the Premier of our fair state. They were also posted onto his Facebook page.

’Eurydice Dixon was 22 years old. She was an aspiring comedian. Smart, funny. She lived in the inner north. Surrounded by friends…

“In a few days, women across Melbourne will gather in Princes Park for a vigil of her life.

“And they will do so firm in the knowledge that Eurydice died because of her attacker’s decisions – not because of her own.

“They’re right. And we need to accept that fact, too.

“We’ll never change a thing until we do.

“We’ll never change this culture of violence against women. All women.

“We’ll never change the fact that one woman in this country dies every week at the hands of a partner or former partner – someone they loved, in the safety of their own home.

“We’ll keep asking “Why didn’t she leave him?” instead of asking “Why did he hurt her?”.

“We’ll keep asking “Why was she alone in the dark?” instead of asking “Why was he?”.

“We’ll keep ignoring the real problem, instead of actually fixing it.

“So our message to Victorian women is this: Stay home. Or don’t.

“Go out with friends at night. Or don’t.

“Go about your day exactly as you intend, on your terms.

“Because women don’t need to change their behaviour.

“Men do.”

How do sick freaks like this man, Dan Andrews, continue to hold positions of power? Every word he wrote is sheer bullshit. None of it makes sense.  However, in the midst of the torrent of hatred of men which these events always unleash, I saw some remarkable proof that the tide is most definitely turning.

There is a small but ever-growing light of hope shining amidst the frenzied male bashing storm which would not have existed a decade ago. Aside from some excellent videos made by Australian YouTubers, Gary Orsum and “Bearing”, there have been a number of articles in mainstream newspapers pointing out the madness of this predictable feminist assault on masculinity. This is the most significant aspect of the pushback. We have always had our rebellious individuals on the fringes of society, attempting to speak truth to power. But now that rebellion is beginning to manifest itself in media outlets with huge audiences.

Nichola Wright (managing editor at LibertyWorks) responded to the Facebook post by the Premier of Victoria with these words:

The wrongness of Andrews’ comments can be seen if we replace ‘men’ with another identity group. In Perth in 2016, a lesbian woman murdered teenager Aaron Pajich and buried him under a concrete slab. Imagine a Facebook post that said: ‘Our message to teenage boys is this: Go about your day exactly as you intend, on your terms. Because teenage boys don’t need to change their behaviour. Lesbians do.’ Sounds jarring, doesn’t it? That is because it is wrong to say lesbians must share the blame for the actions of one psychopath. And so it is for men, too.

Telling men they must ‘do better’ and stop ‘tolerating’ violence against women does nothing to prevent violent behaviour. It ignores the fact that the majority of men already reject violence against women. The tendency to blame society as a whole for the actions of a few individuals was brilliantly criticised by Ronald Reagan: ‘We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.’

As someone who has been red pilled for decades I could only have dreamed of reading even the most minimal pushback against the notion of men holding collective responsibility for the crimes of a tiny fraction of the male population. The journalists who penned two of the stronger articles (both female) ridiculed the notion that there was an epidemic of violence against women and eviscerated the attack on men.

Another well known media commentator, Andrew Bolt, wrote an article which tore apart a few feminist lies, the first being that two women die every week at the hands of a man who once said, ”I love you.”

Bolt did a little research and discovered that the statistics reveal much closer to one woman dies a week and when you dig a little further you discover other facts overlooked by these liars. He writes:

I have checked many of the cases and found a picture far more complicated than the one being portrayed, of a supposed culture of male violence that leaves no wife safe.

For a start, that list includes at least two women killed by other women. Others, including Dixon herself, were not killed by an intimate partner.

One was murdered during an aggravated burglary, and another when a thief tried to steal her car.

Sons or grandsons have been accused of the killings of some of the women: one was a schizophrenic and another a drug addict who also killed his father. These don’t seem to have been killings driven by men’s attitude to women.

Then there were at least two killings of Aboriginal women, one in a pack attack said to have involved other women.

Aboriginal women are in fact more than 30 times more likely to end up in hospital from domestic violence, which suggests we should worry more about Aboriginal culture.

At least two of the women were killed by men who also killed a male — and that should remind us that two-thirds of murder victims are, in fact, men.

Then there’s Nancy Barclay, who was 83 when she was killed, allegedly by her terminally ill husband. Police say he told them she had Alzheimer’s disease and that he strangled her to put her out of her misery.

So, no, this list of 31 murders suggests many more factors than a culture of male violence.

Let’s not blind ourselves to so much else that we should confront.

Having words like this appear in Australia’s biggest selling newspaper is very heartening.

I experienced my usual gut churning, adrenaline charged response when I first watched Lisa Wilkinson spew her vile hatred and dirty, manipulative lies. But in the days since I have come to see that we have made progress in the “real world” outside the media bubble and gender study classes.

It is evident in the comments sections in newspapers and online whenever issues like this are presented as a problem for men to solve. The readers are educated and passionate enough about this endless propaganda to take the time to write. I note that one of our greatest exponents of exposing the fraudulent nature of feminism in the comment sections below articles is “Bev” who I have also seen commenting on AVFM articles over the years.

This is another sign of enormous progress which can so easily be overlooked when we are constantly subjected to a barrage of endless misandry in the media. It is clear that despite the overwhelming power feminists have at their disposal through their dominance of all of the social institutions that influence thought and opinion in society- the vast majority of people in the suburbs and country towns of Australia see through their lies and hatred.

AVFM, and other websites alongside the articulate, provocative YouTubers and Facebook users, have made a real difference. Keep fighting my brothers and sisters. The cracks in the dam wall are real and they are widening just a little with each passing year.

I urge you to check out the links below (a few are pay-walled) and read some of the very heartening words about these constant attacks on men.



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