Every now and then we publish a few comments from the inimitable Andybob. The following is a snapshot of his thoughts on the subject of female entitlement. – Eds

According to that ‘Dear Daddy’ video, men are even responsible when their daughters are victims of male violence because they failed to speak up in response to that sexist joke someone told in some locker room when they were fifteen years old.

Feminist dogma insists that men are responsible for everything that happens in the world because, apparently, we run it. Therefore, if men wanted rape to stop, then we would make it stop because the Patriarchy, to which we all belong, has the power to do that kind of thing.

This is the central tenet of feminist ideology and explains why it is a cult of female victimhood. What isn’t so easily explained is why so many women buy into a concept that is so obviously absurd.

* * *

All men are assumed to be Supermen: all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful entities who exert control over everything. This is how most women, at least sub-consciously, perceive men. It is where the contempt for vulnerable men comes from. “What’s wrong with you? You’re supposed to be Superman like every other man.” It also explains their glee when they see one of these alleged superheroes come a cropper.

One of the reasons why PUA philosophy is so toxic is that it promotes the idea that men should try to fulfil some kind of man-as-Superman ideal. Vulnerability is not allowed, only masculine prowess, fitness, success and the unrelenting maintenance of ‘frame’. Depressed about not being able to see your kids? Get over it dude and stop being such a loser.

Throughout PUA criticism of the MHRM is the accusation that we somehow celebrate male vulnerability, which makes us all a bunch of whiners. They completely fail to understand that MHRAs want our culture to recognize male vulnerability and take it seriously enough to offer just and viable solutions to whatever has made them vulnerable. This is completely different from celebrating it.

MHRAs want the humanity of men to be acknowledged and respected, whereas PUAs just want to perpetuate the man-as-Superman myth – the foundation of gynocentrism – that prevents this from happening. In other words, PUAs insist that men should try to be the invulnerable superheroes that most women want them to be, whereas MHRAs encourage men to be who they really are and to ignore those who attempt to shame them for them for it.

The MHRM presents the revolutionary idea that men are neither superheroes or failed superheroes: we’re just people. This is something that many women, and quite a few men – the kind who have bought into the idea that women have a monopoly on being people – just don’t want to hear.

* * *

That’s where it begins: little girls expecting Daddy to be their Superman who can right all the wrongs in their little worlds and is responsible for everything. Feminist embitterment stems from their belief that Daddy preferred being Clarke Kent instead of using his superpowers to make the world perfect for his little princess – the lazy, uncaring bastard.

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