Subverting MGTOW

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is one of the most significant elements of the Men’s Human Rights Movement. This is not a matter of dispute; the only possible dispute is whether MGTOW is just /one/ of the most significant, or, THE most significant aspect of the MHRM.
For members of the general public outside this human rights movement, terms like “the marriage strike,” failure to launch,” “Peter Pan Syndrome,” and other appellations reveal that whether misunderstood and reviled or not, the blue pill public is sharply aware that a small but growing segment of the male population are stepping off that old societal treadmill of protect, provide, serve, and die.
Men refusing to marry is big news. It’s the compliant, reliable and long-disposable dog’s-bodies of empire, refusing to be used and exploited any longer. It’s the quiet slave revolt.
And the slaves, revolting as the blue pill world finds them, are forging a wholly new path for male self-determined identity in the 21st century. That would be we revolting fellows who call ourselves MGTOW. Men, going our own way.
For a great many MGTOW men, rejection of the gynocentric and coercive institution of marriage, along with other societal male obligations, is about reclaiming control over their own lives. And as powerful and important as this motivation is, this revolution of male identity is utterly dwarfed in importance by the wider cultural impact of MGTOW.
Our present culture, that is, our gynocentric culture runs on the appropriated income, the coerced labor, and the corpses of “good” men. It runs on the stolen blood and the appropriated money of married men. Marriage, in every western nation, is a set of laws primarily advantaging women at the expense of men. By laws, of course, what we mean are opinions with loaded guns backing them up.
A married man is one who has agreed with the laws of his nation-state. Those laws provide for the appropriation of his income, enforced separation from his children, and if he can’t continue to finance a woman who has used the family court to discard him, he will enjoy a stay in his nation-state’s jails.
For a self-identifying MGTOW man – assuming he finds a woman who totally understands the issues of the movement, who both likes and loves him, and even supports the principles of MGTOW – if he were to a marry a woman, then even if she would never pull that trigger, he has agreed to load the gun and put it into her hand. A marrying man is no longer MGTOW.
Some, approaching men going their own way from a philosophical point of view, assert that “men going their own way” can be just anything a self-describing MGTOW man chooses, including legally committing himself to that coercive three-way owner-slave relationship between himself, his wife, and the armed employees of a government.
Some say, as long as he chooses it himself, marriage, when selected freely by a man is indeed “his own way.” Thus, they claim, men marrying can be MGTOW too. Stated another way, MGTOW can include marriage – as long as the men buying into that social and legal institution chose it themselves.
Yeah, right. And a man can also call himself free who puts the handcuffs on himself and walks into the jail of his own free will.
Does anyone else think this sounds rather silly?
MGTOW brings powerful, fundamental, and profound change to the present cultural landscape. It is deeply dangerous to the present zeitgeist. That danger is increasingly recognized by actors within the mainstream maintenance of social narrative. It is these voices, still part of, or influenced by, the mainstream narrative, who now insist with a growing chorus that marriage and MGTOW are wholly compatible. The men going their own way who insist on an exclusion of marriage from the movement are Luddites lacking vision, according to them.
This, I submit, is how a movement is subverted and rendered impotent.
It is the rejection of marriage by men not even self-identifying as MHRAs or MGTOW that has made our culture’s narrators coin terms like “Peter Pan Syndrome” and “failure to launch”. The attempts to shame men back onto that old treadmill are clear signal of the active power of self-selected male identity in a culture which – until now – has relied on the willing self-sacrifice of male bodies, for the benefit of higher caste members of society.
Those who refuse to marry are the disposable refusing to be disposable any more.
And even some actors within the broader men’s rights movement are now beginning to repeat the claim that MGTOW and marriage are compatible. This, ultimately, is how MGTOW, and its profound power, can be utterly diffused by the culture, and neutralized as a potential path for the self-determinacy of men, from a culture running until now on their corpses.
Well, not so much theirs. Your corpses, your stolen income and your blood.
There may have been a point a decade or more ago where we could credibly argue that MGTOW and marriage might be compatible, with the “right” girl or within the “right” nation-state. Many of the early MGTOW thinkers thought so.
Time and experience has revealed the error in that approach. Unless and until marriage law and custom are completely rewritten, from top to bottom, MGTOW and marriage will never be compatible.

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