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Editorial note: AVfM neither endorses nor rejects this proposal. We publish it for discussion’s sake. We think it’s significant that a growing number of men are thinking that rather than love their country, they’re thinking of just leaving it. –DE

Every battle that we fight in the battle for equality is a battle against the state.  Divorce laws, written and enforced by the state, rape laws; written and enforced by the state and the ever present and fearful family court system.  Women have used democracy to pressure our gutless politicians into surrendering our constitution, personal liberty and any semblance of due process.

From India to America to Australia and back to Great Britain; governments have used their force to punish men from elementary school to the ends of our lives.  Nothing male is sacred or protected.  Many of us scoff at the very idea that we should be a ‘protected class,’ but find it equally distressing that adult women are treated as if they were helpless children in any debate or legal proceeding.

While the source of our oppression comes from women in general and feminism more specifically; it is the state that is our greatest enemy.  The entrenched forces of Marxist Feminism and the cowardly politicians who cater to them, have taken all that is worthwhile from these once great and free nations.  So what is left for those of us who seek only to be treated as equals under the law?  We have made some slow progress in changing some laws, but are those changes enough?  Will we see equality in our time?

For just over two years now I have been advocating in favor of independence for the United States territory of Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico, like the Philippines, Guam and Cuba was acquired by the U.S. during the Spanish American War around 1898.  Cuba and the Philippines have since become independent nations while Guam and Puerto Rico languish in a so called ‘commonwealth’ status.  However, both territories and the U.S. Virgin Islands retain the right to petition for and seek independence legally.

Part of the proposal I have advocated in my writings is to implement specific constitutional definitions of equality and ending spousal support.  The proposed constitution contained in the petition for independence also specifically requires joint parenting after divorce and requires that if child support is required that it be a percentage of income that automatically adjusts due to change of income for any reason.  It also requires that mother’s pay the exact same percentage of child support to the fathers, during the time the children are with the fathers which should be 6 months out of every year.

Parents can also opt out of support payments all together.

The definition of being equal under the law in this proposal is service.  Military or civilian part time service is required for all citizens and immigrants both to deny entry to those who would seek only benefits of the new country and also to eliminate all other constantly changing definitions of who is a ‘protected class.’  Complete your service and you are equal under the law; fail to complete and you are not.

The nation-state proposal is a limited government, free market economy with a built in personal savings and retirement system that is funded by individuals, their employers and a national trust.  This keeps politicians from using social programs for ‘protected classes’ to bankrupt the country.  It also makes it easier on business owners because instead of paying into benefits programs and multiple federal and state social welfare programs they make direct deposits into the employees’ accounts and the employee then decides which benefits they want or don’t want.

Let me address some obvious questions.

Is this for real?  Yes.

Is it possible?  Yes.

How? Votes.

Puerto Rico already has a vibrant independence and sovereignty movement.  The only problem with that independence movement is that it is mostly left leaning pro-feminist or social democrat.  Very few of those people support limited government or true equality for men.  So in order to accomplish this feat we need votes. Lots and lots of votes.

One of my early proposals was the establishment of a micro-independent state on the eastern third of Puerto Rico.  The idea was to ask people who supported independence to move to one of several municipalities (PR uses a municipality system as opposed to a county system) register to vote and then vote for Mayors and council members who supported our program and then call a referendum.  If the petition for independence was denied by Congress then simply declare independence recognizing what that might imply.

To accomplish this micro independence I would need upwards of 25 thousand MGTOW’s to relocated to the specific areas and register to vote.  Have no fear of being denied the vote as American citizens born in Puerto Rico can and do move to the mainland U.S. and register to vote and some of them have become members of Congress like Nydia Velazquez and Luis Gutierrez.  Any American citizen can move to Puerto Rico and vote and run for office and vote for independence.

This tactic was actually used to make Hawaii a state.  Mainland Americans moved to Hawaii in such numbers that they were able to tilt the balance of voting power in favor of statehood.  I’m simply calling for doing the same thing, in reverse.  While I welcome support from MGTOW’s from every nation; only American citizens can vote in the elections to seek independence.  Once independence has been acquired I will work to welcome MGTOW men from all countries of the world.

Plainly put, we are oppressed our rights by government.  The only immediate and complete solution to this problem is to concentrate our forces to create a majority in a single location so that WE become the state.   We create a constitution that recognizes complete equality, we write and enforce the laws without having to cow tow to the feminists.  We can see liberty and equality in our time, but only if we assume the same responsibility as a group that we do as individuals: that we shall be free by our own choice and action.

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