Star crazy star Pauley Perrette accuses yet another homeless man of attacking her

Apparently desperate for more headlines, NCIS actress and serial false accuser Pauley Perrette has added another notch to her belt. According to, Perrette claims to have had another dramatic and dangerous encounter with a homeless man.

The crazy train is running full steam.

Perrette says the guy then grabbed her wrist and stuck his head into her car demanding to know the time.  She says her immediate reaction was to yell “I rebuke you satan in the name of Jesus Christ!” And then she told him the time … 5:37 PM.

Fortunately, this time, she didn’t have a known neighborhood homeless guy in mind to describe to her avenging angel friends, so nobody was arrested.

Perhaps skulking around the neighborhood where her ex-husband Coyote Shivers works didn’t generate the drama she craved, leaving her no choice but to invent a random attack. Or perhaps she’s setting the stage for a carefully choreographed Mental Breakdown, in hopes that it will eventually absolve her of all responsibility for the lives she has tried so hard to destroy. Whatever the reason, this little episode will likely be quite useful for the defense when David Merck goes to trial to take the rap for Pauley being seen by a passerby, disheveled and disoriented, sprawled on the sidewalk near her home.

The good news is that Our Dear Pauley’s audience is finally beginning to see behind the mask that continues to slip. The comments on the TMZ article are priceless! Grab some popcorn.

“Yeah, this makes me question the first time.”

“Hmmmmmmm something is just a lil [sic] but off with this chicky.”

“Sounds like she is seeking attention…..2 homeless men attacking her, sounds too conquencidental [sic] to me.”

“I think she really needs testing. Something not quite right with her.”

“Drugs a second time too.”

“She must not live near a Walgreen’s. She needs a perscription [sic] refill- stat!!”

“TMZ should title this thread, “The C-list actress who cried wolf.” Obviously, she has “issues,” first she was attacked by her boyfriend, and then she was attacked by her ex-husband, and then an attack by a homeless person and now another claim of being attacked. Hmmm… I wonder what she’ll be calling TMZ about next week. It wouldn’t be another “attack” would it?”

“Pauley, if you would just stay out of drug neighborhoods trying to score you wouldn’t have these problems. Doesn’t NCIS pay you enough for you to afford one of those “Concierge: drug services?”

“What is this crazy bish doing to cause all this wilding-up of the hobos? She looks like a swirling vortex of insanity.”

“Is Pauley off her meds again ?”

“oh chr!st. this girl thinks she’s on the path of righteousness. she’s actually on the path to institutionalization.”

I hope this trend continues; it’s been a long time coming.

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