Family Court Experience: Ratings by Parents

Family Court is convened to hear matters involving children and families.

What happens when Family Court makes rulings that parents deem are not in the best interest of their child?

This is an opportunity to participate in a survey on parental experiences in Family Court.  

 To see change, a voice must be heard and that voice must have meaning.

For many parents in the Family Court system, they have no voice!

Would you like to have a voice in the Family Court system? We want to know more about how the courts handled your child custody and child support issues. Here is a place to share your experience in the Family Court system! Go to:

Rate My Family Court ~Ignore the Parents NO MORE! is an on-line survey examining how parents experience the Family Court system.

There are 2 ways to Rate My Family Court:

  1.  A 15-item questionnaire:
  1.  250 word description:

Family Court

Navigating the Family Court system is an experience that affects countless individual parents and families, profoundly. Family Court can be confusing, daunting and extremely stressful.

Divorce is an emotionally charged event with life altering consequences. For some parents, the court rulings that are handed down result in emotional devastation and financial ruin. Notably, the logistics of the decisions of the courts ultimately contribute to the breakdown of the parent/child relationship. In severe cases, the child’s relationship with the alienated parent is forever ruined.

The families in Family Court have become a topic of vulnerability.

Children are growing up in the midst of parental conflict. One parents’ attempt to place restrictions on the relationship of the child with the other parent are successful. Court orders for visitation are ignored, with no repercussions.

Families are at risk!

How does this happen? 

A brief overview of Family Court shows that Family Court is designed to provide court services in a fair, economical, individualized and timely manner. The intent of Family Court is to ‘help’ children and families. While many parents may agree with the premise of this intention, the reality is that, many decisions made by Family Court fall short of the intent.

Furthermore, experiences of emotional and financial destruction are not country specific. The judicial system that deals with family matters in other countries presents similar experiences for the parents and families. Sadly, parent/child relationships across the globe are negatively impacted due to the rulings of the Family Court system.

10 Things to Know About Both Surveys

  1.  Why create a survey to evaluate the Family Court?

This is an opportunity to share your experience in the Family Court System!

By taking this survey, parents have a voice! There is strength in numbers! There are many states that still need to address the issue of Family Court reform. The presumption of 50/50 custody needs be the basis for court rulings in all states.

  1.  How much time do I need to complete this survey?

Survey 1: Three minutes. Two, if you read fast.

Survey 2: One to five minutes. Parents who have spent time in Family Court typically, can readily recall the details.

  1.  Do I need to provide my name?

No names are requested. Any names will be deleted.

  1.  Do I need to state my country of residence?

No.  First, results will be calculated based on all surveys that are submitted. A second analysis will be done by each country. If the country is provided.

  1.  Can I state my co-parent name and place of residence? 

No. The objective of this survey is to obtain information about the Family Court system. Any identifying information will be deleted.

  1.  Do I need to answer all questions?

Survey 1: No. Each parent can answer as many or as few questions as they like. Each question is analyzed individually. Statistical analysis is based on the questions that ARE answered. If there is no response for a specific question, the statistics will reflect the total number of responses that were provided. Each question is an opportunity to provide meaningful data.

Survey 2: There is only 1 question that requests a description. If you do not want to respond to the question there is no need to take this survey.

  1. If I change my mind about participating can I have my survey results deleted?

Yes, IF you have the date and time (hour and minutes) the survey was completed. Results for Survey Monkey are posted by date and time. If you have the date and time your survey was completed we can locate your survey and delete the results, per your request.

  1. What happens with the results from this survey?

Survey 1: Responses from this survey will be analyzed and submitted to a journal with an audience of judges, attorneys, mediators, family court members and mental health professionals.

Survey 2: Responses from this survey will be analyzed from a qualitative analysis perspective. We are looking for common themes, issues and emotional experiences. Results will be will be submitted to a journal with an audience of judges, attorneys, mediators, family court members and mental health professionals.

Results from both surveys may also be posted in a summary format in an article or at

Survey 2 offers the option for your comments to be displayed in summary format only.

Note: We are sensitive to the nature of the information. Any specifics provided will not be shared to protect you, your child/family.

  1. What if I have questions about the study?

Forward questions or concerns to:

Send private message to:

Mail to: 2506 East Chapman Avenue, #182  Orange, California 92869

  1.  How long will this survey be available to complete?

Survey is available now! No time like the present! Survey may be changed, deleted or extended depending on the response from co-parents and statistical analysis.



15 questions:

250 word description:


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