#SpankAFeminist: Because it’s finally time to put abusive liars over the knee

Feminists say so much stupid, ignorant, or just plain evil shit it boggles the mind, and in response a new hashtag has begun that I hope to see spread on Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media platforms.

#SpankAFeminist speaks to our need to metaphorically spank feminists for their transgressions.

Why would you spank a feminist? Well in reality, we know a lot of them would complain but some might actually enjoy it. Who knows? Maybe they’re just shit-testing us all and waiting and feeling frustrated that we aren’t responding right. They make so many phony, transparently, scientifically debunked assertions, that answering them is like playing Whack-A-Mole.

So here’s an easy thing to do: from now on when they say something idiotic on social media, just respond with a spanking. It’s all they’re really worthy of anyway.

Some examples:

► For being the kind of bitter, humorless, hateful harpies who’d feign that “Spank a Feminist” is advocacy of real “violence against women.”

► For swindling people with the notion that a career is the path to self-fulfillment.

► For demanding that special jobs be made for women whether women want them or not.

► For bullying any gay men or women who reject feminist ideology.

► For the hateful lie that laws limiting abortion are efforts of men to control women.

► For lying about campus sex assault rates.

► For lying and claiming that wars and other suffering are caused by men alone.

► For pretending that men who financially support women and kids are oppressing them.

► For hideously bullying the majority of women who reject feminism.

► For the appalling racism of saying black and Hispanic and Asian men oppress their women.

► For attempting to ban from all public spaces anyone who might question their assertions and beliefs.

► For the racist lie that 3rd world men routinely beat women & treat them like property.

► For making up the gigantic conspiracy theory they call “The Patriarchy.”

► For behaving as if they stand for gays and minorities when they clearly don’t.

► For pretending that rape and sexual assault are primarily male-on-female.

► For pretending to give a damn about men and boys when they obviously hate them or view them as defective at least.

► For pretending they speak for women when they do not.

► For pathetic shaming of male anatomy and sexuality.

► For decades of covering for female child molesters and child abusers.

► For behaving as if men and women choosing different lifestyles is oppression.

For all of this and so much more, #SpankAFeminist

This would be my starting list of reasons why any time you meet a feminist, you should spank him or her until they cry. And do it every time they open their mouths to spew forth their hateful lies about standing for tolerance, inclusion, and equality, when there is no movement in the modern world that does more to fight against tolerance, inclusion, freedom, and equality than feminism. Not even real life fascists or communists can top them at this point.

Feminism is an intolerant, hateful, racist, anti-gay, misandrist, misogynist, gynocentric religion and hate movement. What other good reasons can you think of to spank a feminist? I’d really like to hear your ideas as well. Not just here on A Voice for Men, but out in the world of Social Media.

So many Feminists to Spank, so little time. Honestly, I think there may be a solution here.

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