Sex Robots: Part 2 — The “good enough” threshold

In this series of articles I wanted to look at a bigger picture than just the obvious sexual benefit to men that will come with sexbots that can physically pass muster. I realized quickly that the audience for that kind of discussion is small, limited mainly to the fine gents in the red pill community.

The larger population of men won’t be interested in this conversation, or likely to grasp it if they were. I did some searching for fiction works on this theme and was unsurprisingly disappointed. A search for sexbots in Amazon books brought back the sad story. The first option was “Cannibalistic Sexbots from Space,” a scant 148-page booklet that the writer had the balls to call a full trilogy.

Up next was the aptly titled, “Sexbot,” a book about a genius robotics engineer, of course a woman, who downloads her consciousness into something called Sexbot #9 just before she is murdered. Apparently, the rest of the story is about how she rides the cock carousel for information that will help her solve her own murder.  I am sure it’s an ensconcing read.

Rounding out the top three was another book titled SexBot, only this one had the subtitle, “Book 1: Love Bites” The brief storyline provided played it as a tale about using sexbots to, ahem, help adolescents sort out their sexual confusion.

There were a few other options, including a few serious explorations of robotics in general. And of course, I found one story about how a man gets a sexbot replica of his handicapped wife and starts to replace her with it. The bastard!

Overall that pretty much sums it up. The only thing missing was a chop sake kung fu superspy sexbot who has sex with 20 men and beats them all up at the same time. Then again, I didn’t look at all of them.

It’s pretty sad, if predictable. At least according to Amazon sales, while this society races toward what may be the biggest game changer ever in sexual politics, we get a glorified Xena, Hot for teacher sex fantasies and the hypervigilant ideations of a bored housewife who probably knows she’s a good candidate for replacement.

That’s the kinds of conversations the blue pill world wants to have about sexual robotics. To be fair, it’s not much different than a lot of the red pill world, that sees sex robots solely in terms of their capacity to replace women and help users stay away from them. Though that at least is a survival reaction, not sexual deviance or gynocentric paranoia.

Still, I’d rather have a conversation about the interpersonal implications of what it will mean to even come close to the kind of technology we are talking about.  What will it mean for men in the context of relationships with real women? How will it impact women? Oh, don’t worry, MGTOW, I am not suggesting you should care what women think. But in terms of sexual politics, I do. And I think robotics will eventually force women to think very differently than they ever have about themselves and about men.

At the core of it is men having a second-best option to women. I am not talking a gazillion years from now when we have mastered cybernetics and created sexbots that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing — and a hundredfold more sexually appealing. Nor when we can upload consciousness into the cloud, with the help of an ingenious, daring woman STEM savant.

I am talking about when the technology reaches the point that most users will experience the sexbot as something more than masturbation. Not like a real woman, but not jerking off. Something better.

Let’s call it the good enough threshold. That’s the watershed in my book; the event horizon in reaching a new paradigm with men and women.

The good enough threshold will include communication as well as physicality. While the body and sexual attributes of the sexbot become good enough, so will the ability of the AI to simulate human interaction.

If you think that’s crazy, thing again. An article in Psychology Today is titled, “A Robot May be Your Next Therapist.” In it, the author assumes that like dozens of other specialized professions, psychotherapy will likely be provided by AI.

In their research on “An Executive’s Guide to Machine Learning”, he writes, the consulting firm McKinsey concludes machine learning will empower it to arm coaches, speakers, and writers with more than just descriptive insights and predictive measures — it will begin to play a major role in the self-improvement process itself.

When that is achieved, the good enough threshold will be forever surpassed for a considerable number of men, especially since I am betting that a therapist that can deliver a blow job will have some appeal.

It’s not that men will have a sudden shift in consciousness. The change will start gradually, and interestingly it will start with men who are in relationships.

Consider this. Men typically face an onslaught of emotional and psychological challenges in relationships with women. Many men constantly face the conflicting demands to preserve their self-respect against a range of behaviors in women that threaten it. When making someone happy means surrendering to irrational demands and abusive control, self-respect is the primary casualty.

Not only does this mean that the self will suffer, it also means that failure to deliver on her mandates also carry the risk of sexual rejection. When mama ain’t happy, mama doesn’t put out.

Of course, all of this starts with courting and dating, where the core of the rituals revolves around a man’s demonstrated willingness to make life about what she wants. Hypergamy, human gynocentrism and the reproductive drive are powerfully synergistic. It places most men constantly off-balance and at an interpersonal disadvantage with women.

In one situation after another men are faced with double standards, petulance and insanely unrealistic expectations.  And outside the red pill world, most men generally feel trapped and powerless over this because the woman holds the trump cards of peace and sex. They constantly live in want for a solution, but of course the solutions are completely controlled by women.

Until we pass the good enough threshold. Once there it will start with men who, out of frustration, turn to the purchase or rental of a sexbot instead of another woman. By then they will have heard critiques online, everything from “it’s a talking flesh light in a wig,” to “It’s so good it will make you leave your wife.” The curiosity on where he will fall on the spectrum combined with an increased presence of the sexbot in the dialogue of the culture, will tip the scales until he goes with the flow.

And of course, there is no telling where he will land after he takes the leap. He may feel ridiculous and back out. He may try it and find it completely inadequate, and then feel ridiculous or he may find it good enough to register as an option in his mind.

When that happens; when some men see sexbots as a possible, passable short-term alternative to their women, the world for those men will be forever different. Because once that shift happens, the only thing for certain is that men will make use of it.

Sure enough, as they become acclimated to the use of the units, and especially as those units deliver more and more of their desired effect, the men who use them will face the litany of no-win scenarios with women with an ace in the hole; with, in fact, something that makes the scenarios winnable.

For men who initially fall into the sweet spot of good enough, the honestly heartfelt words “I don’t need this shit,” are soon to follow.

In that light, I can see a time when sexbots are a viable resource to assist men transitioning out of abusive relationships, which is to say nearly all of them. A robotic rebound, as it were.

The value in this is hidden, of course. The robotic rebound has utility in one specific set of circumstances. It pales in comparison to the inner awakening in a man who can no longer be controlled by a woman’s sick games.

The MasterCard commercial would be a hoot.

An evening with a sex robot – $100

Buying a sex robot – 20 grand.

Walking out on an overgrown 4-year-old who is screeching at you that you don’t do enough to make her happy.


Making that experience available to blue pill men as a wake-up call is worth the many billions of dollars in R & D it will take to get us there.

Now, I have noticed in the comments one or two guys who seemed a little rattled by this exploration of possibilities. One regular even commented that “People constantly make the mistake of extrapolating into the future,” and went on point out that we don’t have any way of knowing how long or even if these innovations will be possible. I am betting he is wrong about that, but I get his point.

What can I say, though? Prognostication is a uniquely human thing. And besides, it is fun. Everyone should loosen up a little and indulge in their anticipation of future possibilities.

And I am happy to do it in a way with dual purpose, a playful exploration of what may well turn into reality, and an object lesson on what men can learn to do on their own, with just a few red pills and a little bit of spine.

I will continue this talk in part 3, coming soon.

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