RooshV and Return of Kings sells chemical and ideological poison. Time to take out the trash.

Let’s get this out of the way to start: Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, aka “RooshV” wants you dead even more than feminists do. Please keep that in mind any time you encounter him or his deranged groupies from the Return of Kings cult.

Whether it’s chemical or ideological poison they want to sell you, following RooshV and Return of Kings advice can land you in jail or dead. If you’re lucky, you may just wind up with multiple Sexually Transmitted Diseases, a dick that no longer works, womanly breasts, and a lonely broken life. But it’s worse than that for Return of Kings fans: following Rooshly advice might get you jailed for false (or real!!) allegations. It may also get you physically attacked by those damaged, dysfunctional women they stupidly advise you to share a bed with.

After all, psychotic women are the only type you’ll ever meet if you follow the “NeoMasculinity” path, which should be obvious to an intelligent and mature man, I would have thought.

More on the Return of Kings chemical poison market in a bit. But first:

People should know that I have spoken to unfortunate Return of Kings fans who told me their secret stories of being beaten and abused and even jailed by the type of women the RoK cultists encouraged them to seek out. They’d be savagely mocked by their fellow Return of Kings “NeoMasculinity” fans if they told anyone, and they full well knew it. As part of the bizarre “NeoMasculinity” ideology, men who are physically, sexually, psychologically abused and falsely-imprisoned are just “manginas” to Roosh, after all. Never mind if they were stabbed in their sleep, set on fire, or arrested after a false accusation. Or if they stupidly got drunk and followed Roosh’s advice and raped a drunk girl who then legitimately had them jailed.

All I can do when talking to the poor fools who took Return of Kings/RooshV advice was shake my head and give them the same advice I give to so many other abused men facing physical and emotional scars and legal trouble.

I used to try to refrain from bluntly telling these poor unfortunates that they were fools to follow the bizarre Return Of Kings cult, that they got suckered and swindled by a cult leader named Roosh, but it seemed rude: after being so completely humiliated, physically damaged, and rendered impotent after following Return of Kings’s advice, shouldn’t it be obvious to them?

But I was wrong. Someone needs to tell them. So listen up, you fools in the RooshV circle: there is nothing but misery and death down the Return of Kings path. You have to be a complete idiot to follow any advice the RoK cultists give you. If Roosh or other Return of Kings writers tell you that the sky is blue, triple check it–they’re just that insane.

The Men’s Human Rights Movement has a long and strained relationship with so-called “red pill” sleazy sex gurus like Return of Kings publisher RooshV. Roosh and Return of Kings have never, ever been MRA as every honest person who’s done 5 minutes of due diligence knows. But Men’s Rights Activists have always believed that men, even sleazy ones, deserve freedom of speech.

Many of us also long believed that giving young men blunt advice from differing perspectives, even bizarre hedonist perspectives from the likes of Roosh, was better than the endless string of man-shaming that the education system and the mainstream media pump out. At least advising men on how to be confident in their own sexuality, how to dismiss the worst in sex-shaming of men, and how to identify dysfunctional female behavior, was a worthwhile endeavor. A lot of us figured even if some of the advice was daffy, smart men would figure it out on their own. Most men can think for themselves, after all.

In short, even if much of the Return of Kings advice was and is trash, a lot of us hoped they’d all grow up and grow out of it as the forces of intolerance and censorship closed around everybody who questioned the feminist narrative. I even once had a civil chat with one of his assistant editors, who was a nice if callow chap, and once exchanged email with Roosh in which we agreed that there was no point in fighting each other when the common enemy, ideological feminism, and the Social Justice cult, were a much bigger threat to everybody. Ideological Feminists and the “Social Justice” cultists are a threat to everybody on the planet, not just men after all.

In short, we were trying to be charitable–too charitable–to the sociopaths who rule the Return of Kings universe.

But as recent events have shown, expecting Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh to become thoughtful is like expecting feminists to get rational. RooshV is a sociopath who has never changed, who will say or do anything no matter who it hurts.

So here’s the truth: Daryush “Roosh” Valizade has written for years about his past supposed adventures traveling the world to have one night stands with the psychologically dysfunctional, neurotic women he picks up in sleazy meat markets around the world. In many of his books, you find what are undeniably confessions of Roosh raping multiple women. In fact, the words “serial rapist” are not too harsh to describe Roosh, at least if his own published, public writings are to be believed. As with Roosh’s friend Matt Forney, also a confessed rapist by any sane standard, it’s often been unclear whether what they’re writing is just the poorly-written rape fantasy porn, or if it’s the real thing.

However, recent evidence has come to my attention on the matter to leave me convinced that there’s no reason to believe any of this is fiction, that all of it is real. You’ll probably be reading about it in the coming weeks if certain things I hope come to pass, including my hope that a few of their victims will step forward and we can get some of these sleazebags put away by legal authorities.

Furthermore, it’s clear the Return of Kings crowd, the cultists who are part of Roosh’s circle, don’t care that they’re making heroes out of pathetic men who define their “NeoMasculinity” by how many sleazy women they can fuck and how many drunk and drugged up chicks they can rape. Which means Return of Kings is rightly described as a den for rapists and rapist-wannabe groupies with a thing for neurotic, narcissistic, alcoholic women. And that appears to be all Return of Kings ever will be.

And so be warned young men and old: following RooshV is a good way to become a disease-ridden fool stuck in jail on a false rape charge.

Furthermore, if you want your dick to shrink and your mantits to grow to a shapely C-cup, and to become an opiate addict who lands in a hospital from liver failure and intestinal rupture from bowel obstruction, keep following the Return of Kings advice on “nutritional” supplements and “testosterone.” Most of what they want to sell gullible fools who read their site are really hazardous poisons that no sane man should ever allow near his body, let alone in it.

I had never had the time to really peruse the Return of Kings site–even when I tepidly defended the site on “free speech” grounds I never really did more than skim it. But I recently fixed that, and with help began examining the Return of Kings cult site in great detail. Now that I’ve really looked, it is clear that they make much of their profit from selling chemicals unfit for human consumption and dangerous, barely-legal drugs.

This means that following Return of Kings advice isn’t just a good way to put lethal women in your life. It’s a good way to put lethal chemicals in your body. These chemicals they want “manly men” like you to take cause permanent and irreversible damage, especially if combined with alcohol and commonly prescribed drugs (benzodiazapines, barbiturates, etc.).

Seriously man, did you want your dick to fall off and massive tits to sprout on your chest while you lie in a hospital bed shuddering from withdrawal symptoms and liver and kidney damage that you may never be able to undo while your dick rots off? Stay with the Return of Kings cult.

The following are just a few of the chemical poisons the Return of Kings cultists want you to put in your body: Kratom, ketamine, phenibut, “Super Mandro,” and testosterone. Spend some time on the internet examining what these things can and will do to you, frequently even if you are “careful” as the RoK cultists tell you to be.

The have to tell you to be careful. That way if you wind up crippled or dead, they can claim it was your fault — not theirs.

Just one example? Kratom, the Return of Kings miracle drug and lethal poison:

No really, kratom is potentially lethal.

These aren’t the only dangerous chemicals they profit from. Return of Kings and RooshV apparently have straw deals and/or sponsorship agreements with people who sell dangerous poisons like ketamine, phenibut, kava, and testosterone. Kratom even contains atypical opioids, not as potent as pure opium but are still addictive mu-opioid agonists.

Furthermore, Return of Kings-recommended supplements are frequently sold in forms where purity is in no way guaranteed and thus may also contain additional chemicals they don’t even have to tell you about. Have fun with that while both your biceps and your juicy new tits get bigger.

Do companies like “Happy Hippo Herbals” and “Herbal Samurai” know they are doing business with confessed rapists like RooshV and Matt Forney? These business associates of Return of Kings certainly must know that many of the chemicals Return of Kings suggests you take are unfit for human consumption. Are those business associates aware that Return of Kings actually advises men to consume these chemicals they sell?

Are state and national government officials aware of these shady deals to sell poison to unwary men? Are state and national authorities also aware of the multiple confessed rapes of Matt Forney and Muslim-born Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh of Return of Kings?

Also by the way, do you want some real irony? After looking at all the toxic drugs and dangerous chemicals unfit for human consumption that Return of Kings suggests you put in your body, they actually had the audacity to publish this:

I am not accusing Roosh of “advocating” rape. I am accusing him of confessing to rape, rape that is rape by any sane person’s standards. And I am accusing him of selling chemical poisons that’ll help you grow tits, have a smaller dick, and die of liver failure while you shudder from opiate withdrawals and the AIDS symptoms you got from the crazy bitch who stuck a knife in your ribs before she falsely accused you of rape. Good luck with that.

One final note: If you’ve been sexually assaulted, abused, or otherwise criminally harmed by Matt Forney or Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, please contact me on Twitter. I promise to help you seek legal remedy, including putting these slimeballs behind bars where they can never hurt anyone again if I can.

Thanks to Tomás Allende Conte, my #GaysAgainstFeminism homey, for his invaluable assistance in this article.

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