To those saddened by the rift between Roosh, the PUAs and the MHRM, get used to it. The Greatest Rape Hoax Ever cemented the diametric opposition for all time.

Once upon a time, I didn’t care much about the PUAs or Roosh. A lazy analysis based on what do they think horny young men are going to do? Boys will be boys and girls will buy it. Smeh.

The day I found AVfM just over 4 years ago, my jaw hit the floor.

A Voice for Men.

A flash of genius if ever I saw one, instantly relating to my own lack of a voice in the face of a lifetime of lived experience of the self-serving feminist narrative control through tone policing, false allegations, shame and proxy violence. From that moment forward I was only interested in the MHRM and MGTOW.

My personal direction is and most likely always will be helping to change the idiotic outdated cultural narrative I have been subjected to my entire life and alter the future possibilities for young men coming through behind me. The more I can do in concert with others, the more justice, equity and fairness their life experience might contain.

The day my ex demanded a divorce, I knew I’d never lay affectionate hands on another woman again. PUA was never an option. I didn’t want sex with lots of women, I only ever wanted the mother of my children and now neither of us wanted each other. Consequently, I have never paid Roosh or PUAs that much attention, other than to understand the basics, content to lazily watch the debate from the side lines.

That changed last week.

The MSM Global Rape Hoax was never about Roosh or PUAs or even the legalizing of rape allegation. That was simply the excuse to call for proxy violence against men. While PUAs did receive some Discussion within the articles, without exception to my reading, not once did they miss calling him an MRA. Their real target.

Dean Esmay reports rumours of corrections since, to be expected given the wall of push back in the comments saying, “Roosh IS NOT an MRA.” It is simply an attack on men, to silence their voices, to vilify and demonize Men’s Human Rights Activists with a false allegation of rape advocates.

A call for torches and pitchforks.

It was about reasserting Mummies’ procreative abilities as the central and only thing of critical importance in our global human culture. The woman on the pedestal is a mother. The issue of her uterus is what gives her absolute protection and absolution from all crimes, her carte blanche. She has parlayed this privileged position over the centuries into power and speshul snowflake privileges. You are all attached, at a primal level, to your mothers, with few exceptions. A primary attachment. Even those who didn’t for various reasons, likely pined for her warm stereotypical comforts.

Null gravida women assume the same authority by virtue of being potential mothers. Sugar and spice becomes ‘I have the pussy, I make the rules.’

You want the sugar, you bend the knee.

Without the survival mechanism of protecting women and the reproductive bottleneck, the uterus, at all and every cost, any civilization perished. Even at the cost of every single male from 6 to 60, the population can be back to full strength in a single generation by mating with old men and young boys as they hit puberty.

Men are wired for this and women are wired to expect your total sacrifice, in general. However, 2016, with 3.5 billion + uteri and counting, we aren’t about to run out of fertile women any time soon.

Male disposability has out lived its practicality.

And it is only the rise of the modern Men’s Human Rights Movement on the back of the establishment loss of control over the conversation and information that has ever, in the history of humanity, mounted a credible threat to that position of power. And that is what the Great MSM Rape Hoax is all about.

Shutting down that challenge. Silencing the male voice.

Feminism is a false allegation. The only two tools I have ever witnessed them employ are shame and lies. So it comes as no surprise to see them slam the false allegation throttle to Full Ahead as they did in this desperate, unprecedented, global, highly co-ordinated example of Brown Shirting by the MSM, designed solely to shut down the male voice, leaving feminism as the controlling ideology.

As Dean Esmay noted in the early hours of the tsunami of propaganda breaking over us, “Are they stupid or dishonest?”


The gynarchy couldn’t give a flying toss about PUA’s. Or even any actual attempt to legalize rape should a single human in the history of humanity be stupid enough to try it. The more the boys get between the girls legs, the more babies get born and child support gets paid, the more future economic growth and taxpayers we can expect and the more money gets released to the US states.

Drunk or sober, they couldn’t give a rats. So long as the livestock keeps breeding, the Great Human Ant Colony will thrive. Roosh is stupid enough to play with fire and other people’s lives. The moment I came across his ‘thought experiment’, I reacted with a “WTF? That’s going to follow you to the grave mate.”

Wrong answer! That drivel is going to follow us all for decades.

The lying sexist feminist pigs are going to use that as a club for as long as they draw breath. What Roosh and his cronies are too thick to get thru their tiny minds, is we that need to change the cultural narrative when it comes to compassion for men across billions of people. We need to end the culture of male disposability, not reinforce it by arming the armies of propaganda pushing, fearmongering, rape culturists terrifying women and angering white knights with false allegations about legal rape.

This guy Roosh is under the delusion he is new leader material for the MHRM. He believes the current ‘leadership’ (read Paul Elam) has lost its way. He fails to understand Paul isn’t THE leader of the MHRM but a part of a group of people, some of whom have been investing skin into the game longer than he has. While he’s inarguably a central figure within that group, he operates with the co-operation and support of some very influential and intelligent people.

His high visibility is down to the effectiveness of the tactics and strategies developed within that group and his role as hands on management at AVfM, a highly prominent position. Not to mention his inimitable style.
We even had a recent commenter on AVfM make the rash prediction Roosh would be leading the MHRM within 15 years. Sunshine, if we haven’t managed a sleeper hold on this rubbish inside of 15 years, we failed. Go home and bend the knee. Wish I could find it to link here but it’s a thousand comments in now.

Sorry Roosh, you’ve been weighed and measured and found wanting on a multitude of fronts. Your grasp of the game is entirely lacking, your lack of comprehension of the most basic of premises from which we operate is a joke. The selfish paradigm that boys getting their end away as central and paramount is idiotic in the face of the ocean of male suffering we confront daily.

Your experience in male issues beyond your zipper is virtually non-existent by my read. To imagine you can hold your own with the likes of Pizzey, Golden, Farrell, Elam, Straughan and Tieman to drop just a few names, is conceit beyond credibility. Makes you a joke IMO. What’s more, the long-time stalwarts of men’s rights I’m privileged to talk to have little to no respect for you in the main. The only support forthcoming from them is based in their support for free speech.

My read is you have the status of a flag burner in a pickup truck full of Patriot vet rednecks. Best of luck working without their good will. For a self-styled ‘king’, you seem to know squat about Barons. These MRHM people have a paradigm of doing something about the body count of men, women and children that feminism leaves in its wake. You have a paradigm of counting notches on your bedpost and making money. And now you want to settle down and marry one of these ‘whores,’ as you call them.

Any Admin with a MHRA fb page can recount stories of men and women contacting them for help in desperate straits and no-where to go. And you’ve helped to tar us all with the false allegation of rapist at a global level of perception.

Thanks ‘brother.’

Ever stop to think that might just shut a door of perception to a victim of DV? Ever occur to you that just might cost someone their life, or someone their parent? Ever think about much other than what you want? Or how to make a quick buck out of the human sex drive? Anyone with a modicum of introspection can pick up on the stark contrast between self-centeredness and other-centeredness.

A founding principle of civilization.

MHRM leadership material, my arse. Your stupid ill-advised ‘thought experiment’ has resulted in nothing more than lining your own pockets, peddling false dreams of power and sex to horny men and setting our efforts for narrative change backwards at a global level. In short, a return to Seneca Falls. “Sit at the back and keep your mouths shut boys. The girls are talking.”

The sooner this idiot disappears, the sooner the rest of us can get back to something other than selfish base gratifications and false allegations. That Roosh Rage is better out than in.

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