Robert Brockway’s ICMI2023 presentation – part 3

I’ve been involved in men’s rights for 10 years. In that time I’ve seen huge changes. Some of the problems we raise have gone mainstream. Terms like gynocentrism are now being uttered even by the mainstream media. 10 years ago you would have rarely heard that outside of A Voice for Men.

We’ve come a long way but we have further to go. So how do we fix this?

We’re often accused of being in an echo chamber but that’s more likely to be true of our opponents. This is evidenced by the material we look at and talk about. We look at their sites, they rarely look at ours. We welcome them to attend our events and ask questions. We are usually barred from theirs or if we are allowed to go we aren’t allowed to ask questions.

Men’s advocates tend to be culturally libertarian and are also often economically libertarian. Being culturally libertarian means being tolerant of alternative viewpoints. I’m anti-feminist and will criticise feminism for many of its ideological positions but I will never try to silence a feminist. Compare to how they treat us.

We need to encourage others to be tolerant of alternative viewpoints as we are.

We need to encourage others to get out of their echo chambers and listen to opinions and ideas that make them uncomfortable.

Don’t ignore the mainstream media. Keep a track of them as I do.

Record examples of misandry in the mainstream media. Request an account on Wiki4Men as it’s a great place to record this information.

My sense is that misandry in the mainstream media is actually declining as a result of push back over the last 10 years or so. I won’t forgive them for the damage they’ve done to society over the last few decades though.

We can and are fighting back but it’s an uneven fight.

We’re held to a different standard than our opponents. They can make all sort of wild claims, such as the pay gap. The media and even governments will repeat their claims. If we make a mistake they’re all over it. Thus we need to be very careful with our claims and provide solid evidence for any public statements we make.

We can resist Big Tech.

Big Tech is part of the problem. But we can solve it. Don’t just hand over our hard earned cash to Big Tech. Consider using smaller providers. Consider setting up and running your own servers. If you don’t have the skills to do this then you can reach out to smaller companies or even individuals who can provide these services online. Many such organisations exist right here in India.

As noted earlier search continues to be a problem. We’re still too beholden to Google search and Microsoft Bing. Do you have an idea that could disrupt and democratise search? If successful it would be a huge boost to men’s rights as well as being financially rewarding.

Support open standards and open source.

With the MSM dominated by misandrists it’s up to us to convey the message that men don’t need to be ashamed of being male. Because of our limited reach we can only help men who come and look for us.

It follows then that we will continue to spread our message through word of mouth.

I believe that a multi-pronged approach is best. Different groups MRAs and others take different approaches. This allows us to find the most effective strategies. Watch what others are doing and learn from them.

Data is necessary but not sufficient. It is important that we continue to quote facts and figures to support our arguments but that alone will not win the day.

I don’t ever see the men’s rights movement as being huge as feminism is. And I don’t see us being bankrolled as feminism is. But that isn’t a bad thing. The message is getting out there and the lack of money prevents corruption from coming in. A little more money would be nice though.

Finally, on a personal note, minimise contact with misandrists whenever possible. As well as all the hate they dish out, you’re at greater risk of a false accusation if you have such people in your life.

Cato the Elder was a Roman orator in the second century BCE. Cato was famous for ending all of his speeches, regardless of the subject matter, with the words “Carthago Delenda Est” – Carthage must be detroyed.

Taking a leaf from Cato’s scroll I will henceforth be ending all of my presentations with a call to assist in the lawful apprehension of Zoe MeLellan. And I will do this until she is in custody and the matter can be dealt with by the courts.

Have you seen Zoe McLellan?

In November 2020 McLellan’s ex-husband, Jean Gillain was awarded sole custody of their son, Sebastian Gillain.

McLellan had already absconded with Sebastian by then. In May 2021 an arrest warrant was issued for McLellan by the County of Los Angeles, California. As of October 2023 McLellan is still at large. Sebastian, who would now be 10, is also missing.

McLellan is a public figure who has appeared in numerous popular television shows including Star Trek: Voyager, JAG, NCIS: New Orleans and Designated Survivor. Her face is familiar to millions. It is extraordinary that she has evaded detection for so long.

McLellan is originally from Port Orchard, WA. Some locals have speculated she may be hiding out in rural WA. Other sources have speculated that she may have travelled to Canada.

Anyone with any relevant information should contact the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s investigator, Claudia Rodriguera.

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