Questions for Feminists

Winston Churchill said “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The human race has some very dark history. Certain groups have destroyed other groups for whatever ideological reason they can come up with. We lived in a world that saw slavery, murder, hatred because of a physical difference, a difference in the god or gods we may have believed in.

I was taught about a lot of these as a child in school. I was taught about fountains that were relegated to a person with a certain skin colour, or how hate allowed a nation to somehow allow the Genocide of a people who were set aside only by their beliefs. How a government decided that their were thoughts that were inappropriate for people to have and decided to burn any piece of literature on topics not approved.

I was taught these things because of that quote. When I learned about these things as a kid in school I couldn’t believe people were ever so ignorant and hateful. I was a kid, I didn’t understand how hate and fear can motivate people to do crazy and stupid things. How awful hateful things come from small acts that build over time.

Recently I have seen some disturbing reincarnations of the fear and hate. It’s not genocide or murder. It is however a frightful and disturbing trend.


Have you ever worried about becoming the embodiment of what you hate? That you would end up being exclusionary and intolerant?

I ask you to look at your fellow feminists and the direction feminism is going. Take a look at the Feminists who decided it was a good idea to burn a book that didn’t agree with their ideology, or the feminist who while shouting down a dissenting viewpoint held a sign that said ‘I am expressing my right to free speech.’ Or a group of feminists who decided that while they were completely justified in protesting and exercising that freedom of association, freedom of expression and the right to express their opinion on a topic in a public forum, while simultaneously excluding people who’s only difference was biology. It didn’t matter if they held the same opinion or not, They were not going to be tolerated simply due to a biological condition beyond their control.

Feminists, do you see the pattern? Do you see what you are becoming? I know many of you are saying “They aren’t real feminists, they are misguided” If you truly believe that we are all equal then your beliefs and mine are aligned and all else aside we can have a meaningful dialogue and maybe, eventually come to an agreement. If you think the things above are a good way to get a message across to the world then I ask you to seriously take a look at our history. If you believe it was only because of men that these things ever happened at all, then I ask you to look at feminism in it’s current state and think again.

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