“People Against Rape Culture” are promoters of hate and lies

On July 7, 2014, Dan Perrins and I dedicated an episode of Blue Collar Red Pill Radio to People Against Rape Culture (PARC). At that time, PARC was in the middle of a fundraiser. Unfortunately, they were able to meet their goal of $3,000. Unfortunately, there are idiots out there willing to give money to these bigots. I guess there really is a sucker born every minute.

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PARC isn’t all that different from any other feminist organization. It seeks to create a world in which rape, sexual abuse, and sexual assault are no longer encouraged through, in part, education of schoolchildren. PARC believes that children should be educated in the underlying issues and causes of rape culture, such as misogyny and hypermasculinity. So we have another feminist organization that believes in teaching schoolchildren to blame men and boys for something that has never existed.

In further news, the world is round and water is wet.

Another of PARC’s stated goals is to use social media to further their bigoted message. One of their social media campaigns is what appears to be a Twitter hashtag (#whyumadbro?) based on an article posted on their website. The “Why You Mad, Bro?” article, which was written by PARC Vice President Liz Puloka, uses multiple tactics typical of ideologues who have pledged allegiance to the ideology of hatred and violence (and here and here) known as feminism.

The first thing you will notice is the old tired and worn-out lie that feminism is women and women is feminism. MRAs justifiably blame many of the legal inequalities men face on the ideology of feminism. The minds of these brainwashed true believers translate the disapproval of feminism, which is an ideology, into the hatred of women, which are a group of people.

Another tactic they use is deflection. Instead of accepting that feminism has advocated and successfully established policies and legislation that have resulted in violations of civil and constitutional rights of men and boys, they point the finger of blame toward the flying spaghetti monster of patriarchy. “I didn’t break the lamp. A ghost did it.” Setting aside the fact that science and history have disproven the existence of patriarchy as it is defined by feminism, the idea that a system designed by men for men’s benefit at the expense of women could harm most men, “patriarchy hurts men too,” is … well … insane.

Still another tactic is outright lying. An example of this can be found in the following paragraph from Liz Puloka’s “Why You Mad, Bro?”:

And yet, there is Elliot Rodger and Christopher Plaskon, there are MRA groups holding conventions to talk about how they are oppressed at the hands of women, and there are the countless men who respond to their perceived rejection with threats and acts of violence against women. Prompting me to think that there needs to be MUCH more talk, more pointing out of the connections between the dominant social construction of masculinity and the very real upset and anger that so many men are feeling and, most importantly, blaming women for.

The attempt to link a mass murderer who killed more men than women to the MHRM is nothing new. Fellow MHRA Rachel Edwards traced that lie back to David “The Mammoth” Futrelle. Guess what? Futrelle made the whole thing up. As for the other links, you weren’t dreaming. PARC actually used Jezebel as a reliable source. It seems odd that PARC would use a website that posted an article in which staff bragged about assaulting their boyfriends as a source in an article that is about reducing violence.

Oh. That’s right. PARC is only interested in ending violence that can be blamed on men. My mistake. The Jezebel article linked as evidence of the violent nature of MHRAs is typical feminism. They cover for their fellow feminist Big Red, who sang, “Cry me a river” in the face of a man trying to talk about male suicide rates. This is not to mention the Mic article, “The 8 Biggest Lies Men’s Rights Activists Spread About Women,” which ignored the most important issues the MHRM works hard to address while totally warping other issues into something unrecognizable by any informed MHRA. That article was written for the purpose of spreading misinformation, in true feminist fashion, for the purpose of discrediting the MHRM. Of course, it didn’t work.

Then there is the whole bit about MHRAs believing that men are oppressed by women. Liz Puloka is obviously a bold-face liar or a blundering idiot. She is a college graduate, so she is probably a combination of the two, given that she more than likely attended a few gender studies classes. I attended the International Conference on Men’s Issues in Detroit. Although my duties at the conference required me to miss a few of the lectures, I watched them later, and I don’t recall a single one blaming women as a group for the inequalities facing men in today’s society.

Puloka continues her article with:

The tenets of masculinity that say ‘you must display (hetero)sexual prowess by dominating as many women as possible’—THIS is what is making you mad when you can’t get laid, when your girlfriend gets mad at you for cheating, when you catcall women on the street and they ignore you. **Not. Women.**

Has this woman ever had sex with a man? Has she been living under a rock or walking around with a blindfold on all her life? Dominating as many women as possible!? Where in the hell did she come up with that? Well, if you’re a feminist, then heterosexual sex is oppression because men dominate and oppress women through sex. I’m sure her feminist foremothers are very proud of Puloka. Another aspect of this paragraph is the way it shames men for their normal sexual drive. Polygamous desires in men is what has enabled the human race to continue to exist on this planet.

This dominant and unhealthy construction of masculinity also requires that males be able to wield financial power (especially relative to women)….”

Actually, it’s women who want men who earn more than they do. Women just aren’t attracted to poor men. It’s called hypergamy. It’s the female version of polygamy, in that it was necessary, long ago, for the survival of the human race. Notice how polygamy is men’s fault, and hypergamy is also men’s fault.

… but as more and more boys are taught to repress emotions that have been labeled as ‘weak’ or ‘feminine’ and so turn to the acceptable male expressions of violence and physical power, more and more of them are growing up into men who don’t have the emotional intelligence and maturity needed to hold down jobs, let alone maintain passing grades and social standing in school.

Men were taught this way of dealing with emotion because society need warriors to protect and laborers to serve society. But just because men don’t express emotions the same way as women in no way means that there is something wrong with men. It means men and women are different. The fact that men and women are different makes feminists’ heads explode, but it’s true.

The crisis of boys and men then seems pretty clearly to be a crisis brought on by this social construction of masculinity that while on the face looks like it benefits all males, in fact only benefits a select few while deeply hurting the rest, as evidenced by the broad decline of male health, wealth and success in multiple areas.

So the lack of funding toward male health care has nothing to do with the decline in men’s health. The fact that boys are failing at all levels in primary education isn’t because feminists have worked hard to shift the focus onto the performance of girls while ignoring boys. The fact that the ever-increasing minority of college graduates are men isn’t because of feminist activism that pushed for gender parity in college for decades after the same had been achieved. The push for quotas in the workplace aren’t to blame for men being unable to move up in a company. Instead, it’s the social construct, created by men, for men’s benefit, that has been proven to have never existed—that is the culprit. Yeah. Right.

Puloka ends her article by telling men that it’s not women’s or feminists’ fault. That, in fact, feminists are men’s allies in the fight. Basically she says that all we need to do is destroy the patriarchy and all men’s problems will be cured. Oh, and guys, while you’re at it, don’t forget to do your job as a man and stand up against men who “are perpetrating gender inequality and violence” against women. The irony, it burns.

Lizzie, I got some news for you. You see, men and women suffered alongside each other for all of human history. Men as a group were never privileged over women as a group. Men simply had a different gender role than women. The male gender role is like a slut-walker. Looks good from about a hundred yards out, but the closer you get, the uglier it looks. Then your bigoted forerunners came along with their insane ideas like patriarchy theory. Now women have more rights than men. Women have rights that men never had, like reproductive choice. But it isn’t a matter of men just haven’t caught up yet. Feminists worked hard to remove rights from men, like due process on college campuses. The removal of due process rights is due to the feminist perpetuation of rape hysteria called rape culture, which you are directly involved in. We don’t blame women for the issues facing men and boys. We blame YOU and all those like you. We blame feminists, and unlike you and your friends, we have the evidence to back it up. You can bitch and whine all you want about the invisible misogyny monsters, like rape culture, that only exist in your imagination. While you do, the disgusting ship feminism is taking fire from both sides. If you don’t change your ideas, and soon, you will go down with it.

I personally don’t give a damn one way or the other. The chickens are coming home to roost, little girl, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. One more thing, Lizzie, the day I find PARC literature in my daughter’s school is the day I will have a long talk with the Board of Education. They will either get rid of PARC literature or they will lose their jobs.

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