Degrading to men. Degrading to women. Abusive. Damaging. Obnoxious. Female privilege. Lies. Hate. False Statistics. Double standards. Belittling. Cowardly. Narcissistic. Wickedly dishonest. Malleable. Childish. Insatiable. Pathetic. Degrading. Injustice. Fear. Violence. Intimidation. Terrorism. Fraud. Self-victimization. Misinformation. Fear. Hypocrisy. Toxic. Mediocrity. Preposterous. Wrong. Abuse.

This is what feminism actually looks like to everyday people of all races, creeds, colors, and orientation around the world.

Are we wrong or do the words “degrading” and “abuse” come up more than any other?

Thank you to Thorium for doing this project.

[Ed. note: featured image “Rotten Apple” by Richard Brooks, licensed under CC 2.0]

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