Oh, Danny Boy, the ink, the ink is calling


This is more of an announcement than an article, but I wanted to make sure that everyone saw it.

As many of you know I recently had a hangout with Dannyboy, that Canadian dude that puts the A in MRA. In it, he pledged to get a tattoo bearing the name of this website and the now sacred expression, “Fuck Their Shit Up” on his arm, if we reached the $10,000 mark of our fundraiser by Friday.

Well, it is barely into Thursday here, according to my calendar and clock, and it looks like some ink is in Danny’s future. Many of your responded to his challenge, and a particularly generous donor just put us over the mark a few minutes ago. Quick David, grab your laptop!

I know I can already speak for Danny (and myself) by saying the response was greatly appreciated, and that he looks forward to taking on the Mark of the Beast as quickly as possible. Video will be taken of the event and of course I will have Danny back for another discussion on YouTube after the deed is done. Danny also says that the fundraiser is still not as close to goal as he would like.

This is very cool. I mean, what’s next? Is my spell checker suddenly going to recognize misandry as a real word? Wait! I have the new MS word and it does!

Damn thing still redlines Dannyboy, though. I will have a word with Mr. Gates about that in due time.

Or maybe I’ll send Danny.

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