Note for Jamie Kilstein on Male Privilege

So a friend of mine sent me a video by Jamie Kilstein on “male privilege.” I watched it carefully, and left a few comments. I thought I would share with you here.

I hope my comments on his YouTube channel are allowed to stand, but either way, I thought readers here would be interested in the video and my response to it. Here’s basically what I said:

Hi Jamie.

I’m a man, I try not to be a dick, I don’t hate women, I don’t hate gays, I’m not afraid of being thought of as gay, and I’m definitely not a feminist.

For your information, as a man you are more likely to be the victim of violent assault on the streets than a woman is. That’s part of the female privilege you don’t seem to be aware exists. Being told to shut up about men’s issues because women are talking is another part of the female privilege you don’t seem to be aware exists.

I’ve had rude things screamed at me on the streets by total strangers while just walking around. As a man, I don’t get to call that “catcalling” even though sometimes the remarks are sexual in nature.

Oh, and I’ve been felt up. By men and women. Also sexually molested. But hey, thanks for telling me feminists “care about” this issue, even though in my experience most of them ignore all the research that shows women are far more likely to be perpetrators and men far more likely to be victims of it than almost anyone wants to believe. I have plenty of peer reviewed scientific literature to show these things, but I somehow suspect you, as as self-proclaimed feminist, will scoff, dismiss, and demean those things, and tell me to shut up and listen to women. Because my experiences don’t matter as much as someone with a vagina, even if I’m more likely to experience assault, be murdered, commit suicide, be homeless, be unemployed, be drug addicted, be thrown out of school, and so on, because of my “male privilege.”

On that slut-shaming thing? Try getting called a “creep” just because you hit on a girl who found you unattractive.

By the way, since women are 55% of all voters in the country, and white women are the single biggest and most influential voting bloc in the entire US, causing both major parties to spend every election catering to them, you realize just how silly you look constantly repeating the refrain that most politicians are men right? Women are perfectly capable of electing women if that’s what they want; instead, in a free and democratic system they don’t seem to care if someone’s a man or a woman, since when a woman runs she’s just as likely to be elected as a man. So what that says to me is that you have two choices: either women are weak and inferior and have to be encouraged to run for office like a man would, instead of having the gumption to do it themselves, or, maybe you could conclude that politicians, who pander to women every election, are representing women just fine as far as most female voters are concerned, and women are just less inclined to run for office, like they’re less inclined to want to be garbage collectors or truck drivers.

I am a man, I try not to be a dick, I don’t hate women, I don’t hate gays, I’m not afraid of being thought of as gay, and I will repeat: I am definitely not a feminist, because I consider feminists willfully ignorant, frequently aggressively hateful people who just won’t look at facts or logic and instead demean and demonize half the human population–just like the prejudices underlying your video here do.

Here’s hoping you open your mind and explore new ideas that may challenge your prejudices someday. Peace out.

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