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Imagine a world where men are becoming extinct.

Imagine a world with no men.

Imagine a world where pregnancy no longer requires sperm.

I watched part of a movie recently titled ‘’No Men Beyond This Point.’’ It’s an interesting, yet depressing and somewhat creepy look at what a world might look like if women no longer needed men. The movie is brilliant in the sense that it captures what feminism is doing to our global culture, especially in the west, while planting a seed in the viewer’s mind of ‘’could this really happen?’’

The movie starts out mentioning the virgin birth of Jesus. For those who are not familiar with the Christian story of how Jesus was conceived, Mary, his mother – was impregnated without a human father. This is the story that is Bible based and has been passed down for centuries, by believers all over the world. The interesting part of this story is that before Jesus’ time, it was a well-known belief that gods and humans were making babies (with each other) for a very long time. Whatever story you choose to believe, this is how the movie begins, taking its audience on a journey into what that might actually look like, if it were to happen in modern times. Imagine, if a woman could find herself pregnant, and no men were responsible for impregnating her?

The movie shifts to a family of sorts, two women who live together (I don’t get the sense they are lesbians or lovers) with their kids. They hired a guy to live with them, who takes care of the gardening, goes to work and pays the bills, cooks for them, takes care of the kids, grocery shops, and a whole host of chores that are too long too name. He remarks that he is the youngest, living man at 37 years old. He seems content in his role, but the women treat him strictly as hired help. They are not sexually interested in him, they don’t ‘’hang out’’ with him, really. His ‘’job’’ is literally to do everything a husband and father would be doing, without the actual labels of husband and father.

One of the women in the house starts to notice him. Starts to like him. She doesn’t only see him as a utility, but she sees him as a man. She comments during an interview, that ‘’he has a way about him that I just like.’’ Could that ‘’way’’ be that he is simply…masculine? She can’t pinpoint what it is that she is so fascinated by, but she finds herself getting closer to him, which is ‘’against the rules.’’ There will be no getting close to the men who are only there to serve the women, as hired help!

So, you might be wondering…where are the male children? Well, the movie then continues down a path of interviewing some doctors (not real doctors lol) who convey that only females are born, into this new way of pregnancy. The only male under 40 years old that is left is the guy I mentioned above, and he is 37 years old, so if you do the math, there are no male children, teenagers, or young adults. Everyone being born is now female. It’s quite creepy, but the film makers did a masterful job of making this all look so realistic and possible.

So, the movie shows women as running the government, legal system and schools.75% of the world is female. There are simply no men in positions of authority, they are all being replaced once they reach a certain age, by ‘’capable’’ women. The storyline sort of weaves in and out of bringing science into the mix, illustrating that these changes are due to nature. That this is another level of evolution, and that no one should fight it. As one woman in the film puts it “if we came from apes, who’s to say that we couldn’t become one gender?” Their mantra “praise nature” comes from the belief that nature is driving men away in an evolutionary type of way, and that it’s purposeful.

So what are the remaining men doing, who are over 37 years of age, you might wonder? They are protesting in the streets, they are being arrested and thrown into jails for not going along with the ‘new world order.’ They have taken to living in the woods, in tents…boycotting the ‘’feminine regime.’’ Some men are very angry, while others have resigned themselves to the fact that men are on their way to becoming extinct. If a woman doesn’t need a man’s sperm to become pregnant, she would no longer need him for anything, is the premise of the story.

The women who are being ‘’interviewed’’ throughout the film, still long for romance, sex, companionship, and love. So, many women become lesbians. They take to turning to each other for what men once provided to them. They call intercourse with men ‘’old sex,’’ because it speaks of how humans beings once had sex, but since males aren’t being born anymore, there are no men to have sex with. Remember, the youngest man alive is 37 years old, and no males are being born, thereafter.

But, there are women who are seething with anger, and they don’t know why. They are frustrated, perhaps sexually, considering they’re not having sex with men, anymore. (which is a biological desire) Feminists would have people believe that it’s not a desire, that it’s all in a woman’s head…and she needs to change the way she sees men. Men are to be used, just like they have been using us, all of these centuries, is the mantra of the movie, basically.

Biology doesn’t wait on anyone, though. Even though women were no longer getting pregnant by men, (because their egg would split and no longer accept sperm…which eventually it became unnecessary for sperm to fertilize the egg in order for conception – use your imagination lol it’s a little out there) they still longed for men. Some would freely admit it, while others were trying to follow the herd, and didn’t want to seem weak.

Needing men is not a weakness. Men and women both need one another. How frightening to think of a world without one or the other. The movie’s plot most likely will never happen, but it shows how the venom of feminism has poisoned so many women’s minds, that they probably feel men are extinct to them. Men, as individuals. Men, as feeling, loving human beings. Many women today treat men like utilities. They marry them, they have their kids, and then they screw the men over in divorce court, and these men are distraught and depressed, wondering what they did wrong. Not saying marriages never end due to men screwing things up, that happens a lot, too. But, the movie exploits feminism in a way that shows what it’d likely become…a new world order. In the film, there were no more churches, because women felt that believing in a god, meant that a male type of figure would be in their lives. The crosses within churches were replaced with the symbol for ‘’female.’’ Women would gather there and worship each other, and their new feminine ideals. Some yoga took place there, too.

I didn’t finish the movie, as I had seen enough to determine that it makes a great case for what feminism could look like if it were to continue down its path. Women and men will always need one another for procreation, but many women are turning to sperm banks or adoption now…basically creating fatherless families for themselves, and their kids. Not unlike having a fatherless pregnancy, just a few steps away from it.

But the movie also offers another message, and that is that women are getting back at men, for being oppressed all of these years. There will be no more patriarchy, and the movie seemed to depict many of the women as seeking revenge against all men, angry with them…always barking orders and reprimands, at the ones who were still around. The men would apologize, and then walk away in shame. How close is this movie to reality? I think it’s very close. Many men are treated like outcasts, while women are treated like special princesses. Many men are pushed out of jobs, while women are replacing them. Many men are being trampled upon in divorce court, while their women are the ones who destroyed their marriages.

Even the pregnancy thing might not be that farfetched, in a few decades. Science is making incredible advances on a number of fronts, who is to say that someday…men will not be needed to impregnate a woman? And, imagine if science could somehow trip a switch, and only females were being born?

What IS happening, however, is that men are marginalized at alarming numbers, every day. In the movie, a men’s right group rises up, though and starts to speak out against the atrocities that are being done to them by the feminine regime. It’s eerily similar to today…to us talking on here…to the kind of madness that feminism has left in its quake.

I wouldn’t want to be part of a feminine world order, where men are becoming extinct. Where men would become the topic of folklore stories because they no longer exist. Women and men need one another, but feminism wants to divide us. It is dividing us. But, I will continue to speak out against it, because feminism is a lie. Men and women have intrinsic value and have survived this long because of one another, not despite it.

I recommend checking out this movie on Netflix and would be interested to know your thoughts. I give it a B-:

No Men Beyond This Point

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