Erica S. Mercer, MD of Brunswick, GA “Known Genital Mutilator,” arbiter of beauty

Erica S. Mercer MD has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at

From the Southeast Georgia Health System website we see that urologist Dr. Mercer is listed as a current provider with no inkling as to services provided, however, just days before the website contained this information about her:

“Meet Erica Mercer, MD Pediatric Urologist

Wolfson Children’s at Southeast Georgia Health System in Brunswick now offers a range of pediatric urology services, provided by Erica Mercer, MD, with Nemours Children’s Clinic, Jacksonville.

Dr. Mercer provides consultations and minor office procedures for children with disorders of the urinary tract and external genitalia including:

Circumcision – surgical removal of penile foreskin
Enuresis – bedwetting
Hematuria – blood in the urine
Hydrocele – fluid-filled, swollen sac around testicle
Hydronephrosis – swollen kidney due to poor kidney drainage
Hypospadias – opening of urethra on underside of penis instead of tip
Inguinal Hernia – protrusion of abdominal contents into groin wall
Meatal Stenosis – narrowing of the urethral opening
Multicystic Kidney – malformed kidneys made up of cysts
Neurogenic Bladder – lack of bladder control
Penile and Labial Adhesions – fusing of skin on penis in boys and of labia in girls
Posterior Urethra Valve – extra skin flap causing blockage in male urethra
Undescended Testicle – failure of testicle to move into proper position in scrotum
Ureteropelvic Junction (UPJ) Obstruction – a blockage where urine leaves the kidney
Urinary Tract Infection – infection of any part of the urinary system
Varicocele – enlargement of scrotal veins
Vesicoureteral Reflux – backward flow of urine from bladder to kidneys”

The foreskin is not a “disorder” of the “external genitalia” – it IS the external genitalia, and it has many functions in addition to sexual pleasure.

Shameful – doctors telling lies and spreading misinformation just to keep the money flowing from ‘the most performed surgery in America,’ especially when elsewhere they encourage you to ask questions.

Dr. Mercer’s list of services seen above is gone from the site, most likely because of some publicity over a comment made online about a statement she may have made about her making a penis “pretty” with circumcision, something the intactivist world would take issue with.

And, yes it seems the almost certainly intact Dr. Mercer is still cutting infants, as listed here.

Dr. Mercer, why do you now try to hide the services you provide for money?  Are you afraid informed people will target people like you that cut infant boys?

If those services are unethical, illegal, immoral, or dangerous, why do them?

Does the fact that you need to hide your atrocities behind closed doors and cryptic webpages tell you anything?

Dr. Mercer, own it or give it up.

Admit you mutilate male infants (despite the fact that NO medical society recommends routine circumcision) for no other reason than someone pays you to do it.

Further on, we find something morbidly ironic under “Delivery & Your Hospital Stay:”

Infant Security

Southeast Georgia Health System ensures the security of every newborn through the use of:

An infant electronic tracking system (baby tags and unit sensors)
Special identification bands
Cameras, security locks and controlled, observed traffic on and off of the unit
Special hospital ID badges for all staff

To protect privacy and add additional safety for new families:

Birth information is not given out over the phone
Family and friends should be told to call members of the new family for labor and birth information
We discourage the publication of birth announcements in local newspapers and church bulletins
We actively advise against announcing baby’s arrival with:
Storks or other signs in the yard
Banners on the front or garage door
Balloons on home mailboxes

So, they make sure that no stranger is able to kidnap and possibly injure the infant and interrupt the scheduled mutilation of the males by a different stranger. One who gets paid.

More concerns for infants (never mind that elephant in the room):


Southeast Georgia Health System provides a smoke-free environment for its patients, visitors and employees. Smoking is a health hazard for everyone but especially for babies and children. It is not allowed anywhere inside our hospitals.
Babies and children who are around cigarette smoke have increased health risks:

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Upper respiratory infections
Allergies and lung problems.
If there are smokers in your family, we recommend that smoking only take place in a part of the house that is closed to babies and children. If this place is outside of the home, make sure it is not at a main entrance or somewhere children play.

Yes, smoking is a health hazard, how enlightened the hospital is to recognize this. But sharp knives in the hands of misguided, ignorant, and unethical doctors urged on by equally ignorant parents is the tragedy here, resulting in:


-immediate pain, possibly for life

-forced mutilation and amputation of healthy genital tissue

-scarring, with possible need for further surgery to correct this surgery

-possible penis removal or death

This glaring hypocrisy and irony reminds me of a meme I’ve made that shows the madness going on here:

Who defends this and why?

Why do normally compassionate people rationalize mutilating infant boys? See this article at Psychology Today for more insights.

For this to be done routinely on unconsenting healthy infants, there MUST be a clear and convincing reason.

And there is none.

When the reasons are a hodge-podge of vague and varied justifications, cobbled together to support something unsupportable, you know something is fishy. Circumcision was – and still is – done variously to:

-reduce sexual pleasure in boys

-make money for it’s practitioners

-mark members of certain religions (don’t know if those religions also supply x-ray specs)

-in the doctor’s words, “pretty” up the penis (an obvious disdain for a normal penis, showing society’s misandry for all thing’s male; should we cut off that ugly labia to pretty up the vagina?) In all honesty, society – especially men – loves every aspect of women and their bodies. Any shaming of women’s bodies come from other women. If men can love labia, can’t women love foreskins? And why should women control any bodies but their own?

-and finally, prevent disease?

Do moms and dads OK this mutilation because they hate the normal penis, to “pretty” it up?

Do dads OK this because they’re cut and can’t admit it was child abuse, refusing to believe that society would do such horrible things to babies?

How do we stop this?

The public is slowly becoming aware of the horrors still being done to baby boys, and the efforts of enlightened people and intactivists are shining the light on immoral doctors who ignore their motto to “do no harm.”

If the medical profession will not police itself, we the public will embarrass, publicize, and inform the world that the practice of circumcision is every bit as harmful and immoral as female genital mutilation. Shame on you all for making money at the expense of babies’ blood, misery, and sometimes, their very lives.

Here are some excerpts from “Practical Tips for Men Distressed by Their Circumcision” at Psychology Today that makes me hopeful:


By doing so you will clarify your own thoughts as well as provide courage for others to share their experiences. One of the (many) problems with circumcision is that circumcised men often suffer in silence, for fear of being thought weak or weird if they complain.

But it is especially important to inform young parents-to-be. They need to know that circumcision is not benign and that their infant will one day be a man who might not appreciate being sexually ‘de-tuned’ for anti-sexual, cosmetic, 19th-century, cultural-conformity reasons. It is only by a groundswell of discontent that the 150-year momentum of ‘medicalized’ circumcision will be slowed and eventually stopped.

Since the doctor has incomplete information about circumcision, you can get that by watching these videos and reading the research here at

Speaking of penises, here’s a video – “Nothing to Hide – Naked Commercial” with some beautiful bodies and normal penises!

Here’s Dr. Mercer’s practice information:

Southeast Georgia Health System Medical Plaza
3025 Shrine Rd. 3rd Floor
Brunswick, GA 31520


Wolfson Children’s at Southeast Georgia Health System
807 Children’s Way
Jacksonville, FL 32207


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