Natty Kadifa does the honey badger like a boss

Recently, Mike Buchanan and Elizabeth Hobson, two British MRAs who need no introduction, participated in a speaking engagement at Cambridge University. Needless to say, there were some intellectual ne’re do wells there who were opposed to giving men’s issues such a prestigious platform. And while I understand the talks were well received, the dissenters saw fit to assault Mike Buchanan via the latest fad in dumb-as-a-fence-post protesting, known as milkshaking.

Enter another name that will soon be as familiar to you as Mike and Elizabeth. Natty Kadifa. Natty witnessed what happened and reacted to it like, well, like a honey badger, as you can see in this video that she had the presence of mind to take while she was accosting the pathetic little coward who tossed a milkshake on Mike.

The thumbnail of this video is the actual milkshake being thrown at Mike.

I was so impressed watching this. Natty managed to deny the assaultive idiot escape, she also caught her sycophantic male goon accomplice on camera white knighting for said idiot. Single-handedly, she captured the essence of feminist SJWs, cowardly thugs that they are.

For those of you attending ICMI’19 in Chicago this August, Natty will be there among a very large group of friends who will deservedly treat her like a rock star.

Way to go, Natty!

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