More feminist propaganda from the BBC – Kirsty Wark’s ‘Blurred Lines: The New Battle of the Sexes’

The BBC recently reached a new low in documentary making. Look for the file dated 8 May 2014 in the J4MB YouTube channel:

Kirsty Wark – a relentlessly feminist presenter on Newsnight and elsewhere – presented a fictional world in which misandry doesn’t exist, only women suffer from sexism, and more. It was, in short, a deeply sexist programme. Wark interviewed vile women such as Germaine Greer and Laurie Penny and appeared utterly in awe of them, whatever garbage they spouted. Can you imagine such airtime being given by the BBC – or indeed any mainstream television or radio channel in the world – to the issues facing men and boys, which are leading to such poor life outcomes for many? Nor can we.

At 00:43 – 00:58 Wark utters this priceless remark, setting the tone for the hour-long stream of feminist propaganda which was to follow:

Is there a new culture in which men – and it IS mainly men – seem to think they have the freedom and the right to speak about, write about, and portray women in a derogatory – even abusive – way?

As a statement of female supremacy, that takes some beating. Heaven forbid that men even think they have the freedom or right to hold women accountable for their actions and inactions. The following is a selection of some of the lowlights and highlights. Rod Liddle, a Spectator columnist, made some very sound points, as did an Australian stand-up comedian, Brendon Burns.

1:37 – 1:58 It’s time to introduce a hatchet-faced ‘journalist’. Laurie Penny talks nonsense.

1:59 – 2:21 Rod Liddle talks sense.

14:00 – 16:07 Sexism in comedy.

16:08 – 18:34 Brendon Burns.

26:12 – 27:50 Women in public life, Twitter threats, blah, blah, blah…

27:48 – 29:34 Rod Liddle speaks of receiving a message in which the sender hoped he’d die of cancer, and another message saying he looked like ‘a drug-addled middle-aged lesbian’. Instead of offering sympathy to Liddle, Wark replies with ‘That’s quite insulting to lesbians!’ and Liddle good-naturedly agreed.

29:35 – 31:57 All feminist ‘documentaries’ must feature at least one hatchet-faced academic. This time we’re treated to Dr Clare Hardacre, a linguist at Lancaster University. Not someone you’d imagine going to comedy clubs on a regular basis.

31:58 – 32:50 Rod Liddle talks sense.

32:51 – 35:28. Laurie Penny witters on about ‘geek culture’, ‘geek misogyny’, ‘nerd culture’…

40:34 – 42:37 Anita Sarkeesian talks nonsense. Anyone wanting to find out the truth about this woman should check out these links:

43:14 – 45:48 Germaine Greer talks yet more nonsense.

54:58 – 55;30 Ditto.

55:31 – 56:06 Laurie Penny drones on again.

56:29 – 56:54 Clip from a video produced by Australian students, which Wark judges ‘witty’. The song’s lyrics include references to emasculation and castration. Presumably Wark would find a video produced by male students with references to female genital mutilation less ‘witty’?

If anyone at the BBC has the slightest interest in the sexism faced by men – although from the evidence to date, nobody at the BBC does – (s)he could start researching with a visit to one of our associated sites, The Alternative Sexism Project.

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