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The internet has enabled hundreds of thousands of males around the world to have a unique conversation about the modern men’s liberation movement. In a matter of moments, they can visit a MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way – website, reddit or Facebook group and engage with a knowledgeable and supportive community to learn about female nature, male self-ownership, and individual liberty. For a growing number of visitors, these truths, based on first-hand experience and studious research, have become the wisdom to live by.

Many of those who find their way to MGTOW are divorced, anxious to express their feelings about marriage and painful relationships, rage about geocentricism, and tell their stories about being damaged by marriage – and society more broadly. Many linger for hours and leave. Some of those come back to read and interact and absorb a bit more, often in the hope of validating their own personal experiences. Others might not return for months, if at all.

No matter how long they visit or how often they return, most can’t help but gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning of masculinity and the harsh realities of a broad-based anti-male agenda, which become etched forever in their hearts and minds.

Female Hypergamy

One female behavior that newcomers learn about that is already embedded in the MGTOW psyche is the relentless female strategy of dating and marrying up the social and financial hierarchy. This strategy is the direct opposite of men’s reflecting, perhaps, an instinct that evolved from ancient times, women have become obsessed with resource extraction and utility. They have become single-mindedly programmed to seek out partners of a higher status, and avoid looking at anyone down the ladder. They tend to focus on wallets, rather than characters.

Worse still, many also seem to have a “side car” man in the wings who can satisfy their needs should the current “money machine” man not make them happy. This offshoot of the hypergamy mindset suggests that women are nowhere as compassionate as the feminine stereotype suggests, but are selfish in any number of ways. While they may have some sympathy for the men in their lives, many are in perennial “gold-digger” mode, focused solely on getting what they want, when they want it.

Men must always be careful of this behavior to keep from being taken advantage of.

Female Loyalty and Home Access

A female’s focus of loyalty to her man changes when women have children, whose instinctual love for their mothers are often seen as validating the latter’s selfish objectives. At such a point, her loyalty and love are solely directed toward them, with the man in her life a much lower priority. While it is not uncommon for females of any species to fiercely protect their young and even kill their mates, if the need arises, the reality is that having children in the home tends to worsen how men are treated.

More often than not, when a couple live together, she’ll slowly alter the living arrangements to meet her social needs and match her tastes. A shelf where he keeps his things, for example, might suddenly become a resting place for a goblet filled with colored soaps; joined by towels and scented candles that he is not even supposed to touch.

Over time, she’ll decorate and change all the rooms in the home according to her wishes and often at the cost of his pocketbook. If the man in her life happens to be lucky, she might allow him some nooks and crannies, though that often means a man cave in the basement or garage. In many respects, her domination of the home environment is a reflection of his future standing: less loved than her children, and no longer necessary except for the money he must bring home.

Feline Jealousy

In many cases, a girlfriend’s envious temperament and actions become increasingly dangerous and destabilizing, and men must spend frivolous amounts of time and energy to cope. Suddenly, any normal interaction, often leads her to burst into a verbal and violent rage against the man she supposedly loves.

On some days, she might bash him for receiving a mundane email or message on Facebook. If she notices him looking at other women at the beach, she might call him out embarrassingly, and maybe slap him in public. If she is suspicious and insecure, she may take on the devil’s persona, turning his life into a hell on earth. She will hit him with questions and accusations of infidelity that drain him emotionally and only serve to push him away.

Men must stay clear of these women.


Unfortunately, a girlfriend may develop a greater need that most females already have for primping and pampering. She may even become afflicted by narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), a condition characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. Again, any man living or dating a woman with NPD must adapt and cope with this frustrating disorder.

Those who are affected spend much of their time thinking about power or success, or in many cases, totally absorbed with their appearance. With full-blown NPD, women may end up spending large sums on shoes, clothing and make-up, consumed with selfies and social media. They are then quick to take advantage of those around them, especially a partner with money in the bank. Often beginning in early adulthood, this condition occurs across a variety of social situations.

The best solution for men is to stay far away from these personalities.

Some Men Have It Wrong

MGTOW calls out “mangina’s”, “simps” and “blue pill” men for being weak pussies who clings to a woman and agrees with everything she says in hopes of scoring sex. Perhaps he is a male feminist who makes friends with feminist woman in a desperate bid to get her in the sack, or he stands up for a woman’s right to be equal, but then steps up like a “white knight” to rescue her when the equality becomes a burden. Maybe he is someone who believes he is living life to the fullest and in control of his destiny, but who has allowed himself to become trapped by making a woman pregnant.

MGTOW looks at these men as disgusting and a betrayal of what it means to be male.


MGTOW is growing at a rapid pace and has been seeping into the mainstream discussions through news articles, books, videos, and word of mouth. Its philosophy stays quick and easy to edit into your DNA and is reaching millions each week and, quite simply, saving and making men’s lives better; becoming more capable and resourceful with their talents and intuition. Increasingly, they are waking up to a liberation and peace of mind that only comes from eliminating the toxic people, relationships and behaviors in their lives.

About the author

Tim Patten is the author of MGTOW: Building Wealth and Power, a handy investment guide, and MGTOW: Why I Cheat, a collection of campfire stories for men. His latest book Masculinity Is Our Future is available also in audio format. He has devoted his life’s work to celebrating masculinity and is active in the men’s liberation phenomenon.

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