MGTOW Forums Pulls the Plug

The following message is on the web page where MGTOW Forums used to be. It is a message from its owner, Nacho Vidal.

Dear all,
For 3 years I’ve worked to build up MGTOW Forums into a force to be reckoned with, but alas it has failed. It has failed because of the very reasons which brought down the previous MGTOW board: inexperienced idiots who were angry at not being able to get laid – betas, zetas, red pills and the rest of the rubbish.
At MGTOW Forums, we spent years fighting such fools who were psychos, incels and who vocally supported other places, that I won’t mention, over our own. Such people were against us yet we managed to beat them time and time again.
For some strange reason, many of our so called supporters found it just fine for our competitors to constantly attack us whilst they themselves used rhetoric such as “we’re all in it together” and “we’re all after the same thing” when clearly we were not. As someone who has always stood up against bullies, I thought my own energy to go head to head with such people would be appreciated. But instead I found myself surrounded by fools who were more concerned with likening our way of life to a fantasy sci-fi flick? The same fools then wondered why folk like Manboobz, who was more friendly to us than our enemies, constantly mocked them?
Well today is MGTOW Forum’s 3rd birthday and quite frankly the vast majority of you deserve what’s out there. For me, things have got to the point where I recognise there is no support for taking MGTOW Forums into the wider world. However, MGTOW seems to be a successful concept for incels and psychos so that is where I’m going to leave it.
I’d like to thank hasmat, toadman, cobalt, womanhater, fairi5fair, jake, thrasher, dsc, Waking Up, pcr, MrLahey, Labisah, Nim and all the other guys who have tried to tame the immature beast that is MGTOW.
As for those who donated, well I have to thank you for contributing towards the server and other costs. It was very much appreciated. I had recently upgraded the server because I had plans to take us further, what a waste of time and money.
When the curtain falls it is time to get off the stage and that is what I propose to do. I’ll leave you all to wallow in the Red Pill and Alpha/Beta/Zeta fantasy garbage which was our downfall. If things are going to change then the habits of old have to be swept away. I steadfastly refuse to let MGTOW Forums become the graveyard that is MABTW, so better to put it out of it’s misery now rather than watch it suffer a slow and painful death.
As of yesterday, our average daily traffic was in excess of 6,000 unique visits per day. So I was doing something right eh? Meh…very few of you were worth the effort.
Good luck and time for me to Go My Own Way
Adios and fuck off
Nacho Vidal

Translation: “I set out to build something powerful, a “force to be reckoned with,” by festering in a hostile worldview of all women and 99.999% of all men, but what I built was a house of cards that ultimately could not fill the void of my personal emptiness, or be called a home. So fuck everyone, which is precisely where, and why, I started.”
Personal opinion: Good riddance.
Allow me to qualify. I am sure there were men who actually benefited from involvement in MGTOW Forums. There is great need for the MGTOW philosophy, which is powerful in these times, with comparatively few outlets. The truth, even when served up on a trash can lid by idiots, is a powerful thing.
But I never had the belief that MGTOW was really about what happened at MGTOW Forums, which amounted to one rolling “cunts and whores” diatribe after another, spiced only with vicious attacks on men who were deemed less than worthy by Nacho Vidal’s standards.
I never thought, and I still don’t, that self-consuming bitterness was required to Go Your Own Way. Venting? Sure. And by god, MGTOW Forums was good for that. Problem is, venting without release or healing is not really venting.  Venting implies relief. What happened in that place was mostly psychic and emotional atrophy.
And that is why Vidal never realized his ambitions. One look at that goodbye letter and anyone with sense could tell that a product of that mind was never going to lead to anything, much less a force to be reckoned with.
He was kind enough to say thanks for the cash, but ultimately spit on everyone, including his donors.
It is a lesson in many ways. The primary one is that misandry, and yes goddammit, misogyny is a piss poor way to build cooperation between men.
If anyone is new to this movement, like showing up within the last year, you now have in front of you a text book example of why so many have failed. Men, when in intelligent competition with each other, land shit on the moon and fly back to talk about it. When that competition is petty, uninspired, mindless and juvenile, they just land in shit.
Someone in our editor’s room just commented that AVFM holds together because of strong leadership. That is 100% true, but I am not showboating about it. There are many strong leaders here. There are so many strong leaders in this place that I would have to spend some time writing all the names down to make sure I did not miss any of them. They hold this place together like gravity. So do the greatest majority of you.
I urge anyone interested in the success of the MRHM to take a second read of that letter. If you ever wondered why we don’t cotton much to internal attacks, flame wars, free-for-alls in the comments and other forms of self-gratifying ad hom under the guise of free speech; if you ever wondered why we value unity over pissing matches and refuse to get bogged down in semantic quicksand, it is for one simple reason. We want to survive the worst of our own nature.
I don’t say this to be cruel to MGTOW Forums, or to Vidal. I say it because watching and learning correlates positively to longevity. And we need longevity.
Men are dying, languishing in prisons, dropping out of school and employment (not in a MGTOW sort of way) and getting screwed beyond sickening in family courts. Boys are failing, being doped by people who won’t be bothered with their natural state. Too many men aware of these crippling issues think the appropriate response is to simply bash at everyone, including the few who are actually trying to do something about it.
For a while, that sort of thing is understandable. Once stuck in it though, you are only turning understandable outrage into a chronic, festering wound.
Some of these men will empty their cups enough to make room for more in their lives. Then they can regroup seek change, or Go Their Own Way in peace. The rest will just go the way of Nacho Vidal.
That way will not be the way of AVFM.

* Editorial Update * According to Reddit, a new version of the MGTOW Forums has been resurrected under new management. We wish them luck. –DE

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