Men scatter, women gather…

As arbitrarily promised, the second part of Over reading the nice guy

I was talking to my Dad some time ago about fe/male relations. I’ve always thought of him when watching Clint Eastwood, they look nothing alike, but similar purple pill Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) mentality and no-holds-barred directness; I love him and his insight, despite his not actually raising me (but that’s a whole different topic: moms!!! They can fuck everything up!).

My Dad, is the quintessential MAN!!!

I can NOT… exaggerate his general manness. For instance, back when I was able to visit him during school holidays, I have this memory; I was sleeping on his couch, he and his girlfriend were arguing (if I got the story straight, it was about me), next thing I know, both of them are scuffling all the way up the length of his trailer, naked, and he shoves her out the door, and goes back to bed. Say what you want about that scene, his rarely seen child (he has no daughters, so I can’t extrapolate any difference), was more important to him, than his regular lay; Understand that, and you will understand most fathers, pussy is everywhere, your kids are finite, and time is short.

My Dad, bless his soul, worries an exorbitant amount, over things I’ve long since forgotten; like not being allowed by trailer management, to let me build a tree fort, or teaching me how to swim; he still stresses about the time I was stung by a yellow jacket, and when he had to pierce a canker in my mouth. This is a 6’4″ MAN, a Vietnam vet, who still worries about his influence, or lack thereof, on his only child; a man, who was viciously abused as a child by a WWII vet (ignored by his own mother); who never laid a hand on me. He has always taught me what the world actually was, and no matter what, if I was honest with him, he would always have my back. And I believe him, and I can’t, for the life of me, despite the sins I’ve long since committed, I can’t not believe him, when he says, “I’m here for you.”

It’s almost embarrassing to admit, I’m nowhere near the man my Dad is; I have my reasons, and for the time being, they’re my own, shared with those who matter, and for the rest, MGTOW explains much.

Those men in my life, have had much in common with traditional, or prehistoric men. Men who would leave home for days or weeks at a time. My Dad has more cash than he knows what to do with, so currently when he has time off of his camp work, his favorite hobby is to go shopping with his new (and first I might add) wife; he doesn’t do this because he likes shopping, he does it because he’s fascinated by her antics while shopping.

One of the misconceptions about primitive life is that men were incompetent. I don’t say this because it’s been said in so many words, but rather it’s been alluded to, on both sides of the gender fence. The diet of primitive man was supposedly about 80% grains and vegetation; that statement by itself implies men are either lazy or incompetent, or both; and if you already have the indoctrination that men are lazy, then you will follow that chain of thought.

There are things that primitive man had to do, which modern man does not have to. For instance, protecting women and children is not a matter of following them around and fighting off dangers; that’s bankrupt thinking, that’s impoverished mentality and leads to abusive relationships. Primitive men were far more sophisticated than we “civilized” retards give them credit for.

Take the military for example. The military is a sophisticated engine of protection. The Americans base their whole military machine on the primitive, thus North America has virtually nothing in the way of threat of invasion; that method is called “Projected Power,” it’s offensive in nature, as their military has bases OUTSIDE of it’s claimed territory. Harkening back to the primitive, and explaining the 20% meat diet; the men scatter. What this means is the village is the “safe zone” where the children can run around without fear of anything but the women; even then, children will adventure, and in some places, children become self-sufficient

So how is this done?

First, the men are scouts, and natural (or animal) predators are territorial; projecting the power of men has long since proven to push predators away, men have become sure feared creatures in the natural world, that dangerous animals tend to drift farther away, so a pair of scouts just drifting around within eye-shot of the village does more to protect the village, than ALL the men loafing around IN the village. I remember having an argument with a feminist about primitive threats to women, she popped off, “what threats were there to women in the paleolithic other than other men?!” I can’t even… there’s no words… bears, tigers, wolves, foxes for fuck sake; you can’t make that shit up.

Second, the men are scouts, and any human encampments within a day’s travel, are studied to determine what threat they may pose. Having to present themselves as a credible threat (that silhouette on a hill watching them) in order to demand negotiation. This is where conversing with my Dad comes in, he has this story about MY peoples; you see, summers aren’t always plentiful to primitive hunter/gatherers..

Drought creates friction among clans. My peoples have a story, and it goes as such: In order to survive, they had to steal from an opposing clan; well, this isn’t a bank, they weren’t stealing cash, they were stealing food. Of course, the opposing clan was also short on food stores, so they weren’t going to pacifically say “ok take it.” It was a drought, and winter was upon them. So after the men of my peoples had wiped out the protectors of the opposing village, and gained claim of their winter cache, they were left with a dilemma (here we come to understand women’s desire for assholes… in it’s barest sense), all that were left were elderly, women, and children. We here sit on our first world civilized pedestal and think, “take them home and care for them”; it doesn’t work that way. Why steal from a people, only to feed them what you stole? The next option is to leave them to their own devices; but without their protectors, and thereby, their hunters (because winter was already upon them), it was down right cruel to subject those people to the slow and inevitable death of starvation. The third option, and the most humane (despite our “civilized” first world thinking) is what my peoples did, they killed the elderly, women, and children, of the clan they’d just raided. Now, why would MY peoples survive despite a recent plague, why would it explain why women desire assholes over nice guys?

Assholes have one thing in common, regardless of socioeconomic heritage, they all have this trait, they and theirs will be provided for, regardless of cost. And even though my peoples were damn near wiped out, even though we rank verging extinction, we have bounded back, and no one (save the Canadian government) messes with us, cuzz we take no shit, and we continue to assert our territorial claim.

Third, men are scouts, and anyone who has hunted will tell you, “hunting isn’t about food, is about the hunt.” Nowadays, we know where prey are, we google that; back in the primitive days, we scouted, tracked, assessed, and planned over flint/obsidian. Planning a hunt was far more orchestrated than just going out and killing some animal. Rifles are new, bows are new, hell, atl-atls are new; planning a hunt with close ranged weapons required strategy, and men died doing it. Men learned much from the wolf, which they domesticated into dogs, and then the horse radically changed the hunt. But much of hunting, was scouting. The elderly set traps for small game; the youth, full of piss and vinegar, proved their worth, with blood and broken bones felling big game, and the most nutritious part of a carcass (the liver) was given to the killer.

Fourth, men are scouts. It baffled me for years, why women expected men to get them flowers; flowers serve no purpose. But there’s this story of my grandfather, a friend was visiting his camp trailer, and bug-eyed he said, “you better clear this shit out before the camp managers catch wind of it.” Here’s the thing, my grandfather had done nothing wrong, or even illegal, he had a large amount of what’s called “caribou weed” hanging to dry in his trailer, it’s a healing herb, not to be smoked for jollies. Now, with this insight, I can attribute “flowers” as a holdover, to any number of tradeable, herbs spices and palatable roots not in the vicinity of the gathered women.

If you haven’t already realized, much of men’s lives were spent scouting, usually in pairs or very small groups. This is still seen in modern man, braving dangers, everywhere, to protect and provide, for their women and children. Women and children are far less likely to be a victim of any crime, than that of a man; yet men are the least likely to acknowledge the dangers to themselves.

So what of primitive women? Women gather, they move in groups, large groups, with children. Watching modern women shop, is not much different from watching primitive women gather. They sort and they cackle, and they sort and they cackle and they sort some more, and they cackle; and they don’t stray far from the village while they do this… sordid cackling. In the basest sense, women collect the most produce, for the least effort, in the safest environment.

Of the few predators who slip by the male “projected power” envelope, they tend not to like noise. If you haven’t noticed, women are quite good at babbling; we down play it and call it small talk, but it’s just babble. If you’re not convinced of this, think back to all the times a woman has asked you if something was wrong, for the mere fact that you were silent. Scouts operate in silence, but women babble; it is virtually always the woman who says, “the child is too quiet, something is wrong.” Babbling in a group is a protective measure against stalking predators; and even human predators, avoid noisy human prey.

There’s a potty joke here somewhere… Oh yeah; the men’s public washrooms are bastions of peace and serenity, while women take their girlfriends to the washroom with them, to babble inanely over a good shit. I shit you not, the most noise you here from the men’s room is some passing gas, and once in a blue moon, “hey uh… you got some toilet paper over there?”

You wonder why women have an in-group preference; it’s because they rely on the group for their own preservation. Men are on their own, if a man didn’t return, the other men could only, at best, speculate as to what the man in question could have done wrong, because finding his carcass would have been near impossible. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Any laws or legislation needs to take into account, the primitive mindset. And in the primitive mindset, women and children are already protected and provided for. We as a species, are naturally altruistic; we don’t require government funded XYZ, because after we pay our 1/3 salary to taxes, we turn around and donate to our charity of choice anyhow, so why pay a ravenous bureaucracy to do it for us too?

Having completed the above diatribe, I’ve come to two more conclusions.

First, is that women gathering naturally, doesn’t make for marketable media. If you notice, most music you find doesn’t engender awe or sympathy about women unless they are psychologically fucked up or sociologically damaged. Even though there’s tons of tunes about men gathering, none of it is about men gathering “naturally”; and there’s a reason for that, men gather for two reasons, and both of them are “heroic”, hunting and warfare; which is the most likely reason men gathering are often feared, men gathering mean, that men may/will die.

Second, is that words matter. Men can understand criticism; as I mentioned in the above linked article, men respect the shortest route from idea to implementation, “you’re making a dull rock there, knap it this way, you’ll make a stronger sharper spearhead.” Women on the other hand, use words to make noise, and get their way; they use words on each other, to keep each other in line, not to do anything better, otherwise birthing mortality would have been reduced centuries earlier by midwives, not male doctors. Feminists know this naturally, they were born and bred to wording their way into dominance.

I can’t find an AMV which praises the gathering nature of women; so I’ll have to settle for the following…

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