Media creates phony narrative to dub RooshV an “MRA” #GamerGate #ReturnOfKings #MRA #MRAs

Those who remember the #GamerGate hashtag will remember how the media clearly, and undeniably, colluded to craft a narrative that “Gamers are dead” about video game players. A consumer revolt fought back, and proved that this was a corrupt, phony narrative created to protect powerful people.

If you think this only happens in games media, you’re mistaken. Games media was just one little corner of the media universe where corrupt, colluding journalists craft lies about other people. It’s not just Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) to which they do this, but they’ve certainly been doing it for years to us. We have never, however, seen quite such a coordinated media push in so many outlets to do this all at once.

The media has decided that confessed rapist RooshV is an MRA. He is not. He is a snake oil salesman peddling bad advice to confused men to pollute their bodies with dangerous barely-legal hormones and other dodgy supplements, along with equally bad advice on health, exercise, and women. He is not an MRA.

Con artist RooshV and his bizarre cult of followers call their pseudoscientific advice “NeoMasculinty” and, most important of all, they hate and ridicule MRAs. That’s right, RooshV is an anti-MRA. He often even claims MRAs are “attacking” him when they aren’t, although these days it’s probably best that MRAs pretty much do attack him and his sycophantic deluded cult followers whenever possible.

For a while there was a quiet peace between MRAs and the Return of Kings rape fetishists, however, recently RooshV began not only dishonestly attacking MRAs, but has pulled the unintended trick of becoming a media darling as an MRA.

No kidding. Even though he denies being an MRA, even though he and his lowlife fans hate MRAs, and even though MRAs have made it clear they we are nothing alike (we do not “distance ourselves” from him, we utterly reject any notion he was ever an MRA) the media wants the world to believe he is an MRA.

To be clear, every MRA I know does actually support RooshV’s right to speak and be heard. And every MRA I know views him as a crackpot, a loon, a con artist and snake oil salesman, and a self-serving liar and weasel who likely lies about most of the rape fantasy sexcapade books he sells, which appear to be little but bad “50 Shades for Dudes” slash fiction.

MRAs, in general, do not object to Roosh’s freedom of speech. We support the free speech of communists, fascists, feminists and other criminals too. We just don’t accept him as one of our own–and that’s something he decided as much as any of us did.

But the media wants you to believe he’s a typical MRA. Now, why is that do you suppose?

Here is the current list of MSM publications TV stations and radio stations who’ve lied to their readers and dubbed Rooshv an MRA. IF you have time you might want to let the general public know that these publications lie, and run phony, planted, obviously coordinated stories to suit their own political agenda and not just Roosh’s (although we know the slimeball is laughing all the way to the bank):


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