Maybe, the problem is actually Men

Is there anything more nauseating than sitting in a meeting watching the 90 IQ politician playing the “leader” role. Worse yet, listening to his yes men openly praising his brilliance, his very genius. The rest of the sheep in the room conforming on que with obligatory nodding and mutterings of agreement and praise. In contrast, the slightest tell on your face that you have just thrown up in your mouth will show him you are not a bitch and in his mind, earn you a slot on the future restructuring list or relegate you to 6 months of detention hall. One in ten will respect you for it but as probabilities go, you’ll likely as not go your entire career and see only a handful of real leaders. There is a reason the television series The Office was a massive success in both the UK and the US.

It’s the dominance hierarchy right? Fundamental to the creation of civilization and human progress. Or is every institution the extended shadow of one man?

In my day to day life, across acquaintances from all walks of life, I surprisingly have yet to meet a single man that having pulled the short straw in the divorce machine, feels he has been screwed over much less is willing to do something about it. The stories and circumstances of their experience beyond subjective interpretation. In many cases they almost seem proud to be paying their ex hundreds if not thousands a month in support payments. When I share with them the story of a female acquaintance using her child support to finance a rental property, I get a look like I just made a play for their teenage daughter.

One devout Christian man in an effort to make his second marriage work waited seven years to consummate the relationship. Once married he of course became her servant and slave. His go to story; arriving home one evening after a week long conference he was told to immediately walk the 8 rescue dogs his loving wife had accumulated against his wishes. He did.

Then there is another acquaintance of mine who was given the standard visitation package of four days a month. He took it without so much as a, fuck you too. His ex wife was planning all along to leave town. To make a fresh start for her new family with the new male. She knew full well he couldn’t maintain his custody days given his work and travel schedule. She simply allowed the required time to pass in order to establish a pattern of custody for the judge. She then petitioned the move, knowing the children’s lives would be perceived by the courts as consistent, in or out of town. Eight years after this guys children were stolen from him, moved to another state and raised by another man his kids now call Dad, he still holds the door open for his ex, picks up the check at lunch meetings, and submits to her infringements on his visitation.

Another individual has an ex that has for years, clearly been neglecting and abusing his son. By this man’s own account, the boy is manifesting serious behavioral and psychological issues affecting his schooling and his health. When I mention her past behavior as a predictor of her intentions within the very texts of which he is currently afflicted and distressed, he literally flicks his hand at me in dismissal and assures himself that this particular situation is legit.

I could of course go on and on and on. The theme in these and all other stories is amazingly consistent. Women are openly fucking with, and fucking over men in droves, pre and post divorce, and men are convincing themselves that this is not happening.

I think most amazing to me is the rationalization of female dominance and control of men by the red pill community. You would think that via the red pill lens, one would be incapable of deluding oneself about the intentions of women and their conscious awareness therein. Yet across the board, red pill men engage in intellectual gymnastics in order to avoid the truth that women own men, and do so pragmatically. Articles and videos alike document the origins and precedents for reproductive strategies and biological imperatives. That women are not conscious of their actions, that they “can’t help it,” that they are on auto pilot and therefore cannot be aware of their behavior much less control it.

Then there is this red pill principle of the male “Burden of Performance.” That in order to have and maintain a healthy stable environment for your kids, you must suppress your biologic imperative, your male nature in all facets of life, and surrender it all to a single female for decades of consumerism and errands, exhausting small talk social engagements, soul sucking meaningless work, and boring mechanical sex. And all to serve the biological parasitic nature of an inherently selfish human being. But hey, she can’t help it so it’s ok. This “burden of performance is just the repackaging and remarketing of male pride designed to satisfy the egos need of delusion.

Why is it that under any and all circumstances, men, even red pill men will not allow themselves to believe women can and should control their behavior? Women are highly pragmatic, focused, intelligent, resourceful, adaptive, manipulative, deceitful, caluous, incapable of guilt, fully self aware of their wants and desires and clearly not afraid to do whatever it takes to get what they want. Why do we try so hard to avoid the truth? That women know exactly what they are doing and will continue to do so until they no longer can. Where is even a modicum of our self respect? Where is your, fuck you too.

I’ll say I have developed an entirely new respect for women. As a collective, in just a hand full of decades, they have completely obliterated any sense of male self-determination. They took it, consciously and methodically, the second the options to do so presented themselves. They have truly created their fantasy world, they know it empirically and point to you, Fredo, as living proof.

Maybe it’s the male mother need. Maybe most men are so satisfied with sex with the same woman, regardless of her appearance, that the price of their dignity, their self respect, their very life, is worth it. Maybe they like being told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and then being insulted and disrespected when they do. Or maybe, just maybe, men are the weaker sex.

Maybe the natural model for human civilization is the beehive. A model where man is submissive and subservient to the female. That the male’s natural place, his natural disposition is to follow, comply and adhere to female leadership. One only needs to step back and objectively observe our western civilization today to conclude that the hive model is fully deployed and functioning as designed.

Am I wrong?

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