Man vs Woman vs Wild: Battle of the sexes in the Aussie outback | 60 Minutes Australia

Below is a video produced by 60 Minutes Australia. This plays on public television.

Summary – TD;DR

The men did better in the challenges than the women did.

The women got lost a couple of times.

All observers agreed the men were exhibiting less signs of stress.

The researcher states that her testing suggests that the women were under less stress than the men. The interviewer and the researcher herself, both women, admit to being surprised by this. We’re surprised to and wonder if there isn’t some deficiency in the testing.

The researcher puts the difference down to women externalising their stress. We’re sceptical whether this could make a significant difference.

The men arrived at the finish line first. They waited for the women. There was a plan for everyone to cross at once. Then the women double-crossed the men and stepped across first. Very disappointing behaviour on the part of the women. If you make a deal, stick to it.

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