Montreal feminists are organizing to keep pick-up artist Daryush “Roosh V” Valizadeh out of Canada so he cannot continue his world speaking tour.

I attended Roosh’s World Tour in Washington, D.C.  At a last-minute-buyer’s ticket fee of $60, I thought the price was well worth it─not just for the information, which I knew already─but for the comedy.  As a former professional comedian, I know comedy: I wouldn’t have paid $60 to see Chris Rock, one of my favorite acts, but Roosh V’s speech was better.

While I no longer have a need to do what Roosh advises in his book Day Bang, which I have a signed copy of, I have a longing to do what Roosh does: help men become happy. Roosh is in that respect much like the Buddha or Dalai Lama.

I remember when happiness eluded me because I lacked the secret to getting a girlfriend.  And even when I did figure out that secret, I still needed to learn how to date and keep girls I wanted.  A resource like Roosh’s website Return of Kings would have been a godsend in my twenties.

Far from promulgating “hate speech,” Return of Kings tells men that if they want the highest-quality women, they have to improve themselves, whether it’s through starting an internet business to become financially independent, lifting weights, or learning the wisdom of classical philosophers.  By contrast, look at the cover of Cosmo: “Bikini, we’re coming for you!”

Roosh does not regard himself as a pick-up artist, incidentally, but, to borrow one of Roosh’s points, think about what a topsy-turvy world we live in where we have to defend the actions of men who want to attract women.  Remember the expression “not that there’s anything wrong with that”?

Anyone who brushes his or her teeth before going out on a date is employing “pick-up artist” techniques.  In days of yore, men went out to slay dragons to impress a lady, and now they employ “clown game” to do the same.

There are of course pick-up artists who simply want to “slay” women, but any feminist who opposes men who do that is “slut-shaming.” Further, the “go to” insult for feminists is that a male men’s rights activist or pick-up artist is a virgin who can’t get a date, so even the feminists value men based on their ability to attract women.

Roosh enables men to get what they want, and helps women get the men they want.

While it’s true that Return of Kings does not put women on a pedestal, anyone who has tried his luck with young American women knows that the key to success is the Abundance Mentality: don’t get hung up on any one woman and, ironically, you’ll have more success when you meet that woman you really want.

Let me say a word about the chief charge against Roosh.  While I have not read 100% of Roosh’s writings, Roosh in his infamous essay supports the legalization of rape the way Swift supported the eating of babies. (That’s Jonathan, Tumblrinas, not Taylor.) Feminists in their hermetically-sealed echo chamber─they banned me from their online forum attacking Roosh; one of them carried on a private conversation with me, but then blocked me when I tried to respond to her response to my response─base their campaign against Roosh on a lie.

As one commenter mentioned, it’s not as if Roosh’s lecture is one big rape riot.  The rape riot occurs after the main talk.

In conclusion, pursuing women is not “dehumanizing” them.  Men generally have little interest in having physical relations with non-humans.  What feminism does is dehumanize men: feminists label a normal masculine drive “toxic.”

Far from creating another Elliot Rodger─the murderer who joined a forum dedicated to hating pick-up artists and their ideas─Roosh’s speech, books, and website may prevent one.

Roosh does life-saving work.



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