Lauren Southern tells: Why I am not a feminist

Rebel Media contributor Lauren Southern recently made a video explaining why she is not a feminist, which resonated with a very large audience. As of this writing the video has received an impressive 560,650 views.

“A few years ago I uploaded this sign of myself saying I don’t need feminism, because I believe in equality – not entitlements and supremacy. To my surprise the photo was shared all over the internet, from Buzzfeed and even of Time Magazine. I got a lot of support for the photo, but I also got a lot of hate and criticism. Most of that criticism from feminists who claim/ed I do not know what the word feminism means because feminism is actually a movement for equality. So today I want to speak to those feminists and explain why I’m still not a feminist and why third-wave feminism is not in fact a movement for equality.”

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