Both men and women have made it possible for women to have choice: no man or government can force a woman into motherhood.

But Michael Kimmel would have you believe that most men would take that choice away if they could, which is an obvious lie. From his own mouth he admits it has overwhelmingly been men on the Supreme Court, in Congress, and the judiciary that have stood along with the vast majority of men and women who believe in a woman’s right to choose.

Which brings me to Kimmel’s latest attempt to double down on his doublespeak: to help men we must help women. Huh?

As part of the cast, Kimmel attended the première of “The Red Pill” movie in NYC, a documentary by a feminist that explores the men’s rights movement and the issues that concern them. The movie has garnered rave reviews by many, but has been panned by feminists and ideologues who refuse to consider that their narrative of victim-hood and patriarchy is faulty, most of whom haven’t seen the movie yet, as it’s had limited screenings.

But not for long. Cassie Jaye, the director of “The Red Pill” has made a blockbuster of a documentary that is on track to take the world by storm, stunning many in the feminist world with its unassailable evidence that men and boys have issues that people like Kimmel have denied and dismissed. I suspect he was not happy how he comes off in the movie, along with the other feminists that blame men for their own problems, trying to make the movement into a group of angry white men. Oh, he already tried selling that.

When TRP gets wide distribution the world will see that the MHRM is a grassroots movement of men and women of all colors and backgrounds seeking true equality for men and women, including the choice when to procreate.

Kimmel’s rhetoric about how men will benefit by supporting feminist causes like “HeForShe” and protecting women’s right to choose doesn’t fly to any sane person.

For men to be able to choose when to parent men must have the equivalent reproductive rights that women have.

Men know only too well that women’s reproductive rights give none of the same rights to them, and Kimmel lies when he says women’s reproductive rights “offer almost as much freedom to us as they do to women.” How so, Michael? Using your examples, with women having unilateral reproductive power to force men into fatherhood, I give its possible outcome:

  • Fathers who already have three children, and fear they can’t afford a fourth (if Mom wants the child, he’s forced)
  • Guys who only “hooked up” with her last night, and have no interest in a relationship, let alone a baby (if she wants the child, he’s forced)
  • Men whose careers are just starting and don’t want a baby now (if she wants the child, he’s forced)
  • Compassionate partners who foresee lives of pain for babies who would be born with serious birth defects (if she wants the child, he’s forced)
  • The friends, partners and husbands of those who have been sexually assaulted (if she wants the child, he’s forced)

Oh, I see Michael, men have to hope she agrees with him, but if not he’s forced into parenthood, and if he doesn’t pay child support, he will be jailed. That’s what feminism has brought to men. No rights, only responsibilities for her choice.

If feminists want true equality – and that means reproductive rights for all – women and men should have the right to opt out of parenthood, not just women.

Kimmel thinks he supports reproductive rights for women, but let’s call it what it is – reproductive privilege for women.

And in the highly unlikely event that Roe vs. Wade is overturned and some rogue states remove the option of abortion available to women, that would give women the same reproductive choices as men, which is to say none.*

And let me correct your quote, Michael: “Stated most simply, men are stakeholders in the debate about women’s people’s reproductive rights.


*Not quite, as women could still give babies up for adoption, as well as the freeing option of “safe-baby surrender.”


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