John Setka is a very bad man

An alien or even a human being who has never been exposed to life in a feminist country ruled by the social media mob would be deeply confused by a story which recently dominated our news cycle here in Victoria.

John Setka, a bull of a man and longtime leader of a controversial and confrontational union, the CFMEU (Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union) had to appear in court for sending a series of “misogynistic” texts to his wife, Emma Walters.

Magistrate Belinda Wallington said:

“The misogynist language is what’s causing me concern,” she said.
“I’m not dealing with acts of horrendous violence. But it’s still nasty behaviour.”

Now why was John Setka sending abusive texts to his wife?

Well, Emma Walters had a serious drinking problem and decided to go for a drive to another state with her kids. When the police pulled her over, they discovered she had a blood alcohol reading five times above the legal limit- .282!

There were already tensions in the relationship and Walters, (who has now reconciled with her husband and appeared by his side in court), admitted that she too had written abusive texts to her husband. However, it was John who was reported to the police by his wife because he had the temerity to use forbidden words like c### and bitch in his tirades.

Emma simply chose to drive hundreds of kilometres while intoxicated and with her children in the car!

But apparently it was the words referring to her deceased father which hurt the most.

Your dad would be so proud of you, you turned into a drunken moron … you weak f—-n piece of s—,” Setka had messaged her.

Words are incredibly ­destructive as they stay with you,” Ms. Walters said.

I think Mr. Setka’s assessment of the situation was harsh but accurate.

As for words being incredibly destructive, no doubt this is true. However, I think your child’s skull smashing through the front windscreen of your car at 100kph would be even more destructive.

Like so many women before her, Emma is the victim. The drinking problem was her husband’s fault.

“I was drinking too much to try and escape everything. Then I went, ‘I can’t do this any longer’, and that I’m not going insane. This is wrong and it has to stop.”

She has since admitted herself into a detox program.

However, she was adamant, despite going to police in December and Setka being charged with assault and recklessly causing injury (both later withdrawn), that he had never physically assaulted her.

So, she lied about being assaulted.

There has been so much myth around this, that people had the perception that John was beating me up every night — this is not the case,” she said. “Yes, there were ­arguments, yes, they were very heated.”

It is astonishing to know that Emma’s texts were also abusive yet not one word from them was published or presented in the media. That would have demonstrated how this was not a case of a misogynistic monster abusing his cowering wife, but a hot-blooded give and take between two people who both agreed they were under great strain and in a very dark place.

Despite standing by her husband’s side outside the court, Emma Walters couldn’t help taking on the role of the forgiving, compassionate woman, willing to give her husband a second chance.

To critics who can’t understand why she has returned to Setka, she said:

“I completely reject the characterisation of myself as the victim going back for more. I wouldn’t have gone back to this relationship if I didn’t think John could change.”

You see — it is John who needs to change his behavior even though Emma went to detox and is struggling with an alcohol problem and happily drove her children interstate while drunk.

Rosie Batty, champion of Duluth DV hysteria

Poor Mr. Setka has been featuring in our news for another reason in recent weeks. Silly John had the effrontery to allegedly speak critically about Duluth DV model campaigner Rosie Batty in a private conversation.


There were calls for him to step down from his position (as leader of the union) and be ejected from the party after reports he told colleagues anti-family violence campaigner Rosie Batty’s advocacy had led to men having fewer rights.

Sinner! Outcast! For shame. Stone the blasphemer!

Some said his alleged comments were in reference to how difficult it is for dads to get access to their kids after a separation. There was no hint of any denigrating or hateful language, yet the media seemed to think just the very suggestion that anyone (but especially a man) would dare to criticize Rosie Batty would be more than enough reason to see him out of a job and jeered from any public space.

John Setka denied he said anything about Batty and other witnesses have since backed him up. But the furor over his alleged comments was something to behold. Many powerful people demanded his resignation. Even Batty was asked to comment on his alleged transgression.

Batty said:

“Clearly, it’s ludicrous and I think it’s an example of somebody whose leadership role really needs to be challenged, because it’s not a reflection that’s appropriate.

I’m quite astonished with those comments. Rather than feel, you know, men have less rights, we have so much more to gain by recognizing that moving forward we are moving to a place of equality.”

Federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese said on Sunday if the comments reported by The Age were correct, they were “totally unacceptable”.

“I’m on Rosie Batty’s side. She’s a great Australian. She deserves the respect and thanks of every Australian and deserves better than to be criticised by anyone in our community,”


ACTU secretary Sally McManus said:

‘If the comments attributed to Setka are correct, they were, appalling and totally unacceptable!”

Many more public figures joined in the attack in an effort to signal just how much they care about Rosie and the welfare of women.

To this day, I do not think there is a person in our country who causes me more consternation than the untouchable Ms. Batty.

Rosie was astonished by the notion that she could have in any way damaged men’s rights.

Was it not you, Ms. Batty who said:

What we want is effective programs for men to be given the opportunity to change their behaviour.”

Wasn’t it you, Ms. Batty, who was the driving force behind the annual candlelight vigil for female victims of domestic violence?

Wasn’t it you and your fellow feminists who read the names of every woman and child lost to domestic violence in the past decade whilst entirely ignoring the more than one hundred and twenty male victims? You also failed to alert the crowd to the fact that many of the dead children were killed by women. A minor oversight in the scheme of things I’m sure.

Wasn’t it you who said:

“It is important for the men in our society to own the issue, that this is a gender problem, this is a man’s desire to treat those he loves or cares for as possessions.”

Wasn’t it you who said, when asked about violent women,

The degree of terror a man exerts over his family is profoundly different. A woman is violent but I don’t know how many men would be living in total fear of their life.

Tell that to the dozens of young kids slaughtered by their mums in our country. Tell that to the families of the men who have died or suffered ongoing emotional and physical abuse at the hands of a psychotic female partner.

Please watch the short clip linked. Listen to her explanation for her blinkered focus on only one group of the victims of family violence. Her justification is illogical and outrageous, yet no-one called her out.

This is the woman feted and fawned over by the Australian media and many people around our country. We set a low bar for celebrity sainthood in this country.

So, one journalist did dare to ask her about other victims and perpetrators albeit in a rather timid fashion. Why he didn’t ask her about the eight kids hacked to death and whether the blade felt less painful as it tore the children’s flesh due to the fact that a woman was wielding the knife.

This woman spoke these words with the very clear understanding that during her term as Australian of the Year the worst mass murder of children in Australia’s history was committed by a woman.

Many more children have been murdered by their mothers in recent years as Batty continues to speak at public gatherings about the gendered nature of domestic violence. Just this past month another mother murdered her four children by deliberately driving her car into the path of an oncoming truck.

Did this mother not view her children as her possessions? This mother killed a man’s four beloved kids as an act of spite and not one domestic violence advocate has uttered a word about it, least of all the bigoted Rosie Batty.

Batty’s advocacy has indeed harmed men and boys. Unquestionably.

She has deliberately and very publicly insisted that family violence is a problem caused solely by men. This woman with the most powerful voice in the country on this issue has succeeded in having governments give hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to female victims of family violence and of course to the enormous industry which grows fat on the teat of this alleged epidemic.

She has made it almost impossible for any man to speak up about his abuse, for in Batty’s world such an occurrence is as rare as a unicorn sighting. She has also condemned many children to enduring ongoing abuse at the hands of their mothers. Any dad who wished to report such abuse of his children or himself would immediately be placed under suspicion and considered to be an abuser under guidelines developed by the New South Wales government.

Bettina Arndt explains:

“In June 2016, the NSW government announced a pilot program for male victims of domestic violence. Finally, a government was acknowledging that men are also victims of domestic violence.”

Men were promised 13 million dollars over four years. Chickenfeed compared to the hundreds of millions given to female victims by the Turnbull government, but a start.

What a blow to discover in November that year that the NSW government had awarded the contract for this vital program to Men’s Referral Service, an organization driven by feminist ideology and long known for shunning male victims. In the past, MRS was on the record for refusing to acknowledge the existence of male victims. The organization’s position then shifted to arguing male victims don’t experience abuse in the same way as women and hence don’t deserve support.

MRS has only ever worked with male perpetrators and is notorious for “red-flagging” men who claim to be victims.

So, the fox was put in charge of the henhouse. Male victims who are notoriously reluctant to seek help, are to be put through a dubious screening process run by an organization with a long history of decrying their very existence.

Imagine the outcry if domestic violence services for women assumed most alleged victims were in fact perpetrators. The whole domestic violence movement is based on the premise that we “believe women”, yet our first government funded program for men operates on the assumption that we shouldn’t believe men.” ( #Mentoo, Betttina Arndt)

So back to Batty. This very night there was a story on a current affair program about the shocking rate of suicide of our servicemen and women. I have no problem with that. I care about every person driven to suicide by traumas they have experienced or witnessed. The ratio of male victims to female is literally around ten to one. No-one batted an eyelid when the two genders were given equal concern. This is as it should be and is the case in every problematic issue affecting our country bar one.

This all-encompassing empathy evaporates when we talk about family violence.

Batty drove the idea that only one kind of victim matters with relentless fervor in her time as Australian of the Year even though all reputable studies show one third of victims are male. Shame on her. She has severely damaged men’s rights and deserves to be condemned for doing it.

At what stage would some brave journalist raise the question: Why would someone we call “inspiring and compassionate” show such a lack of compassion and empathy for one particular group of victims?

It is astonishing to think that Batty could experience the horror of losing her son and not feel deep empathy for every person unfortunate enough to have experienced the same devastation. It defies my understanding.

Ignorance is no excuse, for all journalists are fully aware of the many child murders committed by mums in our country not to mention the men who die at the hands of a female partner.

I wish John Setka had indeed spoken disparagingly about Batty’s lack of compassion for men. It is nothing more than the truth. I wish too, that he had said,

“Sure I said it and this is why.”

For too long, Rosie Batty has been regarded as a flawless, almost celestial being, untainted by human corruption and absolutely beyond criticism.

What a pathetic farce.

Someone needs to shatter this delusion.

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