Double standards, hypocrisy and misandry of psychologists

Read another unrepentant Psychology Yesterday piece recently entitled ‘Sex Robots and the End of Civilization.’ I suggest you read the article too. That way the following will make more sense.

In this article the author does the usual routine of ignoring female sex-toy use and foists responsibility on to men to have ‘real’ relationships with women.

As opposed to preferring a sex robot.

Speaking of superstimuli, without a hint of irony, the article is an example of exploiting the male impulse to protect the neotony of women, an impulse rubbed raw by the masturbatory and ungrateful feminism of the modern psychologist.

We see more of the same superstimuli by example of feminism slutting around under the sheets of chivalry, accompanied by the same unaccounted irony.

Am I the only one having a problem with feminists playing damsel to men in order to garner service? While claiming to be a feminist? Or with the men all too happy to be service animals?

What ever happened to those strong, independent women, don’t need no man?

You just keep wheeling out the double standards shit you call psychology.

The unsubtle gendering of female dolls and male users.
Ignoring that women have been shoving what ever they can find, or what ever gets manufactured, up their sexual fantasy, since the cucumber was domesticated.
Is that called sexual empowerment?
How many men have a draw full of toys in the bedside?

Psychology never bothers itself with the problem of women expecting men to be hung like a horse.
In the age of #metoo, it doesn’t disturb itself with the shocking frequency of the female rape fantasy, the prevalence of amoral women using false accusations, of women truly being unable to distinguish between fantasy and actual rape, or why women feel so entitled to the traditional, gynocentric, slave / master relationship called romantic love.

How about the shocking parallels between Whites Only and Women Only signs?
Nothing to say about anti-discrimination laws that are routinely ignored when the blatant and publicly demanded discrimination is in favour of women?

The dripping, unethical, double standards of feminist psychologists.

On the subject of sex dolls and robots, when the genders get reversed, the tone changes from “Haha, men will be replaced by robots forever,” to “We need to discuss the harmful effects and the danger to women from these robots that men are using.”

Could you be more obvious?

The fly in that particular ointment for women is, robots don’t have a job, don’t earn a wage, don’t pay for the first date, they don’t have a credit card, don’t have sperm and don’t pay child support.

They cost money.
Just like a woman.
Talk about your turn off, couch potato!

The male equation is far simpler.
Firstly, she comes with an off switch.

(Psychologists, if any had an ounce of ethics, would be pouring millions into the sickening issue of female abuse and violence. Against men, women and CHILDREN!!!!)

Robots don’t divorce you or make false accusations. They don’t mind if you see other robots, they don’t interrupt the game and unlike women, may one day actually learn to take the garbage out her own damn self.

She never gets PMS, ever,… rings her mother, hits you, bangs your best mate, alienates you from your mates, goes chick batty, calls the cops, tells you it’s your child really…..

And now you’re telling me, for a one time payment, she isn’t going to just lie there in bed?

Like she died?

Not only is she going to move, she learns what I like?


And I get all this whenever I want it!!

For the whole 30 years I was married, I could have actually been having sex more than 6 times a year?

So glad I’m over it.

Here’s a fun new field for you all shrinks to get into, if you really want to fight the end of civilization.

Rather than foisting ever more responsibility on to men for women’s wishes, wants, whims and unattainable happiness, try introducing to women the concepts of responsibility, respect, honesty, humility and single standards for all.

You know, principles.

Not just as weaponized words to beat men with, in an insane march of entitled demands, but as personal standards for women to live their lives by.

Like adults.

Holding women accountable, just like men.

Lord forbid, a woman actually attempts to earn a man’s respect.
As opposed to make-up, a tight push up dress and demanding respect because……..?
Remind me.

That is if these precious human relationships you shrinks are so concerned about really means more to you than the simple commoditization of masculinity.

Or are men no more than disposable utilities to women?
The things of women?
Human doings without the rights of human beings?
A real man?
Is masculinity itself to be defined simply by service to women?
Money and sperm?
The traditional gynocentric master / slave relationship?

Nobody is coming back for that.

What should be shocking everybody isn’t that men would prefer a sex robot to a woman but that women, as a class, can be so easily out competed by a sex bot and a dog for a companion!

Because when it comes to loyalty and companionship, man’s best friend wins hands down.

Why aren’t shrinks talking about why women can’t bring anything to the table apart from ungrateful, resentful, stingy, lifeless sex?
And misery?
Irrational, manipulative, domineering misery.

La Miserables.

Psychology’s talk-therapy needs a revival, and this time its the psychologist who needs to learn how to open up, become vulnerable beyond his/her feminist-inspired defenses, and engage in authentic discussion on the subject of men’s experiences.

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