J4MB will continue to operate as before, but no longer as a political party

Following lengthy consideration, we’ve decided that operating as a political party is no longer an asset for our work, and we have therefore decided to de-register the party. The Electoral Commission has been informed accordingly, and we expect to receive their formal notice of de-registration very shortly.

The show will, however, go on. We’ll continue operating under the J4MB ‘banner’. We remain as committed as we’ve always been, since we launched J4MB as a political party in 2013 (how time flies!)

De-registering as a political party will do little to reduce our operating costs. One change that will affect donors is that future donations (and subscriptions) should be made to Mike Buchanan’s company, MRA International Ltd., rather than the bank or PayPal accounts of J4MB. You can make a donation through the button below, fuller details (including bank account details) on the donations page.

Thank you for your support of J4MB as a political party, I hope you’ll continue to support us in our new form.

Feel free to contact me (mike@j4mb.org.uk / 07967 026163) on this or any other matter.

Republished with permission. The original announcement can be seen here. –Ed

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