It’s time to hold the door open for the girly Boy Scouts

OK, so now we are going to allow girls to join the Boy Scouts. That’s the latest word today from the 107-year-old organization, previously a boy’s only club. On first blush, it just seems like another move by the Great Unseen Minister of Diversity in the Sky; a new policy of including the oppressed and downtrodden class of girls, even though they had their own organization, the Girl Scouts of America, which was founded just two years after the organization for boys.

That’s not the case though, according to Michael Surbaugh, the Boy Scouts chief executive, who characterized the unprecedented move as one of convenience for families.

“We believe it is critical to evolve how our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and lifelong experiences for their children,” he said. I suspect that anyone watching him make this statement could also watch his nose get longer as he talked.

Of course, the problems driving this new policy are simple and monetary. Boy Scout membership has been taking a nosedive for over a decade. With lackluster efforts to recruit minority boys into the organization failing abysmally, there was literally only one other place to go for new blood, and that was to cut into the Girl Scouts share of the youth indoctrination market.

The Girl Scouts are already pissed off about it, accusing the Boy Scouts of what they absolutely did without question: wholesale headhunting for fresh membership by pilfering what they can from the competition.

Girl Scouts president Kathy Hanan called it a “covert campaign to recruit girls.”

And it should be the perfect heist. The accomplishments of men and boys are universally more attractive than the accomplishments of women and girls. That, in large part, is because the accomplishments of men and boys are, uh, more accomplished. More important. Boys Scout leaders knew exactly what they were doing when they held out the promise of eligibility for the coveted rank of Eagle Scout to girls.

Before you get huffy, can you name the highest rank attainable by Girl Scouts? Of course, you can’t. Neither can anyone else. It’s actually called the Gold Award, not that anyone cares.

The National Organization for Women recognizes this reality, too. As recently as February of this year we can see them whining about how the Boy Scouts are hurting girls by not allowing them in, ignoring the fact that they already have their own organization. So, it seems that the Great Unseen Minister of Diversity in the Sky is connected to the new policy after all, even if indirectly.

I am sure NOW will soon be lauding this as progress for women, and taking credit for the change, even though it will serve to gut the membership of a respected, century old all girl’s organization.

Now, I must admit to a dichotomy of reaction on this one. Part of me, the old fart who still reads newspapers made of paper and blurts out every ten minutes that the world is going to hell, sees this story and blurts out that the world is going to hell.

I mean, it’s crazy, right? We have the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts already in place. What sense does it possibly make to pit the organizations in a war with each other, pillaging for membership that does not even qualify according to the organization’s title?

And of course, part of me, that same old fart with the newspaper, laments about the feminization of our boys and about the destruction of perhaps the last remaining organized male space in existence.

All these concerns are well-founded, mind you, but the old fart railing about it is not the strongest voice in my head. There is someone else in there who’s a lot louder. And amidst all the pre-scripted reactions to girls moving into Boy Scout troops and taking over the show, that voice is rising with two thunderous words.


Let girls into the Boy Scouts. Let them in now, and let them in through floodgates. Let’s also insist on quotas for female Scout masters. 50/50 or no charter, I say. And because Scouting is a patriarchal construct, by its very existence oppressive to girls, we will need to disassemble the organization from the ground up and rebuild it in the image of women.

There should be merit badges for feelings and other important stuff, like creating your own Tumblr account without anyone helping you.

We can all but do away with Scout rankings, because it’s unfair. At the very least all scouts with a rank of Second Class, an excluding, demeaning designation, will be instantaneously promoted to First Class. Once that is done we can then promote everyone to the rank of Eagle Scout because nobody should ever feel left out.

Of course, I am just kidding. At least about ranks and merit badges. What I am not kidding about is going balls to the wall letting girls into boys scouts. It will be another giant leap for MRAs and MGTOW.

The admission of females to Boy Scouts means the wholesale admission of gynocentrism. There will be, without any doubt, special (code speak for easier) provisions made for the girls. It may start small but it eventually will take over completely. As with every other institution where women are admitted, women will be given precedence and privilege over men.

It will eventually morph into an organization where every Boy Scout oath and pledge, once reserved for God and country, gets retailored to benefit women and girls. Boys will be given new marching orders about their conduct and language, indeed about their beliefs and convictions. Sooner, rather than later, the Boy Scouts of America will become another feminist organization; a million-member strong cabal led by snowflake queens and their white knight quislings, aimed at shaping boys into what women want them to be. Obedient and easily exploited.

Now, I know some of you are freaking out. You are wondering why the hell I would want such an awful arrangement for boys. And speaking in literal terms, I don’t. I do, however, believe in making lemonade out of lemons.

Rampant, political gynocentrism is here. It’s in our primary and secondary education. It dominates the media and has its tendrils snaking through our governance. It has complete primacy in our culture of consumerism.

As such, that gynocentrism, expressed in increasingly insane and oppressive ways, is also the primary driver of the red pill counter-culture. In other words, you are reading this article and it is resonating with you because of that gynocentrism. You have been harmed by it, just as most men have but unlike many you have awakened to what is happening. That fact made you a part of the counter-culture reaction.

I have had many men comment over the years on my articles and videos that they wish they had these insights at a much younger age. I am more than familiar with that feeling. Enough that it should qualify me for a future Girly Boy Scout merit badge.

Since the fact remains that Boy Scouts are going to admit girls, and since any connection to reality informs us that doing this will also make Boy Scouts all about girls, we are dealing with something inevitable. The Boy Scouts of America as about to launch into a mode of operation that will start teaching boys, at a younger age than ever, of their total lack of worth compared to girls.

Many of those boys will buy the indoctrination. And truth tell, they were likely to go in that direction anyway. Most men turn out to be feminized Boy Scouts and always have.

But it will also provide, at a very young age, an environment that will open red pill understanding to the minority of boys who are capable of getting it.

I can predict with some certainty the nightmare stories that will issue from this change. Charges of sexual harassment and sexual assault against 12-year-old boys for acting like normal 12-year-old boys. Merit badges for checking your privilege, just for boys who learn to keep their mouths shut and nod approvingly at everything the girls say. Emma Watson will address legions of Boy Scouts of both sexes at Scout Jamborees, pushing #HeForShe. There will be special programs on rape culture and domestic violence, complete with signed pledges by boys only.

And there will be anonymous snitch lines for girls to call in and report mistreatment of all manner without the burden of leaving their names. The accused will face immediate consequences because #BelieveTheGirlBoyScout.

If you think any of this is outlandish, please stop and think about every time in the past two or three years that you spotted a story in the mainstream that at first you could not believe was possibly true, but it was.

I had that experience just yesterday when I read that California was making it illegal, with possible jail time, for those who use improper pronouns for transgender people.

Oh, and trust me, where women barge in and start running the show, the politicized transgender community will soon follow, bellowing outrage and demanding merit badges for hormone treatments.

The general rule these days is that you can no longer imagine any crazy scenarios in the realm of sexual politics that are too crazy to happen. Too crazy to happen has already happened a million times. Nothing I have mentioned here is out of the realm of possibilities. And the fact that the Boy Scouts initiated this insanity for fiscal reasons won’t change the consequences to the boys one bit.

Our job in this is not to prevent girls from going into Boy Scouts. It is not to try to prevent gynocentric brainwashing from taking over every troop in the club. Besides, that was already pretty much the story before the Boy Scouts set sights on pink uniforms. They are just now making it official.

Our job here, gents, is to shine the mocking light of truth on the whole mess as the inevitably stupid results of the venture surface, which they most certainly will. Our job is to try to reach boys who get drummed out of the Scouts, who get persecuted by the mean girls who will without question find primacy there, and help them understand why it happened.

As I have said before a number of times. There is no war to win against gynocentrism. It is the natural if dysfunctional state of humanity and always will be. Gynocentrism will win every major battle because 99% of people are gynocentric.

That has not stopped us from achieving a minority subculture with profound benefits for the participants. We have grown powerful enough that all manner of blue pill adherents, gynotrads and feminists alike, have joined forces in fear of our message.

That’s good enough for me, and I bet it will be good enough for a lot of future Boy Scouts who will make quick work of ditching the organization. They will add new and ominous meaning to the old Scout motto, “Be Prepared.”

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