It is time to take the MHRM into American universities

$10,268 of $13,000 raised

There is just over a week remaining before the fundraiser to support the Kennesaw State University Men’s (KSUM) group ends. There is quite a bit of road ahead of them and club president Sage Gerard’s quest to bring a first of its kind men’s rights conference to an American university campus on November 1.

I will be speaking there, as well as Karen Straughan, A Voice for Male Student’s Jonathan Taylor, Dr. Janice Fiamengo and others.

I am happy that AVFM has played a role in making it happen. But it was a small part. KSUM, the brainchild of AVFM’s director of collegiate activism Sage Gerard, is a standalone organization working diligently to bring counter-theory and support to male students to the modern university environment. AVFM is taking no funding for this.

If you can spare it, they could use your help.

You can donate to the current fundraiser by clicking here. Or, if you want tickets to the event (donation suggested) you can go through this link to get them.

It’s time to take the men’s rights message directly into American universities.

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