Interview with Attila Vinczer on legal harassment of boys

A video made by Attila Vinczer, naming public figures Carol Taggio, Dameian Muirhead, and Janet MacMillan, all named in a public lawsuit, is under legal threat of removal for “privacy violation.” The original video under threat of removal is currently to be found here.

In the below lengthy and detailed interview, Attila Vinczer describes issues he and his sons have had with school officials Carol Taggio and Janet MacMillan, and York Regional Police officer Dameian Muirhead. We have reached out to all three for comment but have not heard back from them as yet.

We were informed that Taggio has retired and no current contact information for her is available. We left messages for MacMillan and Muirhead and will be happy to interview them if they are available.

Vinczer’s YouTube channel can be subscribed to here.

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